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Elliott continues visit throughout Genesee County: more than 2K customers with power outages

By Joanne Beck


If you've dared to go outside for even a few minutes, it's quite apparent that the biting wind and snow have remained relentless this evening. According to the National Grid outage map, the number of outages is going up by the minute, as it was 1,879 Genesee County customers affected at 6:38 p.m., and that ticked up to 2,033 by 6:40 p.m. 

National Grid is "assessing the situation," according to the outage site. That means there is no estimated time of power restoration yet. To check on outages in your area, and estimated timelines of repair, go HERE.

The Natonal Weather Service reported a temperature of just 2-degrees shortly before 6 p.m., with winds up to 40 mph.

Photo: Streetlights glow through the haze of wintry elements and a dark gray sky Friday evening on a Batavia city street. 

Photo by Joanne Beck.


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