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farm life

A farm with a view


Dave and Sandra Wheeler enjoy the wide open spaces and life on the farm. On Molasses Hill, in the northeast corner of Attica, the husband and wife team raise American Quarterhorses, Paints, Herefords and Angus. Here, amid the rolling foothills of the Appalachian Plateau, the Wheeler's horses and cattle graze and gambol about in spacious pastures with the lake plain as a backdrop, On a clear day the view is exceptional.   

This photo is taken from the top of Molasses Hill Rd. looking north. The Wheeler farm is a couple hundred yards to the west. Using the zoom lens......

the water tower at the Batavia Vet's Hospital comes into view, to the right are four silos located north of the thruway. The cylindrical shape to the right of the silos is the Elba water tank.

This cavorting Paint certainly seems happy with the location....

while a pair of angus watch the camera.

Casting a wary eye in my direction....

A pair of Paints grazing.........I'll get back to the livestock in a moment, first a couple more scenic shots.

Zooming in from the Wheeler's east pasture, that's the Rochester skyline off in the distance...Xerox Tower, Lincoln Tower, etc.

The plume of smoke on the horizon is spewing from the Somerset smokestack on the shore of Lake Ontario in Niagara County.


As this Paint parades past, just inside the woods are a few bovines that decided to play "hooky".

Chow time in the cattle barn....

Munching away....

It was time to say so long, and hopefully I'll see these horses barrel racing at the Attica Rodeo this summer.

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