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March 4, 2010 - 12:11pm
posted by Raelene Christian in animal rights.


I am very disheartened by marine mammals being held in captivity. I’m sure you are all aware of the tragic death of SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau in Orlando, Florida on February 24, 2010.  I don’t believe Dawn Brancheau’s death will be in vain, as I do believe something very good could come from this tragic incident. There is no doubt Dawn loved these magnificent creatures, and she took very good care of them. However, her death should make us all stop and think what we are doing by condoning the captivity of these beautiful creatures. 
             I am a big animal lover, and in 2009, I was in Orlando at Discovery Cove, sister partner of SeaWorld, swimming with the dolphins. I am now ashamed I even did such a thing as dolphins should not be held in captivity either. No animal for that matter should be held in captivity. I always felt that animals were safer in captivity, because that is what these franchises such as SeaWorld, Discovery Cove, etc. would have you believe. Someone pointed out to me, that whales and dolphins swim in pods their entire lives, I never knew this, and I never realized that whale/dolphin capture methods are so invasive, stressful, and many times lethal for these beautiful creatures. It violently disrupts the social group, splits up families, and snatches individual animals from the water, to never see each other again. Also, that their captivity is educational and conservational. Here is the truth; there is nothing educational or conservational about watching a whale or dolphin do endless tiring tricks all day long to “entertain” the public. It is purely entertainment and money driven. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry that gets rich off the misery of these captive mammals. After I did my research, and after the tragedy on February 24th where the whale trainer was killed, it just put it all into prospective that captivity is WRONG.
The link above will tell you all about how horrific live captures are for these mammals, and page 5 will begin about live captures. 
            After their captured, if they survive it, they go on to live out the rest of their lives in misery. Captivity is nothing like living in the ocean, not even close. The tanks have been compared to the whales/dolphins living in bathtubs. These mammals sometimes swim up to 100 miles a day in straight lines, and now they are forced to swim in circles.  Whales and dolphins are “voluntary breathers”, conscious of every breath they take, their always swimming, even when they “sleep”. So, it is difficult to imagine the tragedy of life in no more than a tiny swimming pool. This environment is totally foreign to them as they have to put up with artificial diets, unusual noise, chemically treated water; they no longer have free will, reduced life expectancy and breeding problems. The unnatural situation can cause skin problems, and for the killer whales, it is the probable cause of dorsal fin collapse. They are also forced to basically perform tricks all day for entertainment purposes.
Two other sites I’d like to share with you all are
http://www.wspa-http://www.wdcs-na.org/story_details.php?select=205   <from the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society and 
international.org/latestnews/2010/wspa_condemns_seaworld.aspx   <from the World Society for the Protection of Animals
Mr. Jack Hanna appeared on Larry King Live on March 1st, advocating for SeaWorld. He tried to compare what we’ve learned about whales, by comparing them to the astronauts and what we’ve learned about space. What he is lacking to understand, is these astronauts chose to go into space. People have the choice; animals however, do not. These whales and dolphins were not asked if they wanted to go and live at SeaWorld and become performers. I highly doubt any animal would prefer a pool tank verses the ocean.
Things we as a society can do. Don’t attend facilities that hold whales and dolphins, spread the word, write to your local and national government asking for better legislation for whales and dolphins – see www.wdcs.org/captivity .   
Someone once told me that I’m just one person, and that I couldn’t make a difference. Well, if I changed one mind, or made one person give SeaWorld a second look, or made one person go online and investigate themselves how these mammals are captured out of the ocean, and what they endure the rest of their lives while in captivity, well then, I did make a difference. 
May 27, 2009 - 7:37am
posted by Raelene Christian in animal rights.

I am writing this letter in utter disgust with the possible reinstatement of Michael Vick who was convicted in 2007 for running a cruel and inhumane dog fighting ring (Vick’s Bad Newz Kennels) and lying about it.  Vick initially denied any knowledge about dog fighting on the property, but changed his story after three co-defendants pleaded guilty and agreed to cooperate with the government.  For those who don’t know what Vick did to these dogs, let me tell you and for those who know, let’s remember  what he did to these helpless dogs.  Between the years of 2002-2007, Michael Vick, and his co-conspirators ran dog fights that were so gruesome the losers either died or were tortured by various methods of hanging, drowning, shooting, slamming the dog’s body on the ground, and electrocuting them if the dogs did not perform to their standards.  A report by a November 2008 ESPN.com news story, the USDA’s inspector general investigations division revealed that Vick and his co-conspirators, also put family pet dogs into the ring with trained pit bulls.  The Atlanta Journal-Constitution also reports, “Sometimes the dogs were starved to make them more vicious in the pit”. 

          NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has made it clear that Vick's only possible path back to playing in the league is by showing sincere remorse.  "Michael's going to have to demonstrate to myself and the general public and to a lot of people, did he learn anything from this experience?" Goodell said at a league's meetings in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., Los Angeles Times. 

          Mr. Goodell asks the question, “did Vick learn anything from this experience?”  Michael Vick learned not to get caught, because the truth of the matter is that these horrific acts against these dogs would still be going on if Vick hadn’t got caught.  Vick will never admit to this though, he’ll show remorse for the money of course.  Vick had been torturing and had dog fighting operations in full run from 2002-2007.  The only thing Michael Vick is remorseful of is that he lost millions by not being able to play in the NFL anymore when NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, suspended Vick indefinitely in August 2007 after he pled guilty to these heinous crimes.  It is my opinion that it’s time to ban Michael Vick from the NFL for life.  Some will argue that he paid his debt to society.  He did some time in Federal prison, and is serving out the rest of his 23 month sentence at his 3,538-square foot home in Hampton, VA, and will be officially released from Federal custody on July 20th.  Wow, what a tough sentence, it is laughable, because if this was you or me, we’d still be in prison.

          Please look at the facts of this case.  What Michael Vick did to these dogs is so disturbing and incomprehensible it baffles my mind how someone could be so cruel and inhumane to dogs.  Michael Vick hasn’t even begun to pay for what he did to these helpless dogs.  How does one pay for taking a life, canine or human.  He could possibly never pay back for killing and torturing those innocent dogs.  Also keep in mind that authorities seized 66 dogs, including 55 pit bulls, and equipment commonly used in dog fighting.  About half the dogs were tethered to car axles with heavy chains that allowed the dogs to get close to each other, but not have contact, an arrangement typical for fighting dogs, according to the search warrant affidavit. 

          A little something to think about, if you flip Dog around it spells God.  I don’t think this was a mere coincidence by God, but rather a sign that dogs our in fact are best friends, and we owe them to be their voice piece.    

Please urge with a letter to the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, to NOT reinstate Vick into the NFL.  Address is below.


National Football League
Attn: Roger Goodell, Commissioner
280 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10017



Raelene Christian


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