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pet of the week

Pet-of-the-Week: Penelope and Smudge

By Pachuco Owens

Hello fellow pet lovers, I am returning to my duties as Pet of the Week correspondent for The Batavian. I have been busy handling some PR business following our recent award, including posing for portraits, mailing Thanks You, answering fan mail, etc., and enjoying a brief vacation at the lodge. Your patience has been appreciated!

My pick this week is a two-for-one -- Penelope (fawn-colored) and Smudge (white). They are boxers, otherwise known as Gasserdogz/Gasserdogs. I like them because they like drag-racing. In fact, they travel to these kinds of races frequently and are part of the pit crew for a Nostalgia Gasser Class drag car, a 1938 Chevy Coupe. They really keep an eye on things, though you wouldn't suspect them capable of it by their picture.

Their "driver" is Michael Scarborough. He says that the dogs also promote adoption since there are sooo many pups waiting for a second chance at a new forever home, either in rescue or local animal shelters. Through no fault of their own, there are boxers waiting in foster care through Second Chance Boxer Rescue or SCBR. Some boxers were strays, some had to be given up due to financial hardships or abuse/neglect.

According to Scarborough, "Smudge and Penelope are very good during the races ... the cars are loud but that does not bother them one bit. You can see videos of the car and other cars in the Nostalgia Gasser Class on youtube if you search "gasserdogs." Boxers are not for everyone since they are very active and require daily exercise. Some folks might not have the time, but for the right people, boxers are the best fit ever!!! They love kids, are smart, loving and play, play, play."

Pet of the Week: Myron

By Pachuco Owens

Thinking about this week's Pet of the Week, Myron, I am reminded of a TV commercial with Tony Danza, which was part of a public awareness campaign. "What do you call a person with a disability? A person." Anthony Salvatore Ladanza's Brooklyn accent, the shrug and pause before the commonsense punch line (he was once a pro boxer) made the ad memorable.

So, what do you call a cat with a disability? A cat. And what a terrific one Myron grew up to be. Here's his story:

"My name is Myron and I am now 2 years old. My family adopted me from Lollypop Farm when I was only 8 weeks old. After they brought me home, they noticed that I was not like other cats. I was a bit wobbly when I walked, would sometimes trip and fall down, had trouble jumping on the sofa and my head would shake a bit when I would get really excited. My family was a bit concerned, so they took me to the vet where they checked me out and diagnosed me with Cerebellar Hypoplasia. In other words, my motor skills aren't so hot.

"Even though I'm still wobbly and sometimes fall down, I don't get upset when I hear people who come to visit say "Is there something wrong with that cat?" I love to play and hang out with my two brothers, who don't judge my disabilities. I'm in no pain and require no special care, except maybe a hand getting up on the sofa once in awhile. I have a normal life expectancy, but since most people don't know about Cerebellar Hypoplasia, cats like me are needlessly destroyed. If you have a kitten with symptoms like mine, ask your vet for more information because my family says, if they are anything like me, they might just be one of the best cats you have ever owned."

Myron resides in the loving household of Brandie Schultz in Bergen.

Pet of the Week: Scooby

By Pachuco Owens

Here's the scoop! Scooby is Pet of the Week. Although he has several other monikers, he's still the same down deep. Once upon a time, he was a raggedly little guy in a big, brutal world. But once he decided to plead for help in his own silent, pathetic way, his prayers were answered. That was back in another time, another world.

"In 2000, someone dropped a litter of cats (not kittens) off at our rented place in the country. There were five of them running around with no direction, food or shelter other than a barn that was only used for storage by our landlord. I had never owned a cat before, but to see the 'runt' of the bunch come running to me one day when I pulled into the driveway pulled my heartstrings. He was hungry and sick. His siblings had been killed in the road by cars, one by a tractor in the field. We took him in, and then to the vet. He’s been with us ever since – 10 years now.
His name is Skeet Beet, not sure why, other than he was so skinny when he came to us that he looked (to the daughter) like a “skeeter” (mosquito). Since then he has taken on many other names, such as Scooby (being the most common), Beeps, Bees Louise and more. He answers to all of them. Whenever we took the dog for a walk he wanted to go, too. He would walk along with us and come inside when we were done.
We have since moved and he has become an “indoor cat," still a crazy boy always wanting to get out...but he’s our “baby." He has a great personality, never a curtain climber or kitchen counter cat. He wants lovin’s and scratchin’s and is happy just snuggling with me or his sister.
I have learned that you can take the cat out of the barn, but you can’t take the barn out of the cat!"
Scooby says:  "I want to be Pet of the Week because my mom loves animals so much and visits the animal shelter on a regular basis. She would donate the gift certificate to them. They do great things there for some of us who need some help finding our families."

Pet of the Week: Golda

By Pachuco Owens

Golda has a heart of gold and she's enjoying life with a great family -- Russ and Diane Marchese. Sure beats living in a swamp. Golda, congratulations, you are deservedly the Pet of the Week!

"My name is Golda and today I am one HAPPY dog. I wasn’t always this happy. Back in September, I was wandering the swamps and picked up and brought to the Batavia Animal Shelter. I was one tired and sorry looking dog. My fur was raggedy and sparse and I didn’t have any fur on my tail! I had had many litters and my body showed it.

The good people of Volunteers for Animals brought me to the vet to be checked out. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and put on meds. It wasn’t long until I was adopted. I don’t know why, but that didn’t work out. I was returned to the shelter. I stayed at the shelter a little while longer and then went to stay with a foster family. 

Lucky for me, my foster family immediately felt that I belonged with them and adopted me! I have two canine sisters: Dixie, a black lab and Babs, a golden retriever, like me. My mom and dad make sure I take my medicine, give me special food and take good care of me. When my sister is home from college, she gives me a lot of attention, too. My fur is growing back and looks so much better. My mom is always telling me that I am beautiful and so special! I feel like Cinderella! My family loves me and I love them!

Contestants sought for coveted 'Pet of the Week'

By Billie Owens

Is your pet special? Do you think your pal is worthy of the decidedly prestigous designation Pet of the Week? Then let Pachuco know! Winners get ten bucks to spend at Genesee Feeds!

All entrants will be taken into consideration, be they four-legged, fowl or amphibious. They can tell our readers their story or you can tell it for them, your choice. Please send submissions, along with a digital photo, to:  billie at the batavian dot com

She handles correspondence for Pachuco, a 130-pound Rottweiller/Doberman who was found at the pound as a pup. Be assured this handsome, gentle giant makes the actual selections. Being an animal himself, he is discerning about their qualities and qualifications.

The onus of selection is something he takes very seriously. It's not as hard as mastering the preparation of French cuisine, which he doggedly pursues despite his limited ability to make pate without sampling it. But it's not a snap either. 

He had such a hard time recently when considering the goldfish Steve, Phineus the ferret and a burro named Burrito. He almost resorted to pulling names out a Stetson. He managed to get ahold of himself and went for a dog named Althea instead.

But he thinks this is all worthwhile because he likes reading the stories and seeing the pictures and knows you will, too.

Be sure to include your family's name and address (addresses will not be published) so we can send you the gift certificate.



Pet of the Week: Trudy

By Pachuco Owens

Trudy the trooper is my pick for Pet of the Week. She was lost, found, almost lost again -- as in soon-to-be euthanasized at an overcrowded shelter -- then found and is living happily ever after.

"Hi, my name is Trudy and I am a border collie/Australian shepherd/mutt mix. I am very smart, calm and affectionate. I love to go for walks and chase squirrels. I also love my squeaky toys. And of course I would never turn down a belly-rub. My dad (Bruce Thaxton of Le Roy) loves me a lot. He tells me that I'm gorgeous. I've got a really good life now, but it wasn't always that way.

I said my name is Trudy. At least that's what my name is now. No one knows my original name. See, my dad adopted me from a local animal shelter. The nice people at that shelter had brought me here all the way from another shelter in Ohio. The people at that shelter had found me wandering with no collar. No one came to look for me either. The shelter in Ohio got filled up and they were about to start putting their dogs to sleep, but I was rescued! Can you imagine someone having to get rid of me? That would be a loss to humanity. Who would follow my dad everywhere he goes?"

The bit about "a loss to humanity" makes me digress from thinking about Pet of the Week. I am reminded of one of my favorite writers, John Donne (1572-1631). He wrote that piece about "for whom the bell tolls," which is not really a poem, rather prose found in "Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions, Meditation 17."

"No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main. If a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as well as if a manor of thy friend's or of thine own were: any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee."

Now back to gnawing my smoked pig snout.

Pet(s) of the Week: Winslow, Brandy and Bailey

By Pachuco Owens

I am such a believer in the spirit of Christmas, that even after Christmas is over, I still enjoy the afterglow. And so it is that I have chosen pets from two different households -- a total of three dogs -- as the Pet(s) of the Week.

They embody the kind of joie de vivre that ought to be evident more often throughout the year. So Happy New Year to these merrymakers!

My name is Winslow, and I live in LeRoy with my mom. I turned 1 year old on Dec. 17. I love the Buffalo Sabres and the Buffalo Bills. We have been looking for a brother or sister for me, and often see animals at the animal shelter on The Batavian. However, when we call they have already been adopted. I agree with a previous Pet of the Week, Shadow, and if I win, I will also donate my winnings to the Genesee County Animal Shelter.


Hello there! Our Mom and Dad dressed us like this to help spread holiday cheer and to make people smile and feel happy. Our Aunt says we just look so cute that she wanted you to see us and hope we make you feel good, too. We are Yorkie-Poms and our names are Brandy and Bailey Claus....yes that's right, the same last name as Santa. We are 10 and 11 years old and are brother and sister and even though it's cold like at the North Pole, we live right here in Batavia with our GREAT parents; Dawn and Tim Claus.

This is such a happy time of the year. We want to thank all our animals friends for leaving out a treat for us on Christmas Eve. We visited them all and wish them and their families a happy, healthy holiday season. Please remember to be kind to your companion and they will be kind to you! So "from our doghouse to yours, we wish you all a very Happy New Year!"
Love, Brandy and Bailey Claus........Arf...Arf...Arf....with love and licks!

Pet of the Week: Nook

By Pachuco Owens

I read this and then got out my hanky. What with all the gum disease and the pitiful condition of this poor pooch...what a crying shame.

Nook is Pet of the Week because this one kept on keepin' on and was rescued.

Here's what Nook had to say:

"I had no name. At least none that I could recall. All I know is that the Animal Control Officer came to get me. I was running around a neighborhood but I had no home. I had seen better days. I was around 13-years-old, matted and I stunk.

The Animal Control Officer had to open all the windows in her truck while she drove me to the vet's office. When we got into an examination room, they had to open the windows and turn on the exhaust fan.

They talked awhile about me. The word "euthanasia" -- whatever that is -- was mentioned a couple times. Next thing I knew, I was on my way to the Genesee County Animal Shelter. I stayed there awhile. They hoped someone would come to claim me, but no luck. I can't understand why.

Then some humans "took pity on me," whatever that means. They took me to their home. There were lots of other animals so I had plenty of new friends.

But I had some dental issues. I had teeth growing in all directions and most of them wiggled when you touched them. My new humans took me back to the vet. When I woke up I had no teeth. None! That and a few gallons of antibiotics took care of my "aroma."

Things have been dandy ever since. They tell me I'm like a new dog. They call me 'Nook.' They say they're lucky to have me, but I know who the real lucky one is. It's me -- Nook!"

Pet-of-the-Week: Jade

By Pachuco Owens

I have been working on my issues with pit bulls ever since I was viciously attacked at a nature preserve outside Rochester when I was 8-months-old. The dog was on an "electronic" leash that didn't phase him in the least. I just yelped.

But I've been told, like all pets, it's the way pit bulls are handled and raised that makes all the difference. I know lots of folks swear by their pit bulls and say they are as nice as lambs.

So I've selected Jade as Pet of the Week. She is handsome and, apparently, very snuggly. Here's her story.

"Hi there, my name is Jade. I'm a 2-year-old American Pit Bull Terrier. Don't let that fool you, I'm a real sweetheart! I love to cuddle with my feline, canine and human companions! I love to play with my daddy and my other canine friends! We play with my ropes and tennis balls! (even though they don't last long!) Anytime anyone wants to play, I'm ready!

I love going for walks and car rides, they're so fun! I get to meet new people and show them that I don't judge them because I love everyone! So they shouldn' t judge me just because of my breed. Hey, I didn't get to pick it! I think I should be Pet of the Week because I represent the good in my breed and teach people we all aren't bad.

In this picture my mommy and daddy (Shauna and Matt) took, I'm cuddling with my buddy, the fat cat Ace. We love to sit on the couch and cuddle, while mommy and daddy are watching TV. Thanks for considering me as Pet of the Week. Maybe if I win more people will want to be my friend ! Just watch out because when I meet new freinds I like to lick them a lot!"

Pet of the Week: Maddie

By Pachuco Owens

Here's a girl after my own heart. But enough of my musings. I, Pachuco, am back in the saddle after a week at Beds-N-Bones, and more than happy to select this fine lass as Pet of the Week.

"Our special 'girl,' Maddie (AKA 'Maddiekins'), is a  Great Pyrenees and Border Collie mix.  We adopted her when she was approximately 1 year old. She was quite the wild thing, until she took obedience classes and we worked on her behavior issues. She turned out to be the best dog in the world! We love her, take her for walks every day, and best of all, she loves to go fishing with Dad!  As soon as she sees him with his fishing pole she gets sooooo excited. And of course, she loves to lay on her back for belly rubs!"

Jan L. Hellenberg

Le Roy

Pet of the Week: Shadow

By Pachuco Owens

Meet Shadow, my choice for the exclusive distinction of Pet of the Week on Black Friday.

I'm really not sure if Shadow is male or female based on the story, but it matters not because this lolling kitty makes me LOL.

The pose is so like a cat, I know because I share a home with a red tabby, a gray Manx and a brindle/tiger Scottish fold. And each one of them does goofy stuff like this. (I do too, but that's another story.) Oddly, this cat is a little self-absorbed -- just like Festus, Fergus and Fiona. Maybe it's a cat thing.

Here's Shadow's story:

"I love to give my parents lots of laughs. I'm not very friendly ... if someone other than my 'mom and dad' try to win me over, I give them a good swat so they'll leave me alone. My favorite thing to do is rest and some of the positions I rest in make people laugh, but I'm comfortable so who cares what they think? I hope you pick me for Pet of the Week because I think I deserve it....I'm a little egocentric!!!

My masters are Bob and Karen Faulkner, LeRoy

Shadow sent this postscript: "It's really, really true that I'm egocentric, but I just want you to know that I feel very sad for all of my underprivileged canine and feline friends. If I win as Pet of the Week I will donate the winnings to the Genesee County Animal Shelter.

(We're holding Shadow to his/her word!)

Pet of the Week: Copper

By Pachuco Owens

There's a local diner here in Batavia called the Pok-A-Dot, you may have heard of it, as I understand it's a Batavia institution. Well, this week's Pet of the Week has lots of friends there, even though he can't go inside, of course, and eat the beef-on-weck that's been sold there since Ike was president (not that Turner guy, the other one).

Copper the "clown" is a 16-month-old English Setter belonging to Sandy Ahl and Fran Phelps of Batavia.

We lost our 11-year-old setter, Blue, one year ago. Anyone who knows the setter breed knows of their gentle, loving nature and we missed Blue terribly and decided to forgo another dog as there could never be another like her.

Without a dog, the house was empty, and three weeks after the loss of our beloved pet we decided to start looking for another dog. That is when Copper came into our life. We traveled to Penn Yann to a big farm house to get him, he was 4 months old at the time and just what we were looking for.

Copper is a clown and loves to show off. He takes a daily ride in the truck and attracts attention wherever he goes. He loves it when people come up the truck to pet and talk to him and has many friends at the Pok-a-Dot, banks and convenience stores. He gathers treats wherever he goes. His gentle nature also attracts children where he sits patiently while they pet him. While we could never replace Blue, Copper has brought joy to us and is just the bundle of energy we needed. He will soon begin training to be the hunting dog his breed is meant to be, but, at heart, is just a big lap dog.

Pet(s) of the Week: Charle, Toby, Queenie

By Pachuco Owens

This trio is like the Three Musketeers, one for all and all for one. So after much internal debate, I've decided on this threesome as Pet of the Week. I can do that if I want to, because I'm the boss of my column.

Meet Charle, the shih tzu, Toby, a peek-a-poo and Queenie the cat. They all get along smashingly and go bonkers with delight whenever their mom gets home from work or from a five-minute jaunt to the post office or, well, from anywhere.

As mom tells it, they spin around in circles with excitement. Charle grabs a toy and runs around the house in frenetic joy. Toby spins and barks, barks and spins, his way of saying "Yes! I haven't been abandoned after all!" and Queenie rubs against her leg and purrs -- I'm not making this up -- "uncontrollably."

The dogs wag their tails during these momentous meetings and they do so with such enthusiasm that their entire bodies shake, too.

When it comes to TV watching, they all manage to somehow fit on mom's lap, or try to as best they can, and enjoy the programs with her. And they crowd around her as she sleeps. They follow her around wherever she goes.

"They are absolutely faithful," said mom, Joanne Qamoos, of Oakfield, "and show their love for me in too many ways to enumerate. They bring a special joy to my life, therefore I could not pick just one to submit for Pet of the Week."

Well, Joanne, based on all this, I can certainly understand why. I was won over as well, hence my unique decision. But they still only get one gift certificate worth $10. Them's the rules!

Send me your Pet of the Week submission -- the story of your pet and a picture -- to pets *at* thebatavian dt com.

Oliver hangs loose and wins Pet of the Week

By Pachuco Owens

The good thing about Oliver is, he's not uptight. I mean this cat likes to hang loose and enjoy the simple comforts of home -- like napping while draped over the balustrade.

Let's face it. This guy's not into guarding or even being lucid. He's all about the just being here now and seizing the food when he wants it later. Oh yeah, and the clean box is always a plus.

So goes the day-to-day life of Oliver, this week's Pet of the Week. I chose him because he is charming in his sloth. He is adorable in his indifference to life in the modern world.

Oliver is a cat after my own heart. I admire his Zen-fulness, his seemingly pulseless existance. He enjoys himself without a lot of fancy-pants play toys and catnip seducers. Oliver is IT, more than 70 years after Clara Bow, albeit in a manly little world all his own.

To submit your pet to Pet of the Week (gold fish welcome, too), send your pet's story and picture to

Pet of the Week: Savanna, my heart's delight

By Pachuco Owens

I'm in love, I think. At the very least, this bella belle has caught my attention and, quite possibly, bewitched me in the process. I have named her Pet of the Week. I am her minion; she's my heart's delight, at least tonight. I am a dog, ya know.

She says: "My name is Savanna. I am an Australian Shepherd/Blue Heeler mix. I am a very smart dog, I have my owners well trained. After my morning run I take my Kong toy out to the kitchen and it gets filled with peanut butter. When I am hungry, I nudge my food bag with my nose and I get fed.

"I am a ball of energy, and the Queen of the House. In exchange for spoiling me, I give my people lots of love and attention. I protect them and our home by letting them know anytime anyone comes anywhere near our house. I am a very good watchdog."

Happy Halloween!

From Pachuco,

AKA, Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered

More picture Of Emma in her Jersey

By Susan Brownell

Emma was pet of the week October 24th 2009.


here are some other pictures that I submitted of her.




At the Batavia Nursing home.



Pet of the Week: Emma

By Pachuco Owens

I'm speechless, almost. Who can resist a fowl like this, and decked out in baseball duds no less. I say "rah-rah-sis-boom-bah" for this fair-feathered femme. Thus, she's Pet of the Week.

Emma is a chicken. She is a Belgian Bearded d'Uccle Bantam. We currently have 10 d'Uccles. 

Six of them are chicks ranging from the age of  20-days to 13-days old. The adult hens that we have are two-and-a-half years old, and I am unsure of the age of the new rooster that we obtained. I think he's 4 or 5 years old.

Emma won Best of Show at the Genesee County Fair this year along with many other awards. She also won Best d'Uccle at the Poultry Show at the Genesee Country Museum's Agricultural Fair as well.

I have taken her to area preschools and the Byron-Bergen Public Library for visits. And just this past April, she went to the Batavia Nursing home with 4-H (along with some rabbits, a guinea pig and another chicken).

Emma is very friendly and inquisitive. Just this weekend, my husband was getting the boat trailer ready, to go get our boat from the marina, and Emma was right there with him watching him work on the lights!

Here is a picture of Emma last year at Halloween. She dressed up as a baseball player! She was so funny. We called her "Derek Tweeter."

Susan Brownell

Mandy is Pet of the Week

By Pachuco Owens

Mandy's just dandy, so she's Pet of the Week. She looks noble and proud, and she has a great reputation. Here's a little bit about her, from totally biased sources, her folks -- Alyssa Pike and David Smith:

"Mandy is a great dog. She loves playing with her two best friends, Max and Heidi (2 mini wiener dogs). She is great around kids and loves to go for walks. Her favorite toy is a rock the size of a soccer ball that she moves around the backyard.

She loves to visit her grandparents and her great-grandparents. She truly is a loved member of our family. Even though American Staffordshires and Chows get stereotyped as aggressive and mean dogs, Mandy is the most well-behaved dog I've ever owned. She loves to grimace when she meets new people and when she sees people she hasn't seen in awhile. She has the best personality and is a big cuddler."

To submit your pet for consideration as Pet of the Week, send an e-mail to pets (at) the batavian dot com.  Please be sure to include your address so we can send you a $10 gift certificate from Genesee Feeds if your pet wins.

Pet of the Week: Kodah

By Pachuco Owens

This handsome fellow is Kodah and he's Pet of the Week. He looks all business, with piercing eyes that say "Don't even think about it. I've got my eye on you." By all accounts, he is healthy and happy. But it was not always so. Read more...

Hi: My name is Kodah of the Yukon but my mommy and daddy call me Kodah Bear. I hope you consider me for the Pet of the Week. I am a red and white Siberian Husky with blue eyes that will melt anyone. I was adopted from Husky Savers (rescue) in Churchville in January this year.

When my mommy and daddy came to look for a dog, I knew how to charm them into picking me...I sat very quietly in my crate and waited for them to notice me. They did! But I had to pass the cat test - they had a cat at home. When I came to visit them, I didn't let the cat bother me and to this day, I know she is the queen.
A little about me...I am 3 years old and came from Ohio. I was severely beaten by my previous owner there and made it to a rescue and then was brought to New York State. I love my daily walks with my daddy and love to go for rides in the car. They even took me to Dave's Ice Cream and I got a little cup filled with delicious vanilla ice cream. Surely a treat!
I love to be petted and fed and know that I now have a home with tons of love. My mommy is always kissing me and saying sweet things to me. I wish every dog had a home and "parents" like me. It surely has been nice to be truly loved.

It's especially nice to pick Kodah as Pet of the Week. I feel like we're old buddies, having met at Dave's Ice Cream, and we enjoyed a good sniff together.

To nominate your pet as Pet of the Week, send an e-mail with your pet's story and picture to pets (at) the batavian dot com.  I enjoy learning about all the pets in Genesee County, and you could win a $10 gift certificate from Genesee Feeds.

Althea is Pet of the Week

By Pachuco Owens

My heart went out to Althea after reading her story. Once she was down on her luck and sick, to boot. After amazing love and grace, she's nurturing (see photo) and brings lots of joy and companionship to her folks.

She works to earn her keep, too. A good word for her is magnanimous -- yes, she has the gift of magnanimity. Bless her little pea-pickin' heart (an old Tennessee Ernie Ford saying I'm fond of, even though I don't pick peas nor do I especially like them). Here's what she says.

My name is Althea and I think I should be "Pet of the Week." I was adopted from the Genesee County Animal Shelter about four years ago. There I was, stuck in a cage with some unpleasant health troubles that I won't get into, but let's just say I was not a pretty sight.

My mom and dad took me home and got me cleaned up and then with some help from Volunteers for Animals I got the treatment I needed. I'm still a little fragile, having joint problems and faulty digestion, but I don't let it get me down.

Since finding my family I've gone hiking, swimming and kayaking but my very favorite thing to do is help out around the house. I clean up crumbs off the floors, empty the cat litter boxes and fetch things. I even helped babysit some foster puppies this summer. 

My mom says I'm the happiest dog she ever met and she's met a lot of them, let me tell you! I've had a lot of foster brothers and sisters over the years and I always try to introduce myself and help the "new" guys feel at home. Life is good. I figure if you have a warm bed, good food and people who love and take care of you, you've got everything, so why not share with a dog who's not so fortunate?

I kind of like having a bunch of other dogs around. You should hear us howl when we get wound up! Anyway, that's my story. Maybe if I'm Pet of the Week people will read my story and think about adopting a shelter dog. I'm a pretty good judge of dogs and I think there's a lot of good ones waiting for homes. Thanks for reading this.


If your pet is worthy of Pet of the Week, have him or her e-mail me at pets (at) the batavian dot com. Please have your pet send a handsome picture and his or her story. Click here for more information. Your pet could win a $10 gift certificate from Genesee Feeds.

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