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October 9, 2009 - 11:40pm

Pet of the Week: Kodah


khoda.jpgThis handsome fellow is Kodah and he's Pet of the Week. He looks all business, with piercing eyes that say "Don't even think about it. I've got my eye on you." By all accounts, he is healthy and happy. But it was not always so. Read more...

Hi: My name is Kodah of the Yukon but my mommy and daddy call me Kodah Bear. I hope you consider me for the Pet of the Week. I am a red and white Siberian Husky with blue eyes that will melt anyone. I was adopted from Husky Savers (rescue) in Churchville in January this year.

When my mommy and daddy came to look for a dog, I knew how to charm them into picking me...I sat very quietly in my crate and waited for them to notice me. They did! But I had to pass the cat test - they had a cat at home. When I came to visit them, I didn't let the cat bother me and to this day, I know she is the queen.
A little about me...I am 3 years old and came from Ohio. I was severely beaten by my previous owner there and made it to a rescue and then was brought to New York State. I love my daily walks with my daddy and love to go for rides in the car. They even took me to Dave's Ice Cream and I got a little cup filled with delicious vanilla ice cream. Surely a treat!
I love to be petted and fed and know that I now have a home with tons of love. My mommy is always kissing me and saying sweet things to me. I wish every dog had a home and "parents" like me. It surely has been nice to be truly loved.

It's especially nice to pick Kodah as Pet of the Week. I feel like we're old buddies, having met at Dave's Ice Cream, and we enjoyed a good sniff together.

To nominate your pet as Pet of the Week, send an e-mail with your pet's story and picture to pets (at) the batavian dot com.  I enjoy learning about all the pets in Genesee County, and you could win a $10 gift certificate from Genesee Feeds.

Karen Miconi
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Kodah is just Beautiful!! Im sure your parents are very proud to have you. I too, have had the joy of owning a Siberian Husky. His name was Yukon Eric. He would howl at night atop the huge mountain of snow in the yard. He loved the snow, and there is no place he would rather be. We would look out the window and not see him. He would be covered in snow, sleeping in the hole he dug, happy as a lark under there. When we would play in the snow, he would join us, sometimes grabbing our scarves at tugging us around. He also loved to pull. We would hook him to the sled and away we would go. There Great Pets and companions for the young and old.

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