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Pembroke Teachers Association

Pembroke school district staff plans drive-by parade Friday during pandemic

By Billie Owens

Greg Kinal, Pembroke Teachers Association president, has put out a letter to the Pembroke school community calling for a "Thinking of You" drive-by parade along a route now being planned. Participants are to assemble in the Pembroke High School parking lot at 12:30 p.m. Friday, April 3.

Here's the letter:

Dear Pembroke School Community:

As we continue with this terrible event in our lives, I thought it would be nice to take a break, have some fun, boost some spirits, and come together (separately) as a school community and tell this great school district how much they mean to us.

Therefore, the PTF would like to invite everyone to join us in a “WE’RE THINKING OF YOU” parade this Friday, April 3.

We will meet at 12:30 p.m. at the High School parking lot to get organized. The PTF will have washable markers for you to write on your back windows or you can make your own signs. At 1:00 we begin with Officer Reeves leading the way with lights blazing. The route will be established by Donna Hackett and we are planning on arriving back at school around 3:00.

The PTF has invited the SRP (School-Related Professionals) union to join us and I have been told that a number of empty buses will be in our parade. I have been informed that the fire companies will be represented. We would also consider it an honor to have our administrators with us as well as the whole school community.

Please keep in mind that:

  • At all times we must keep the 6 foot distance between us.
  • Everyone will be in their own cars, so invite any family member to join you. 
  • Please use the bathroom prior to coming to school, as entering the building would be counterproductive to distancing.
  • If you have masks, wear them.
  • Patrick will speak to all of us in the parking lot prior to leaving so we know what his plan is to keep us all together.
  • We will announcing this event on Facebook, Twitter and other venues so families are aware of the parade.

PTF members who plan on attending please email your building reps who will then pass the numbers along to me. SRP’s please contact Cheryl who will also pass the number to me. Administration and all others please make your intentions known by emailing me. If we could all do this by Thursday, April 2, that would be appreciated and once Patrick has the number he will have ample time to assess his traffic plan. 

On a personal note, my wife, who has been really Roswell (-bound) and housebound for months will be joining us.

With great respect to you and I hope to see everyone on Friday.

Questions? Email me.


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