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BHS upperclassmen view mock DWI accident

By Press Release

Press release:

On Tuesday, members of the City of Batavia Police Department, alongside members of the City of Batavia Fire Department, Town of Batavia Fire Department, Mercy EMS, Mercy Flight, the Genesee County Coroner, H.E. Turner's Funeral Services and the Genesee County DA's Office conducted a mock DWI fatal accident simulation for juniors and seniors of the Batavia City School District to raise awareness regarding the consequences of impaired driving. 

Members of the BCSD drama club played the roles of victims, the "drunken driver," and the distraught parent in the scenario.

The demonstration showed the very real consequences of impaired driving, including the extraction and treatment of "victims" by the Fire Departments and Mercy EMS, and the landing of a Mercy Flight helicopter to transport a seriously injured patient. 

The simulation also showed the processing and "arrest" of the suspected drunken driver by City Police Officers along with documentation, collection of evidence and photographs of the scene by members of the Police Department's Detective Bureau. 

The Genesee County Coroner was on hand to demonstrate the role of the Coroner's Office, and H.E. Turner's Funeral Services was on hand to remove the "deceased." 

Students also heard from District Attorney Kevin Finnell on the legal consequences of the decision to get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle while impaired.

The Department wishes to thank the Batavia City School District for hosting this event. We also want to recognize the work of Officer Connor Borchert, School Resource Officer for the Batavia High School, in coordinating the simulation and all departments involved.

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