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Pavilion Fire

May 5, 2022 - 10:16pm
posted by Howard B. Owens in dwi drill, Pavilion Fire, pavilion hs, Pavilion, news.


Pavilion High School Seniors were asked today to imagine what it would be like to do something that would change their lives and the lives of dozens and dozens of other people.

They were asked to imagine taking another life, however unintentionally, perhaps the life of a fellow classmate, by driving drunk.

Such a decision would not only cost them their driver's license along with thousands in fines and perhaps send them to prison; they would live for the rest of their lives with the knowledge that something they did ended the life of another human being.

That decision would also bring grief to the lives of the families of their victim, and perhaps victims, and hardships and disruptions to the lives of everybody else impacted by that decision.

That was the message today of a Senior Prom DWI Drill at Pavilion High School sponsored by Pavilion Volunteer Fire Department and helped by volunteers from Stafford, Bethany, Wyoming, and Elba, along with Mercy EMS, the Sheriff's Office, and Genesee County emergency dispatches.









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March 26, 2018 - 1:37pm
posted by Howard B. Owens in Pavilion Fire, Pavilion, news.


Chad Freeman was named Pavilion fire's Firefighter of the Year, but he's on vacation so he couldn't be at the award's ceremony and dinner on Saturday night, so he got a picture of Chief Dewey Murrock and emcee Josh Finler, from Le Roy fire, holding his award.


Doug Logsdon became the fourth current member of the Pavilion Fire Department to reach the milestone of 50 active years of service. The awards were presented by Doug Wright, also a 50-year active member.


Kathleen Wright received the Life Member Award, presented by David Wright.


The department also installed its 2018 officers.

Department officers are: Dewey Murrock, chief; John Weis, 1st assistant chief; DR Roblee, 2nd assistant chief; captains Tyler Schiski, Mike Wright, Chad Freeman, Josh Mess, and Bryen Murrock; lieutenants Kelly Kraft, Nick Saravullo, Jason True, and Nick Taylor; Gerald Feurch, fire police captain; and Bill Kegler and Nick Wright are safety officers.

The social officers are: Donna Davis, president; Paul Dougherty, vice president; Bill Carrigan, treasurer; Kathy Wright, recording secretary; and Kelly Kraft, financial secretary.

March 26, 2017 - 4:06pm
posted by Howard B. Owens in Pavilion Fire, fires services, Pavilion, news.


Tyler Schiske, on the right with Chief Dewey Murrock, was named Pavilion's Firefighter of the Year, during the department's annual dinner at its Fire Hall on Saturday night.

The Pavilion Volunteer Fire Department's officers for 2017 are: Dewey Murrock, chief; John Weis, 1st assistant chief; Donald Roblee, 2nd assistant chief; Tyler Schiske, Paul Dougherty, Wayne Taylor, captains; Mike Wright and Chad Freeman, lieutenants; Doug Wright, fire police captain; Bill Kegler and Dick Park, safety officers; and Dougherty, Schiske and Taylor are training officers.

The social officers are: Nick Wright, president;Paul Dougherty, vice president; Bill Carrigan, treasurer; Kathy Wright, recording secretary; and Kelly Kraft, financial secretary.

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