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Vehicle apparently damaged with nail polish during Monday's council meeting

By Joanne Beck

Another piece of property downtown — this time an automobile — has apparently suffered some damage while its owner was at a meeting Monday at City Hall.

The owner of the defiled vehicle — who has not officially been identified by city police — apparently filed a claim that someone had poured nail polish on her vehicle while she was at a City Council meeting and public hearing Monday evening. The hearing about a farm animal law drew some 30 people to the second floor council chambers.

Detective Eric Hill confirmed that there is “an open investigation into the matter right now,” after The Batavian inquired about the damaged vehicle.

“I’m not sure on the level and location of polish and we don't have an estimate (of the value of the damage) at this time,” Hill said in an email to The Batavian.

Just last month, in early August, a vandal drew at least a dozen chalk figures on the brick pillars outside of Batavia City Centre as a City Council meeting was going on inside. The artwork was said to be anti-ReAwaken America Tour graffiti.

Police were investigating the incident and said the person responsible would face a charge of criminal tampering, a class B misdemeanor. There are no updates about that case at this time, Hill said.

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