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Pavilion Fire receives donation from staff of Batavia Middle School

By Staff Writer
pavilion fire department

The Pavilion Fire Department accepted a donation on Friday made possible through the generosity of the Batavia Middle School’s dress-down days. 

Rebecca Matteson, the mother of a patient treated by the department in May 2021, made the donation to the department. 

Jeffrey DeMare was involved in an automobile accident involving one box truck and two semis at the curve on Route 63 and Peoria Road. Thanks to quick actions taken by a good Samaritan and a State trooper from Wyoming County, who both applied a tourniquet and with the Pavilion Fire Department providing Basic Life Support, Jeffrey was able to make a full recovery after multiple surgeries. 

Ken Weaver, president of the Pavilion Fire Department, accepted the check. Jeffrey is standing to the right of Rebecca. Also in the photo are firefighters who responded to the call.

Submitted photos and information.

pavilion fire department

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