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Lee Zeldin

Local business owner witnesses apparent attack on Lee Zeldin at rally in Fairport

By Howard B. Owens


Local business owner Brandon Lewis was at a campaign rally today live streaming governor candidate Lee Zeldin's speech, when a man grabbed Zeldin and apparently attacked him during the event in Fairport.

In another post on social media, Lewis characterized the attack as an "assassination," but in an interview with The Batavian he said that post was kind of "heat of the moment."  He doesn't know for sure that the person intended to kill Zeldin.

Lewis, who owns The Firing Pin in Bergen, said that at one point, after the man was wrestled to the ground, somebody yelled "He has a knife. He has a knife."  But Lewis said he never saw a knife.

The man yelled at Zeldin before grabbing him, claiming "You're done, Lee. You're done, Lee."  Lewis said the man sounded drunk.

"It seemed when he grabbed him he wasn't letting go," Lewis said. "He wasn't going in for a hug, let's put it that way.  He didn't have good intentions."

Shortly after the attack, somebody asked for a first-aid kit, and Lewis went to his truck to retrieve his kit.  He shot the picture above when he returned a minute or so later, he said.  He said the first-aid kit was apparently to assist Alison Esposito, Zeldin's running mate, for her scraped knuckles from the incident.

Top Photo: By Brandon Lewis of a man on the ground after a man apparently grabbed Lee Zeldin during a campaign rally in Fairport.

VIDEO: Lee Zeldin, candidate for governor, makes his campaign pitch in Batavia

By Howard B. Owens
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Gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin made a whistle-stop -- not from a train but from a van -- in Batavia on Friday as part of his "Save Our State" tour in which he attacked Gov. Kathy Hochul and aimed to make the case that he was has a plan for making New York a better place to live.


  • "We really have to restore balance to Albany. It's not just about political balance. It's also a geographic balance. I want all New Yorkers to feel like they have a voice and representation again in our state capitol. And it doesn't matter which of the 62 counties you come from, what region of this state you come from, everybody should feel like they have a voice that is being heard."
  • "We should enact the greatest the largest tax cut in the history of the state. We have to bring spending under control."
  • "Suddenly, this governor is out there advocating against the rights of law-abiding New Yorkers, this same governor who when she was a member of Congress, was an A-rated NRA endorsed member of Congress and proud of it. She made a name for herself by opposing driver's licenses for people who weren't legally in the country. And then all of a sudden, she becomes a statewide elected official and she's trying to win a Democratic Party primary and she's evolved on this. She's evolved on that. But people out here in this region know her best and they know that the Kathy Hochul, who she's trying to be today isn't the Kathy Hochul she's always been in the past. She's in over her head. She's not up for this job. She is pandering to tax and spend liberal pro-criminal Democrats who are rolling her and she cares more about getting reelected than she does about saving the state."
  • "I support school choice. We have to understand that not every school is the same. We have some great schools in the state of New York, we have some poor-performing schools. Competition is good. And we shouldn't have kids stuck in poor-performing schools."
  • "I'm pro-life I'm pro-Second Amendment, and I strongly oppose the far-left progressive agenda taking over Albany. Now, if you want to really get to the heart of where New Yorkers are across this state, even people who consider themselves to be pro-choice are against New York's law for late-term partial-birth abortion. They are against non-doctors performing abortions. They are for parental consent. They're for informed consent. They want to promote adoption more."
  •  "The decision today issued in the Dobbs case was a victory for life for the family. It was a victory for the Constitution. It was a victory for federalism, it was the correct decision."



Gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin hosting rally Friday in Batavia

By Howard B. Owens


In what is being billed as a "Save Our State" rally, gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin is scheduled to make an appearance in Batavia at noon outside the Old Courthouse.

Previously: Lee Zeldin, running for governor visits Batavia, gets business perspective on state's needs

Photo: File photo from Oct. 15, when Zeldin visited Chapin Manufacturing with Assemblyman Steve Hawley. Photo by Howard Owens.

Lee Zeldin, running for governor visits Batavia, gets business perspective on state's needs

By Howard B. Owens


Gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin visited Chapin Manufacturing in Batavia to hear about some of the issues local manufacturers face in New York.  

CEO Jim Campbell spoke with Zeldin about burdensome regulations and a shrinking base of employable workers, which has forced the company to expand in other states instead of  New York.  

Zeldin was a receptive ear.

When asked how he,  as a  Republican,  could win in a state dominated by New York City Democrats, Zeldin said he and his team have looked at the numbers. If he can increase the turnout in the state's rural counties he needs to pick up only 29  percent of the vote of the Five Burroughs.

"That is not an intimidating number to me," he said. 

He also said surrounding himself with a strong campaign staff is also an advantage and he said his campaign's fundraising efforts have been strong.  

"We outraised everybody else combined, including Cuomo and Hochul," Zeldin said. "Kathy will be able to raise money because she's now the governor. But at that point when she ascended, we had millions of dollars more in the bank than she did."

Even he represents the most rural parts of Long Island, his media market takes in all of NYC,  so when he does a press conference, all of NYC hears about it.  When he runs a  campaign ad, it runs across that entire market.  He thinks positions him to pick up votes Downstate.

That strategy only works if rural counties increase turnout to help close the gap.

"When you have 15 or 20 counties like Genesee all trying to get those extra five points, extra six points, that ends up becoming about two, two and a half percent of the vote," Zeldin said. "That could be a difference between winning and losing. So this really is a 62 county campaign."

Top Photo: Zeldin speaking while Bill Campbell, Chapin's director of business listens.  Bottom: Bill Klegar, VP of operations, gives a tour to Assemblyman Steve Hawley and Zeldin.  CEO  Jim Campell is at the right in the background.


Genesee County Republicans back Long Island congressman for New York State governor

By Mike Pettinella


Seeing him as pro-growth, pro-law enforcement and anti-tax, the Genesee County Republican Committee is throwing its support to Congressman Lee Zeldin in the race for New York State governor.

GCRC Chair Richard Siebert on Sunday said that Zeldin, who represents the state’s 1st District (Suffolk County, Long Island), impressed the organization’s leaders during a recent meeting where they had a chance to ask questions and hear the congressman’s vision for New York.

“We were very impressed with his answers and today we are proud to announce our endorsement of Congressman Lee Zeldin to be the next governor of our great state,” Siebert said. “Lee Zeldin is pro-growth, pro-law enforcement and anti-tax, and will work to reverse the dangerous move to socialism by our current administration before it’s too late.”

Siebert said that New Yorkers have suffered significantly under the leadership of Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

“Genesee County has long watched its hard-working residents flee New York for other states due to the radical and oppressive policies implemented by Governor Cuomo,” Siebert said. “This is a governor with no regard for our wallets, our safety, or the well-being of our communities.

“Andrew Cuomo lectures New Yorkers on responsibility while he punishes our hard-working residents by pursuing the latest pet projects cooked up by New York City Democrats. This has to change.”

Submitted photo, from left, Genesee County Republican State Committee Member Barbara Eddy, Congressman Lee Zeldin, Genesee County Republican Chair Richard Siebert and Genesee County Republican State Committee Member Michael Cianfrini.

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