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January 28, 2022 - 6:41pm
posted by Press Release in Chris Jacobs, NY-27, news, immigration.

Press release:

Congressman Chris Jacobs (NY-27) took numerous actions this week to end the dangerous Department of Homeland Security (DHS) policy that allows illegal immigrants to use arrest warrants, among other documents, to gain access to airplanes in the absence of identification. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) confirmed the use of this practice.

“To think after 9/11 that anything short of photographic, government-issued identification would be allowable to pass through a TSA checkpoint and board an airplane is stunning. However, this administration has taken that a step further is going so far as to allow illegal immigrants, who lack any identification, to use arrest warrants as an acceptable security document,” Jacobs said.“The fact that the administration is actively allowing this to happen is reprehensible and threatens the safety of every American.”

This week Jacobs cosponsored the Crime Doesn’t Fly Act to put an end to this policy and outlaw the current DHS practice of allowing arrest warrants as acceptable forms of identification. Additionally, Jacobs sent a letter to DHS Secretary Mayorkas demanding additional answers about this practice and security measures for those entering our nation illegally. You can read that letter here.

“This administration continues to blatantly ignore the rule of law and the safety of American citizens. The President’s actions – or lack thereof – have directly contributed to the record-breaking surge of illegal immigration at our southern border that has caused sustained national security and humanitarian crisis,” Jacobs said. “I have continually fought for the safety and security of our nation and our communities, and I will continue to do just that.” 

Upon request, Jacobs' office provided The Batavian with a copy of the TSA communication to Rep Lance Gooden, which confirms the TSA does allow the use of arrest warrants for ID.  To download a copy, click here (PDF).

January 28, 2022 - 4:04pm


Press release from Assemblyman Steve Hawley:

Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia), a member of the Assembly Committee on Agriculture joined Congressman Chris Jacobs (NY-27) and Sen. Ed Rath (R,C,I-Amherst) for a meeting he organized with local farmers Thursday to discuss the federal vaccine mandate and its impact on the well-being of their businesses. 

During the meeting, farmers expressed concerns that the vaccine mandate is negatively affecting the supply chains farmers depend on, as well as their ability to hire and retain laborers. This concern has arisen after a new mandate was hastily issued by the Department of Homeland Security requiring essential workers who are not U.S. citizens, including farm laborers, to be vaccinated before entering the country.

“Farming is the backbone of all economic activity in our nation, providing the food and materials necessary for other industries to operate effectively,” said Hawley. “Vaccine mandates have only served to worsen conditions experienced by Americans during the pandemic, and this new mandate pertaining to essential farm laborers is no different. By slowing our supply chain and keeping much-needed farmhands out of our fields, this mandate will strain both our rural economies in upstate New York and slow the restocking of vital goods in grocery stores across the state. I stand opposed to this mandate, and any others like it that may be implemented at the state or federal level.”

“Representing our farmers on the House Agriculture Committee is a job I take very seriously, and right now their livelihoods are at stake as a direct result of President Biden’s vaccine mandates,” said Jacobs. “Farming is a year-round industry that has no room for delays or logistical blockades, yet that is exactly what the president has created. His mandate that just recently went into effect is causing trucking delays, which seriously impacts our farmers and hurts our ag-focused economy in New York’s 27th District. I have fought against these mandates, and I will continue to do so to ensure our supply chains remain intact and our farmers are supported.”

“Our New York farmers have been taking hit after hit,” said Rath. “Many are already struggling with staffing shortages and supply chain issues, at no fault of their own. Jeopardizing their available workforce is irresponsible and inconsiderate of the overwhelming pressures that farmers are facing.  I have advocated for simplifying the countless mandates to help our farms and businesses. I will continue to fight for our agriculture community."

Press release from Rep. Chris Jacobs:

Congressman Chris Jacobs (NY-27), NYS Senator Ed Rath (R,C,I - Amherst), and NYS Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I – Batavia) met with local farmers and agricultural leaders yesterday to discuss the impact of President Biden’s vaccine mandate at the Northern border, and the current supply chain issues and labor shortages facing the agricultural industry.

“Representing our farmers on the House Agriculture Committee is a job I take very seriously, and right now their livelihoods are at stake as a direct result of President Biden’s vaccine mandates,” Jacobs said. “Farming is a round the clock industry that has no room for delays or logistical blockades, yet that is exactly what the President has created. His mandate that just recently went into effect is causing trucking delays, which seriously impacts our farmers and hurts our ag-focused economy in New York’s 27th District. I have fought against these mandates, and I will continue to do so to ensure our supply chains remain intact and our farmers are supported.”

"Our New York farmers have been taking hit after hit. Many are already struggling with staffing shortages and supply chain issues, at no fault of their own. Jeopardizing their available workforce is irresponsible and inconsiderate of the overwhelming pressures that farmers are facing. I have advocated for simplifying the countless mandates to help our farms and businesses. I will continue to fight for our agriculture community," Rath said.

​“Vaccine mandates issued at any level of government only serve to cripple our response to the very pandemic such mandates seek to improve,” Hawley said. “For farmers in particular, disruptions in the supply chain could mean the loss of crop yields, the death of livestock animals and critical equipment remaining in a state of disrepair for long periods of time when out of order. When the operations of our farms slow down, the economies of our rural communities slow as well. And across our nation, the restocking of grocery store shelves will continue to be a spotty process. Mandates that stifle the efficacy of our supply chain will only prolong the suffering brought about by this pandemic, and I remain committed to combating their implementation in any broad capacity,”

Jacobs is a member of the House Agriculture Committee. In December, Jacobs sent a letter with Congresswoman Elise Stefanik to President Biden warning of the disruption his vaccine mandate at the border would cause in the supply chain. The President ignored this warning. You can read the letter here.

January 25, 2022 - 9:48pm
posted by Howard B. Owens in Chris Jacobs, NY-27.

Press release:

Congressman Chris Jacobs (NY-27) released the following statement on the NYS Department of Education defying the court ruling that removed Governor Hochul’s unconstitutional mask mandate.

Yesterday, a NYS court ruling made it clear that Governor Hochul vastly overstepped her authority in implementing an unconstitutional mask mandate on New York State citizens. Yesterday’s ruling sends the same clear message to Governor Hochul as the courts have consistently sent to President Biden regarding his mandates, you are not an emperor, and your powers are not absolute. This ruling is a win for the freedom of every New Yorker and all mandates must be rescinded immediately. No New Yorker - young or old - should face repercussions for exercising their freedom.

January 12, 2022 - 11:02am
posted by Press Release in Chris Jacobs, news, NY-27.

Press release:

Congressman Chris Jacobs (NY-27) sent a letter to Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Commissioner Rettig yesterday calling for the IRS to address the backlog in amended tax returns and asking specific questions on operations.

“For months, my constituents have waited for their amended tax returns from IRS and have received no answers. My constituents, and Americans around the nation, are anxiously awaiting their returns and are growing increasingly frustrated with the lack of action from the IRS. This is unacceptable and represents a massive dereliction of duty from the agency,” Jacobs said. 

In a letter from November, the Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS) reported the IRS had a backlog of over 2.7 million unprocessed amended returns. TAS also recently stopped accepting congressional inquiries from offices due to the high backlog. Currently, some NY-27 constituents are reporting delays of up to 30 weeks to receive their amended tax returns from the IRS.

“2021 tax season is rapidly approaching. This problem must be resolved by then, or millions of Americans face massive backlogs for their returns,” Jacobs said. “The IRS has been using the COVID-19 pandemic as an excuse to deny timely service to millions of Americans. It is far past time to drop that excuse and get back to work safely and efficiently as many other government agencies have been able to do – Americans are relying upon it.”

January 5, 2022 - 10:14am
posted by Press Release in agriculture, USMCA. trade, Chris Jacobs, NY-27, news.

Press release:

Congressman Chris Jacobs (NY-27) is announcing the independent dispute panel has ruled in favor of the United States in the ongoing dispute over Canada’s Dairy Tariff Rate Quotas (TRQs). Canada has been in violation of provisions of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) negotiated by President Trump.

“Since the implementation of the USMCA, Canada has clearly violated provisions which expanded United States dairy exports to Canadian markets. Canada’s unfair policies cost American producers hundreds of millions in unrealized revenue,” Jacobs said. “Since I took office in 2020, I have been working to right this wrong and hold Canada accountable for these violations. Now, I am proud this advocacy on behalf of Western New York dairy farmers has paid off.”

Under the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) Canada was allowed to use tariff-rate quotas (TRQs) for 14 different categories of dairy products including milk, cheese, and ice cream. These TRQs give favorable tax treatment to U.S. dairy products imported by Canada under a certain quantity. Contrary to what USMCA required, Canada set aside a percentage of products intended for these American imports solely for Canadian producers. This had the effect of denying American dairy farmers additional access to the Canadian market secured by USMCA.

Jacobs has taken numerous actions to resolve this dispute and hold Canada accountable for these violations. Jacobs sent a letter to former United States Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer calling for a dispute panel to be convened to settle this issue. That panel convened in December 2020 to attempt to settle the dispute. Jacobs held a press conference in July 2021 highlighting this issue, drawing public attention to Canada’s violations, and sending a letter to the Canadian Ambassador to the United States Kirsten Hillman calling for a quick resolution to the issue.

“Representing our region’s farmers is a responsibility I take very seriously. Since taking office, I have consistently worked to ensure they can access every opportunity available, and I will keep working to ensure farming has a prosperous future in Western New York,” Jacobs said.

Previously: Jacobs calls on Canada to honor pledge to import more U.S. dairy product (with video)

December 29, 2021 - 11:14am
posted by Press Release in Chris Jacobs, news, NY-27.

Press release:

Congressman Chris Jacobs (NY-27) and Congressman Tim Ryan (OH-13) announced their legislation, the Reservists Opportunity Act (H.R. 5063), was signed into law by the President as part of the FY22 National Defense Authorization Act. The legislation was also introduced in the Senate by Senators Jacky Rosen (NV) and Joni Ernst (IA).

“Ensuring America’s military is ready to face any threat to our nation requires us to retain the best men and women our country has to offer,” Jacobs said. “The Reservists Opportunity Act helps accomplish that goal by streamlining the process for our citizen-soldiers in the National Guard and Army Reserves to access active-duty opportunities. I’m proud to have successfully led this bipartisan effort to set our military up for future success, and I look forward to seeing our citizen-soldiers find new opportunities to serve our nation.”

"When members of our National Guard and Reserve want to step up to serve full-time, the last thing that should stop them are technological barriers. This Reservists Opportunity Act will ensure these servicemembers can access the opportunities available for active-duty service from their personal devices. I’m proud to have worked with my Republican colleague Chris Jacobs and Senators Joni Ernst and Jacky Rosen to get this important legislation across the finish line for our Guard and Reserve members," said Rep. Tim Ryan.

“Army reservists in Iowa, and across the country, should be able to easily access information on opportunities to grow their careers and find positions that best match their skill sets,” said Senator Ernst. “This bipartisan effort will ensure reservists can securely utilize the Tour of Duty system, and in turn improve military readiness and retention. I’m thrilled to see it signed into law.”

“Removing unnecessary red tape and providing more flexibility to securely search for career-enhancing active-duty opportunities is going to help our soldiers in the Army National Guard and Reserve,” said Senator Rosen. “I’m glad to see our bipartisan plan become law through the national defense bill, so we can help the Army find existing talent within their ranks, grow soldiers professionally, and better serve the needs of the nation.”

“Providing ease of access for Citizen Soldiers to find their next opportunity to serve is vital to their growth as soldiers and the readiness of the reserve force,” said ROA’s Executive Director, retired U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Jeffrey Phillips.  “ROA is proud to have been an initial partner with Congressman Jacobs in allowing the Tour of Duty system to be accessed at home, removing any barriers to soldiers looking to be “twice the citizen” and schedule the next time they can serve their country in uniform.”

The Reservists Opportunity Act (H.R. 5063), would allow for members of the Army Reserves and National Guard to access the Army’s “Tour of Duty” system from personal devices, greatly improving access and making it easier for reservists and guardsmen to access active-duty opportunities. Currently, this system can only be accessed at locations with Department of Defense (DoD) network access. More information on this legislation can be found here.

December 5, 2021 - 1:51pm
posted by Howard B. Owens in Chris Jacobs, NY-27.

October 20, 2021 - 11:33am
posted by Press Release in Chris Jacobs, Arc GLOW, news, NY-27.


Press release:

Representative Chris Jacobs met with Arc GLOW leadership Monday and toured the agency’s Day Habilitation Center on Barrville Road in Elba.  During the tour, he had a chance to meet individuals with disabilities who attend the program there and greet some of the staff.

Following the tour, Jacobs spent over an hour with Arc GLOW leadership including Chief Executive Officer, Martin Miskell, Board President Cheryl Englert, and Board Vice President Debrah Fischer. 

CEO Martin Miskell shared news of the recent merger of Arc of Genesee Orleans and The Arc Livingston-Wyoming, resulting in Arc GLOW, geographically the largest chapter of The Arc New York.  The disability provider’s four-county service area now covers roughly 2,400 square miles and serves nearly 2,000 children and adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities and their families and employs 1,000 staff members.

The group discussed advocacy priorities including the Better Care Better Jobs Act. This bill includes an investment in the disability service system as part of a COVID-19 economic recovery to support care for Medicaid recipients, and create more and better jobs for the workforce that provides that care.

Team members discussed the staffing shortage Arc GLOW and its sister chapters throughout the State are experiencing, and the need to secure adequate government funding to pay Direct Support Professionals a wage commensurate with their ability, experience, and performance.

The importance of employment opportunities for individuals wanting a job in the community was also brought to the table, as October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month.

Congressman Jacobs said he was honored to tour the Arc GLOW facility in Elba to see firsthand the critical services provides to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in our rural communities. “Organizations like Arc are crucial to providing essential support and educational services, as well as providing members of our I/DD community with meaningful employment opportunities. The leadership is incredibly passionate and doing a wonderful job, and I look forward to continuing our strong partnership to improve access to these services,” Jacobs said.    

Submitted photos.


Jacobs meets Danny.


Alicia,  Kathy, and Day Hab Specialist Kristen Ace with Jacobs as he receives a puzzle.


Jacobs meets Day Hap Center Nurse Michele Batt.


 Board President Cheryl Englert, Congressman Chris Jacobs, CEO Martin Miskell, and Board Vice President Debrah Fischer.


October 5, 2021 - 11:25am
posted by Press Release in 2nd Amendment, Chris Jacobs, news, NY-27.

Press release:

Congressman Chris Jacobs (NY-27) cosponsored the Lawful Interstate Transportation of Firearms Act (H.R. 1680).

“American’s constitutional rights are not confined to state lines – this most definitely applies to Second Amendment rights and American’s rights to travel with their firearm,” Jacobs said. “This legislation implements and strengthens simple but needed protections for traveling gun owners to prevent the prosecution from states or municipalities seeking to erode the rights of law-abiding Americans."

The Lawful Interstate Transportation of Firearms Act (H.R. 1680) expands the Firearms Owners’ Protection Act (FOPA) transport definition. Under this legislation, the expanded definition would include staying in temporary lodging, stopping for food, fuel, vehicle maintenance, emergencies, medical treatment, and any other activity incidental to travel. In addition, H.R. 1680 clarifies that transporting a firearm includes ammunition and detachable magazines.

“Lawful gun owners should be able to make stops incidental to their travel, in the possession of a lawfully-stowed firearm, without concerns that they may face prosecution for making those necessary stops,” Jacobs said. “I am proud to stand for the Second Amendment and the Constitutional rights of law-abiding Americans, and I will keep fighting to uphold them in Congress.”

September 24, 2021 - 11:03am
posted by Press Release in Chris Jacobs, NY-27, news.

Press release:

Congressman Chris Jacobs (NY-27) voted to pass the FY22 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) last night (H.R. 4350). Additionally, two of Jacobs’ proposals were included and passed.

“President Biden unjustifiably proposed cuts to our nation’s military, especially at a time when our nation faces threats from numerous enemies abroad. The President’s reckless withdrawal from Afghanistan has created a new terrorist haven and has weakened our international credibility. Similarly, China is ever focused on disrupting the international order. We must be laser-focused on combating threats of Chinese aggression and cyber-warfare,” Jacobs said. “This legislation reverses President Biden’s proposed defense cuts, supplies critical resources for counter-terrorism operations in Afghanistan, gives our troops a much-needed pay raise, and provides for the procurement of critical equipment and vehicles for our nation's military.”

The National Defense Authorization Act passed last night with bipartisan support in the House of Representatives. Included in the final text of the bill were two legislative proposals introduced by Congressman Jacobs:

  • The Reservists Opportunity Act – this legislation allows for soldiers in our National Guard and Army Reserves to more easily access active-duty opportunities. Currently, soldiers need to be connected to a Department of Defense (DoD) network to access the Tour of Duty system, an internal Army job board for active-duty opportunities. This legislation allows for access from personal devices – improving retention and overall military readiness.
  • An amendment that increases “open topic” small business contracting opportunities for small businesses, which the Air Force has used to successfully develop innovative technologies from companies that do not traditionally work with the DoD.

“As our world grows more tumultuous and our enemies seek to test our resolve, improving our military readiness and capabilities is essential to our national security,” Jacobs said. “I introduced these pieces of legislation to ensure we can counter any threat that may arise and that our nation is not only prepared to counter the threats we face now, but any threat we may encounter in the future.”

September 24, 2021 - 10:51am
posted by Press Release in Chris Jacobs, NY-27, news.

Press release:

Congressman Chris Jacobs (NY-27) is hosting a virtual informational night for NY-27 students who are interested in attending a service academy.

“Each year, I have the distinct honor of nominating exceptional NY-27 students to attend four of our nation’s service academies,” Jacobs said. “These students go on to become leaders in our nation’s military and eventually their communities following their service. This night is the first step for families making a decision about which service academy is the best fit and gives students and parents a chance to ask questions directly to representatives of the academies.”

Jacobs’ virtual service academy informational night will be held on Tuesday, September 28th, 2021, at 6:00 PM EST. Students and parents can register for the event and learn more about the nomination process at https://jacobs.house.gov/military-academy-nominations.

Congressman Jacobs can nominate students to four out of the five service academies: U.S. Military Academy (USMA) – West Point NY, the U.S. Naval Academy (USNA) – Annapolis MD, the U.S. Air Force Academy (USAFA) – Colorado Springs CO, and the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA) – Kings Point NY. The fifth service academy, the U.S. Coast Guard Academy (USCGA) – New London, CT, does not require a congressional nomination.

All applications must be received by Congressman Jacobs’ Clarence District Office by 5:00 PM EST on Friday, November 5th, 2021.

September 22, 2021 - 9:56am
posted by Press Release in Chris Jacobs, NY-27, news.

Press release:

Remarks as prepared for delivery:

Mr. Speaker, I rise in support of H.R. 4350 – the FY22 National Defense Authorization Act.

Our nation faces many challenges in the coming years – from the growing threat of terrorism brought on by our reckless withdrawal from Afghanistan, to Chinese aggression.
This bill reverses defense cuts proposed by the Biden administration to fund our military and ensure our nation can counter any threat.
It also addresses President Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan by prohibiting financial support for the Taliban and allocating resources for counter-terrorism operations. 

In addition, it provides our troops a pay raise and supports the procurement of essential equipment.

Finally, the bill includes a bill I introduced to improve retention and readiness by providing opportunities to reservists, and the rule makes in order my amendment that will get more small and innovative companies to access to DoD contracts.

Mr. Speaker, we face numerous challenges both today and in the future. This legislation prioritizes resources for our military at a critical time, and I urge its passage.

September 22, 2021 - 9:53am
posted by Press Release in Chris Jacobs, NY-27, news.

Press release:

Congressman Chris Jacobs (NY-27) introduced a bill to provide the $1 billion in defense funding for Israel’s Iron Dome that Democrats stripped from today’s spending bill.

“As if Democrats hadn’t learned their lesson about turning their backs on our allies when they need us most from the events in Afghanistan these past few weeks, today Speaker Pelosi stripped critical funding for Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system. Just a few months ago we witnessed the Iron Dome’s effectiveness against terrorist attacks from Hamas. This decision to cut critical aid funding from our most important ally in the Middle East is shameful, adds further damage to our international credibility, and emboldens our enemies like Iran.

“I am proud to stand with Israel and their right to self-defense. I introduced this legislation to ensure critical funding gets to our ally and allows for them to protect innocent lives from future attacks. I urge my colleagues in the House to cosponsor this legislation and send a clear message of support to our Israeli partners. 

September 22, 2021 - 9:50am
posted by Press Release in Chris Jacobs, NY-27, news.

Press release:

Congressman Chris Jacobs (NY-27) released the following statement following tonight's combined vote on a continuing resolution and legislation to raise the debt limit.

“Once again, Democrats are playing games with our nation’s economic recovery. Nancy Pelosi asked Republicans to act on a bipartisan basis to raise the debt limit so she can force through $3.5 trillion in unnecessary partisan spending.

“Equally troubling, Pelosi caved to radical progressives in her party and stripped $1 billion in critical funding for Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system. This spring we saw the Iron Dome’s effectiveness against terror attacks – we need to keep it operational and stand by Israel’s right to self-defense.

“Speaker Pelosi is taking us down an incredibly divisive path that will only result in further spending problems and erosion of our credibility with our allies. Our nation would be better served if the Speaker shifted her focus from partisan power to fiscal responsibility. This is no way to govern, and Americans and our allies are growing tired of these partisan games with their well-being.

September 16, 2021 - 11:08am
posted by Press Release in Chris Jacobs, NY-27, news.

Press release:

Congressman Chris Jacobs (NY-27) has been awarded the Adult Education Champion Award presented by the Coalition on Adult Basic Education. Congressman Jacobs was presented the award by Lisa Lee – Executive Director of CORE Learning Centers and State Advocacy Fellow for the Coalition on Adult Basic Education.

“Congressman Jacobs answered our call and advocated tirelessly on our behalf to get funding released – preventing further shut-downs and staff lay-offs – giving our students with continued educational opportunities and access to needed services,” Lee said. “As a State Advocacy Fellow and member of the Coalition on Adult Education and member of the New York Association of Adult Continuing and Community Education, I am proud to honor Congressman Chris Jacobs' efforts as a Champion for Adult Education in NYS and across the country.”

“Congressman Jacobs has been a long-time supporter of adult literacy efforts in Western New York and across NYS. He has championed our mission and recognizes the importance of all people being able to read, write and speak English in order to be most successful in life,” Tara Schafer – Executive Director Literacy Buffalo Niagara said. “We would like to congratulate Congressman Jacobs and thank him for advocating on behalf of Literacy Buffalo Niagara and the 147,000 people that struggle with literacy in our region.”

“I am deeply humbled and honored to receive this award from the Coalition on Adult Basic Education. I have spent my professional career tirelessly advocating for quality education for our Western New York students, and I will continue that advocacy for years to come,” Jacobs said. “I want to commend CORE and Literacy Buffalo Niagara for the incredible work they are doing to help adult learners realize new opportunities and reach their full potential. It is important work, and I will continue to be a strong federal partner with them to ensure our students get the resources they need.”

The Adult Education Champion Award is awarded to legislative leaders for their work advocating for the needs of adult learners. They are awarded as part of National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week.

September 14, 2021 - 12:16pm
posted by Press Release in Chris Jacobs, NY-27, news, agriculture.

Press release:

Congressman Chris Jacobs (NY-27) participated in the House Agriculture Committee’s markup of their portion of the $3.5 trillion partisan reconciliation package.

“The House Agriculture Committee met to once again consider a massive, partisan reconciliation bill crafted in secret by Speaker Pelosi. One would have thought that record inflation and struggling small businesses would have been enough to teach Democrats this style of unilateral legislating is unworkable and damaging, but sadly this is not the case,” Jacobs said. “This package will likely include taxes that will devastate farmers and rural communities but possibly won’t even pay for the whole $3.5 trillion cost of this bill.”

The hearing, which started Friday and finished today, was to consider the House Agriculture Committee’s piece of the overall budget reconciliation package. This section will total roughly $90 billion in new spending, though $28 billion of that total was not even considered by the committee because it has not been written yet. At the hearing, Jacobs offered an amendment to redirect funding to combat an invasive species, the spotted lanternfly, that has become a threat to growers in the Northeast and Midwest. It was rejected.

“The Democrats in control of this committee did not hold one single hearing with farmers or agribusinesses to learn the exact needs of rural America. If they had, they would’ve learned that their partisan wishlist is unneeded and unwanted. They would have instead directed funding to fix very real problems facing our farmers, such as rural broadband, disaster assistance, and invasive species,” Jacobs said. “This process once again shows Democrats are more interested in political power than serving their constituents' needs – a truly unfortunate change of tune for the Agriculture Committee that has in previous years been lauded as the most bipartisan committee in the House.”

September 3, 2021 - 2:25pm
posted by Press Release in Chris Jacobs, NY-27, news.

Press release:

Congressman Chris Jacobs (NY-27) joined House Republican colleagues in calling for the President to provide transparency into his July 23rd call with former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani.

“The President’s handling of our withdrawal from Afghanistan was devastating. His actions put Americans and our allies directly in harm’s way, weakened our global reputation, and resulted in the deaths of 13 American service members and the abandonment of hundreds of Americans still stuck in Afghanistan,” Jacobs said. “The American people deserve to know what led to this catastrophe and whether or not the President pushed President Ghani to downplay the threat the Taliban posed. The White House must release the full transcript of this call at once.”

The letter to President Biden was led by Congresswoman Tenney (NY-22) and has 27 signatories. It calls for the President to release the full, unredacted transcript of his July 23rd call with former Afghan President Ghani so Congress can determine to what degree the President may have misled the American people.

August 27, 2021 - 10:28am
posted by Press Release in Chris Jacobs, afghanistan, NY-27, news.

Press release:

Congressman Chris Jacobs (NY-27) released the following statement in response to the deadly bombings outside of Hamid Karzai airport in Kabul today.

“The attacks that occurred today outside of the airport in Kabul are horrific and tragically took the lives of 12 American service members. My heart is with each of their families, and I ask every American to join me in praying for them and every American service member still in harm’s way.

“This heartbreaking situation is the direct result of the President’s reckless withdrawal from Afghanistan. This administration must immediately present a coherent plan to secure the area around the airport, safely return every American from Afghanistan and extend the deadline past 8/31 until this is completed, and bring the terrorists who committed these atrocities to justice. 

August 24, 2021 - 9:27am
posted by Press Release in Chris Jacobs, news, NY-27.

Press release:

Congressman Chris Jacobs (NY-27) and Congressman Tim Ryan (OH-13) introduced the Reservists Opportunity Act to give more flexibility to members of the National Guard and Reserves.

“Making the decision to serve our country, especially on active duty, is an honorable and selfless one, so when members of our Reserves and National Guard decide to volunteer for active-duty assignments, they should not be met with red-tape, Rep.Chris Jacobs said. “This legislation removes an unnecessary barrier and allows these members to easily find opportunities from their own computers. Streamlining this service and increasing access will improve our military readiness and retention of qualified service members.”

“When our soldiers want to step up to serve full-time, the last thing that should stop them are technological barriers. This bill will ensure that these soldiers can access the opportunities available for active-duty service from their personal devices. Not only does this make sense, it improves readiness and retention. I look forward to its swift consideration in the House,” Rep. Tim Ryan said.

The Reservists Opportunity Act introduced by Jacobs and Ryan would allow for National Guard and Reserve members to access the Army’s Tour of Duty system, which serves as a military job board, from personal devices. Currently, this service is only accessible on devices connected to Department of Defense (DoD) networks limiting the ability for some members to easily find active-duty opportunities in a timely manner.

August 24, 2021 - 9:11am
posted by Press Release in Chris Jacobs, NY-27, afghanistan, news.

Press release:

Congressman Chris Jacobs (NY-27) introduced a resolution expressing the need to safely evacuate American citizens and allies from Afghanistan.

“The President has failed the American people and left our citizens and our allies trapped behind enemy lines without any plan to rescue them and ensure they are safely evacuated,” Jacobs said.“This administration failed to plan, has failed to execute a cohesive strategy, and has weakened our nation's image on the global stage. The President has done immeasurable damage to our nation and national security, but before we can even begin to repair that we must safely evacuate every American and ally we have in Afghanistan.”

Jacobs’ resolution expresses the need for every American citizen and ally to be safely evacuated from Afghanistan and calls upon the President to provide a clear plan to ensure this happens. In addition, the resolution highlights the dire conditions on the ground in Afghanistan with reports of beatings, executions, and growing security concerns.

“The President, our Commander-in-Chief, has a sworn and solemn duty to protect American citizens both at home and abroad, so far he has failed to meet that obligation,” Jacobs said. “The United States does not leave Americans behind, and we do not abandon our allies. It is far past time for the President to stop shifting blame and dodging the hard questions. He must present and execute a clear plan to rescue and evacuate every American and Afghan ally in harm’s way.”

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