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National Night Out

Photos: Corfu's National Night Out and Farmers Market

By Howard B. Owens

The Village of Corfu hosted its National Night Out -- an event held in communities throughout the U.S. to bring together public safety officers and communities -- along with its weekly Farmers Market. The market is open each Monday evening, as it was yesterday.

Photos by Howard Owens.


Corfu farmers market joins National Night Out on August 7

By Press Release

Press Release:

Neighborhoods throughout your city are invited to join over 38 million neighbors across 17 thousand communities from all 50 states, U.S. territories, and military bases worldwide.

National Night Out is nationally sponsored by NATW, ADT, Starbucks, Associa, L.E.A.D. and co-sponsored locally by the Corfu Farmers Market.

National Night Out is an annual community-building campaign that promotes strong police-community partnerships and neighborhood camaraderie to make our neighborhoods safer, more caring places to live and work. Together, we are making that happen.

From time to time, neighbors throughout your city and across the nation are asked to lock their doors, turn on their front porch lights and spend the evening outside with neighbors and law enforcement.

Along with the traditional outside lights and front porch vigils, most communities celebrate National Night Out by hosting block parties, festivals, parades, cookouts, and other various community events with safety demonstrations, seminars, youth events, visits from emergency personnel, exhibits, and more.

National Project Coordinator, Matt Peskin said, “This is a night for our nation to stand together and promote awareness, safety, and neighborhood unity. National Night Out showcases the vital importance of police-community partnerships and citizen involvement. When law enforcement and the community work closely together, some amazing things can happen.”

Join the Corfu Farmer Markets, Monday, August 7 from 4 p.m. - 7 p.m. for our Community Night Out. For more information please contact Market Manager, Katy Hobbs at [email protected] or visit for more information. For more information, please visit

Photos: Batavia Police Community Night Out at St. Anthony's

By Howard B. Owens


City Church, at its St. Anthony's facility on Liberty Street, was the site Tuesday of the Batavia Police Community Night Out event.

The evening, which includes games, demonstrations, displays, vendors, and food for the whole community, is designed primarily to give community members and local law enforcement to intact in a fun, casual atmosphere. 












Video: National Night Out at St. Anthony's

By Howard B. Owens
Video Sponsor

For the first time, the annual National Night Out, an event of the Batavia Police Department, was held at City Church's St. Anthony's.

Below: A bonus short video of firefighters hoisting a stokes basket.

Tonight is National Night Out -- a citywide celebration at St. Anthony's

By Billie Owens

Press release:

The City of Batavia Police Department is proud to announce, in partnership with City Church, National Night Out 2019.

The event is tonight from 6 to 8 p.m. at the St. Anthony's facility at 114 Liberty St..

Liberty Street and Central Avenue in the area of St. Anthony's will be closed starting at 4 p.m.

There will be many displays by first responders, including: the Wyoming County Sheriff's Posse Mounted Patrol; City of Batavia Fire Department; the NY State Park Police, who will demo high-angle rope rescue; and the NY State Police, who will demo the Seat Belt Enforcer.

Car seat installation and safety checks will be provided by the city fire department. There will be a K-9 demonstration and much more.

There will also be face painting, balloon animals, a dunk tank and a live band.

The event is free and City Church will be cooking for those who attend.

Raffles and giveaways will take place throughout the evening.

National Night Out will also serve as a fundraiser to bring back the Police K-9 Program to the City of Batavia Police Department and any donations will go directly for that purpose.

Please come join us for a night of fun and get to know your first responders.

Thanks to the following sponsors for their generous donations to make this event happen:

  • Ken Barrett Chevrolet
  • Chapin International
  • Batavia P.B.A.
  • Graham Corp.
  • Sheriff's Association
  • Target
  • Brian Kemp, T-Shirts Etc.
  • Batavia Family Dental
  • Blondie's Sip-n-Dip
  • Human Energies
  • CSEA
  • Carquest Auto Supply
  • WNY Chiefs of Police
  • Hillside Children's Center
  • Bill's Auto
  • Batavia's Original
  • Salmon Orthodontics
  • City Church
  • Southside Deli
  • The Radley Family
  • O'Lacy's Irish Pub
  • The Benedict Family
  • Red Osier Landmark Restaurant
  • Tompkins Bank of Castile
  • T.Y. Lin International
  • Kiwanis Club of Batavia
  • Artic Refrigeration
  • Dunkin' Donuts
  • Extended Sound, DJ & Event Rentals
  • Toyota of Batavia
  • Northside Deli
  • Batavia Tailor & Cleaners
  • Bohm-Calarco-Smith Funeral Home
  • 7-11

Photos: National Night Out brings community together at Birchwood Village

By Howard B. Owens


Six-year-old Devin Polk learns how to use a fire extinguisher during a kitchen fire demonstration set up by City firefighters at Batavia's annual participation in National Night Out, which is an opportunity for police, fire and city services to come together with community members.

The event was held at Birchwood Village on Dewey Avenue.

There were games, activities, community groups supplying health and safety information, bike registration and pizza and popcorn. Local musicians also performed.









National Night Out is Tuesday at Birchwood Village -- police and citizens, peace and food

By Billie Owens

Press release:

National Night Out will be held from 6 to 8 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 2, at the Birchwood Village Apartments in Batavia.

The City of Batavia Police Department along with other police agencies nationwide will take time to celebrate positive community relations with neighbors and citizens during this event.

Locally, it is being coordinated by the city's Youth Bureau, with donations provided by Target, BJ's Wholesale Club, and the Batavia Police Benevolent Association.

Everyone is welcome. The complex is located at Pearl Street and Dewey Avenue in the City.

"The Batavia Police are fortunate to serve a community that strongly supports the mission of safety and well-being of all citizens," says the press release.

Tonight is National Night Out -- police, youths, neighbors unite to send anti-crime message

By Billie Owens

Tonight (Tuesday, Aug. 4) between 6 and 8 p.m. the Batavia Police along with the Batavia Youth Bureau will be presenting National Night Out 2015 at host site Birchwood Village on Dewey Avenue.

The City of Batavia has been celebrating NNO for 11 years. Communities from across the nation will be partnering with Police and other government agencies to celebrate their relationship to reduce crime. Several other community agencies will also take part in tonight’s activities in Batavia.

The event will culminate in a walk through Birchwood Village as neighbors turn on porch lights to symbolize bringing light to the darkness of crime.

National Night Out meant to promote one of law enforcements most effective crime-fighting tools: Communication

By Howard B. Owens

Get people out of their houses, get neighbors talking with each other, improve the lines of communication between residents and police -- these are some of the goals of National Night Out.

"It’s priceless (when people talk) because without that information you turn into a reactive police department where you’re constantly reacting to crime," Det. Rich Schauf said.

"There are so many things that people don’t realize are thwarted before they become a real social problem in a neighborhood just because a neighbor feels comfortable talking with a police officer on the side. Maybe we might get some information so we can quell something before it grows into something (bigger)."

Each year, the Batavia PD, with the support of other city staff and community volunteers, organize National Night Out events in neighborhood parks that include demonstrations from firefighters and police along with information about crime and substance abuse from community groups.

Last night there were events in Farrall Park, Birchwood Village and Pringle Park.

The Pringle Park event was organized by the neighborhood itself, led by Lisa Barrett and her husband, Kyle.

That kind of sustaining community effort is something Schauff said the police department hopes will grow out of these events.

"We don’t necessarily want to go into a neighborhood and say ‘oh the police are going to come in an organize your neighborhood,' " Schauf said. "We want to show people the police want to assit you and have you come out and talk to your neighbors so that you feel safe and comfortable."

Lisa Barrett, who has been involved in the organizing committee for National Night Out and is a counselor at GCASA, said that's exactly why she and her husband (inset photo) wanted to put together a community event at Pringle Park.

"We just went through the whole bath salts horrific issue and somebody’s got to stand up," Barrett said. "Somebody’s got to bring people out of their houses to get to know each other. If we do that, we’re telling the youth, we care about our neighborhood. If they see we care, they’re going to care in the future."

Schauf said he thinks Batavia is already a pretty special place because with the lines of communications that do exist between police and community, there is a lot less in the way of serious, violent crime in Batavia.

"In Batavia, I can’t think of one area were a person would have to be in fear of (his or her) life to walk through," Schauf said. "We’re looking at cities just down the road on either side of us where you wouldn’t necessarily feel safe walking in a neighborhood. Do you still need to use precautions? Absolutely.

"I tell people, harden your targets, know your area, be aware of what’s going on around you. But I think we have a gem in Batavia where bad things can happen and do happen at times, but we do feel safe because people feel comfortable talking with police and telling us things that we can look into pretty quickly."

Photos: Councilwoman Rose Mary Christian tries on the turn-out gear of a city firefighter and Deputy Brian Thompson demonstrates some of the law enforcement tasks performed by his K-9 "Pharoah."

National Night Out a big hit for Norris Avenue

By Daniel Crofts

Faith Smith, 8, cooled off with an ice cream sandwich on Norris Avenue yesterday...

...or maybe she was warming up in preparation for the donut-eating contest that came later.

Treats and games like this one kicked off the seventh annual National Night Out -- a yearly event designed to bring neighborhoods and community police together -- in Batavia. Last evening's event on Norris Avenue was the first of three "National Nights Out" this year. August will feature two more -- one at Birchwood Village, the other on Pringle Avenue.

This is a big change in the way National Night Out is done. Traditionally, it has been geared toward the community as a whole and held at public venues like Austin Park.

According to City of Batavia Youth Bureau Director Toni Funke (pictured right, with Lydia Schauf), who's in charge of National Night Out this year, there's a "different spin."

"We want to try and enhance relationships within neighborhoods," she said. "People can get out, meet their neighbors, and talk to their department heads in the city."

In other words, it has become a way to revive the lost art of the block party.

What has remained the same, however, is the goal of fostering positive community relations. City police officers, public servants and representatives of various agencies/organizations in Batavia were there to answer questions, provide information on their services, and just give everyone a good time.

Activities, attractions and goodies for kids and families included food, fingerprints, art, a balloon toss, an egg race, a K9 demonstration (courtesy of Sheriff's Deputy Brian Thompson), an ambulance, two fire trucks and more!

Members of the local "who's who" were there to greet everyone including:

City of Batavia Police Detective Rich Schauf

City Manager Jason Molino (who, upon hearing that I was on assignment for The Batavian, asked: "Where's Howard?!") 

Police Chief Randy Baker

Batavia City Council President Marianne Clattenburg

Local organizations/agencies included:

Justice for Children Advocacy Center - Coordinator Colleen Marvel collected a saliva sample from Peyton Woeller. She gave the Woellers and other families Child I.D. Kits, which parents keep handy in the unfortunate event that their children go missing.

Genesee County Youth Bureau -- There's Peyton again with his sister, Quinn, doing sand art.

City of Batavia Water Bureau

City of Batavia Fire Department

And here's folk from Target!

People also had a chance to win two prizes: a Muckdogs Family Four Pack for participating in a scavenger hunt, and a six-month membership at Next Level Fitness for filling out a survey for the city.

If you are interested in hosting National Night Out in your neighborhood next year, call Toni Funke at 345-6420.

More pics:




Detective Schauf gets "busted" in the K9 demonstration.


Sarah Adams gets to see what life is like behind the wheel of an ambulance.

Lastly, a nice local relic:

A 100-year-old wooden water main, courtesy of the City of Batavia Water Bureau.

National Night Out is Tuesday in Austin Park

By Kevin Keenan

In an effort to keep our community safe from crime and drugs, GCASA and the City of Batavia Police Department will host the sixth annual National Night Out event at Austin Park in Batavia.

The event is 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 3 with a family friendly movie shown afterward.

National Night Out is a collaborative effort to promote neighborhood spirit and police-community partnerships.

Event Date and Time

Tonight's the night to unite against crime and misery

By Billie Owens

Tonight's the night. At 5 in Batavia's Austin Park, the local coalition of National Night Out hosts its annual free event to show unity against crime.

It promotes the ongoing efforts to foster a safe, drug-free environment for everyone. People are also encouraged to put their porch lights on tonight to show support for a safe community.

The activities at Austin Park will be a great opportunity to have a fun, inexpensive family night in Batavia, according to Det. Rich Schauff of the Batavia Police Department.

The usual spray park and concession stand will be open, plus there'll be a bounce house for kids, fire trucks to see, a dunk booth, child identification kits, free bicycle licensing (bring your bike or its serial number) and more.

Perrywinkle, the rep for Perry's Ice Cream will be there as well as Homer from the Batavia Muckdogs. Speaking of dogs, state troopers will put on a canine demonstration of their powerful and well-trained four-legged aides.

Plus, music, a family movie, caricature drawings, Care-a-Van Ministries and reasonably priced food.

Batavian Lisa Barrett, a songwriter and performer, will sing her song "Share Your Light."

Besides many citizens, members of the local National Night Out coalition are:

  • Genesee /Orleans Council on Alcoholism and Substance Abuse, Inc.
  • Batavia Police
  • City of Batavia Youth Bureau
  • Genesee County Youth Bureau
  • Drug Free Coalition
  • Drug Free Marshalls

Batavia's Own Lisa Barrett Will Share Her Light at National Night Out

By Robin Walters

This Tuesday, Augst 4th is National Night Out here in Batavia at Austin Park. The event is being  held from 5:30-8:30 p.m.

Pictured above is Lisa Barrett. She was out videotaping at a recent Care-A-Van event. I got the opportunity to catch up with her to hear her story of the song she will be singing at National Night out this week.

" I was sitting in St. Mary's Church listenting to Deacon Tom Casey's homily. He said some words that had a great impact on me. He said "we've all been given special talents, so go and share  your light with the wolrd." It was his words, together with my personal feelings on violence and the poor in the world, that inspired me to write the song. "Share Your Light".

The song has made great strides. It has been the theme song for National Night Out in Cheetowaga, NY in 2007 and again this year in Batavia.

"Share Your Light" is also a theme song for an event in Virgina Beach, VA called Share Your Light Night. The neighbors line their streets with  luminary bags to symbolize neighborhood unity and safe neighborhoods for kids. I have been the "ok" to start our very own Share Your Light in Batavia. Stay tuned for more information on this.

The song seems to appeal to secular and non -Secular organizations. Lisa had a minister email her that she wanted to play the song during the sermon. Another church in the D.C. district is interested in the song for a fundraising campagn for their church. They said the song so closely resembles their theme.

Lisa and her husband  Kyle and son Tyler are working on a music video for the "Share Your Light". They use to be neighbors of Paul and Bridget Ohlson from Care-A-Van Ministries years ago. When they started thinking of the video and showing people sharing their light, they instantly thought of Care-A-Van ministries and how they go forth to share the light. The video will include photos from the Virgina event and film footage from Care-A-Van Ministries. Care-A-Van was so honored to be a part of song and vision that will reach thousands of people.

Lisa also feels very honored to be singing at Austin Park. As she was inspired to start her songwriting upon the death of her nephew, who's name was Austin. Now does that give you the chills or what!

Be sure to join us all at Austin Park to hear this wonderful song and to celebrate the safety of our community. There are alot of fun events planned at the park including a Free Outside Family Movie.- Mall Cop.

In closing Lisa stated " I guess Deacon Tom was right. I shared my light.. and now the song is starting to reach across the world!

You can visit Lisa's website at


Also for more on the Virgina event.


Best of Luck Lisa. God Bless and go forth and Share that Light!

As we say- Keep the Light On! - Care-A-Van Ministries

I also enjoyed her latest hit "Punchin' In Punchin" Out

News roundup: Shopping, rabbits and community action

By Philip Anselmo

Look no further than the front page of today's Daily News for all you need to know about what it's like to be the first shopper at a new Target store — Janet Saile bought Tic Tacs — or why rabbits make good pets — they "take up less space" than a cow — or, on a more serious note, how to stay drug free — "just walk away," says 15-year-old Tessa Williams.

For more on that last item, check out the article by Joanne Beck about National Night Out, a "fun night to learn how to make your neighborhood safer" taht will be held from 5:30 to 8:30pm August 5 at St. Anthony's Parish Center, 114 Liberty St.

This year's night out will include a new focus on drugs with the Drug-Free Marshals program and a venue for residents of Highland Park and Pringle Avenue to share their concerns during a special community meeting

There will also be youth activities, interactive games, a DJ, Safe Child identification kits, caricatures and information booths about ways to get or remain drug-free.

Today's sports section of the paper is heavy with local sports coverage — congrats to the staff for filling the whole front page with it. We got up a link in our Local Headlines about the Muckdogs loss, which is covered. But there's also a preview of the upcoming Empire State Games with a focus on some Batavia representatives on the hockey and basketball teams.

LeRoy beat Batavia 12-5 in the District 3 youth baseball championship game Tuesday for 9-10 year olds. The team will advance to the Section 1 Tournament in Olean where they will face District 8 champs Fayetville Manlius at 12:30pm Saturday.

As always, we encourage you to pick up a copy of the Daily News wherever the paper is sold. Or, better yet, subscribe at

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