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Video: Charles Rand at the Museum

By Philip Anselmo

In Episode Two of our living history series at the Holland Land Office Museum, Pat Weissend tells us about a pair of Civil War medals on exhibit. Check it out:

We'll be back at the museum before long, so be sure to watch for the next episode!

Philip Anselmo

Glad to hear someone enjoys this stuff as much as I do.

(Here's an interesting behind-the-scenes fun fact: Pat doesn't use note cards or look at a book or do an hour of research before he gives these reports — spitting out dates, names and places with ease — he just shakes his head, takes a moment to let his thoughts clear, and bam! just does it. In that brief pause before he starts, you can almost see him work through the drawers of his mind, pulling out the needed files. Very cool stuff. I love history.)

Jun 12, 2008, 8:03am Permalink
Buck Ke

This is a neat feature of this site, but as far as a news site, this is pretty lacking. It's just a bunch of stories stolen, although attributed, from other news organizations.

Jun 12, 2008, 12:52pm Permalink

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