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Jankowski takes Second Place Semi-pro in 3-Gun competition

By Billie Owens

Submitted photos and press release:

Eugene Jankowski Jr., of Batavia, finished Second Place Semi-pro and 11th overall in the practical division and qualified for the final shoot-offs at the 2018 3-Gun Nation nationals.

He is president of the Batavia City Council and a retired lieutenant with City of Batavia Police Department.

Held in Clinton, S.C., more than 100 competitors from all over the country used three guns (pistol, modern sporting rifle and shotgun) to complete eight challenging natural terrain courses of fire over two days.

Competitors were required to safely engage multiple targets for the quickest time while navigating various obstacles and unusually wet, muddy weather conditions.

3GN Nationals, presented by NRA Sports, brings shooting challenges, camaraderie, shoot-offs and sponsor engagement to 3 Gun Nation members.

Jankowski finishes second in semi-pro practical division at national gun competition in Virginia

By Billie Owens
Submited photo and press release:
Eugene Jankowski Jr. finished Second Place Semi-Pro in the Practical Division at the 2017 3 Gun Nation Nationals held Nov. 10-12 at Virginia International Raceway, Alton Va. He is president of the Batavia City Council and a retired City of Batavia police lieutenant.
3 Gun Nation Competitors qualify to compete in the national match based on performance in regional and club series matches held throughout the year. Competitors use three different firearms — a modern sporting rifle (MSR), that is, a rifle built on an AR-platform; a pistol; and a shotgun.
The national match consisted of eight different stages, fired over three days, and competitors were required to engage multiple targets in a variety of different shooting positions. A total of 144 competitors from all over the United States attended this year's event.
Video of Jankowski shooting stage 4 of the match can be found here, and stage 7 here.

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