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News roundup: Demolition in Le Roy

By Philip Anselmo

The Masonic Temple and several buildings around it on Main Street in downtown Le Roy have been demolished, according to WBTA's Dan Fischer. In all, eight buildings have come down, leaving a large swath of downtown vacant until construction begins on the Walgreen's that will be taking their place. Fischer connected with Le Roy's police chief, Chris Heywood, who spoke about the "new view of Lake Street."

In other news, the "credit crunch" spawned by the subprime housing crisis may be having an effect on Main Street atfer all. Fischer reports that at Genesee Community College, students may have a harder time procuring private loans. Apparently, "fewer and fewer banks are offering the loans." Most students, however, fund their tuition—and I speak out of experience here—via federal loans and grants. Now, as far as I know, those federal loans have not become harder to come across. Financial aid director at the college, Joe Bailey, told Fischer that the private loans are not as popular as the federal loans, but it's the only "means of paying tuition" for some students. How many? What percentage? "Some" never gets us anywhere when we're talking statistics, and we always seem to be talking statistics.

No matter how dire the "credit crunch," the state always seems to have money to give away. This time it's $3 million going to United Memorial Medical Center to help fund its $20 million "surgical expansion project" and add two more operating rooms at the hospital.

Brian Hartz

I am one of those that can't get financial aid because my grades were not real great. Last year I got an alternative loan to pay for school, but this year the bank I went through stopped offering the loans. I had to borrow money from my grandparents to pay for tuition.

Oct 3, 2008, 2:23pm Permalink
Tom Gilliatt

Seem like it is getting harder and harder to goto collage. I know I could never do it

I used to be in the National Guard along time ago and couple years ago I tried to get back in and they told me I was to old 38 I think was the age limit and I was 40. I thought going back in I could get some up to date skills I was a radio/telephone operator but that idea was a no go so the bottom line for me

Poor + over 38 = DUMB

Just kidding

Good luck anyways Brain

Oct 3, 2008, 2:32pm Permalink

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