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Major upgrades to begin in 2023 at Byron-Bergen Central School with a majority yes vote Thursday

By Joanne Beck

Byron-Bergen Central School will be getting major structural upgrades thanks to the 182 district residents who voted to approve a $17 million capital project Thursday.

District Superintendent Patrick McGee expressed his appreciation for those 226 people that took the time to vote. The final tally was 182 yes to 44 no. 

“We are all very proud of this district and the work completed on this project will reflect that pride,” McGee said in a news release issued later Thursday night. 

The project’s total tab of $17,107,802 is to cover improvements to the Elementary and Junior-Senior High schools, the natatorium and bus garage. A capital reserve fund and debt service payments will finance the plan and are not to cost district taxpayers anything in a “tax neutral” strategy.

State building aid accounts for 74.1 percent of the cost, with 8.5 percent in capital reserve funds and 17.4 percent in debt service. 

Work is to include swimming pool locker room renovations, boiler plant replacement, domestic water upgrades and pool equipment upgrades; athletic field improvements, track restoration, soccer stadium lighting replacement and roofing replacements at the Junior-Senior High School; and a new boiler plant and domestic water system upgrades at the Elementary School. 

Work on the project is estimated to begin in 2023. For details, go to

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