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Racing at WCIS: Big wins for Gusafson, Schenk, Horvatits and Hanbury as the Shootout at the Bullring approaches

By Billie Owens
Sep 2, 2018, 1:05pm

Press release and results for Wyoming County International Speedway
By: Dan Turner /Speedway announcer

As the 2018 whines down, everyone thought turn to one of biggest racing weekend in the Northeast.   Known as the Shootout at the Bullring.   It’s a 2 day event this year with racing starting Friday night Oct 12th and more racing Saturday Oct 13th.  To cap off the fall weekend is the 100 lap Jim Pierce Memorial race.   Why is this race so important?   Well first it’s a tribute to a great Driver, Mechanic and family man.  Jim Pierce was a SST Modified driver that was well respected and a great wheel man.   Was always helping others no matter what class you ran, Mod, Super stock, 4 cylinder.   It also helps that it’s a significant payday for the winner of $2600. (26 being Jim’s racing number).  Details of the racing itinerary and camping info can be found on the tracks web site 

With the Shoot just a few weeks away, many drivers and crews were on hand to try and get some good note and set up for the big race that caps off racing for 2018 at the Wyoming County Intl. Speedway.   It was a full house in the garage area with nearly 70 cars signed in to race.   And for those that came to watch most definitely got their money’s worth with fantastic racing and some flared emotions on the speedway.   

I was told by an older gentleman in the midway area, “it’s a great night of racing, when you have 4 to 8 cars all with a very capable of winning in any given class, “ and he was right.   The smallest of cars are the 4 cylinders, but they are far from the smallest in excitement.   1/3 of the cars in this division have won feature in 2018.  Sickles and Sass where the two guys pacing this field to green.  It would take no time for the non-regular, but 3x winner in 2018, Jacob Gusafson to jump out front from his third starting spot.   Most thought the race was for the seconf position, but we were all wrong as the 2x winner of Greg Moldts would find his way to the front and the #26 The Shadow Jimmie Pierce Jr would come from last starting spot to battle with Moldts and then start running down Gusafson.   Jacob had to put together 25 almost perfect laps to keep the Pirce and Moldts behind.   That’s exactly what he did.   “She’s a lil' banged up, Thanks Jody, but it’s mostly cosmetic, it’s still a rocket,” said Gustafson.   

Super 6’s got a bit of good new on this night.   With all the effort by local teams and participation from other track‘s teams, Super 6 will be a weekly class at the Blacktop Bullring in 2019.   Great to give new drivers and crews a great entry level class and they have a  whole winter to get a car and get it prepared for 2019.   More invaders were on hand than WCIS regulars.   Parthemer and last weeks winner Barrett Schenk brought this highly compitive fields to green for their 20 main event.   Schenk wasted no time in showing why he is a track champion and that last week’s win was no fluke.   Hallett in the #36 had a valient effort to no avail as his right rear tire was going bad for the mid point in the race, but would hang on for second as new comer or first time to Wyoming this season, Brandon Allen would put his #89 in third at the conclusion of the Super 6 feature.

SST Super Stocks, this is where the emotion and tempers flared tonight.   Mike Chenaille and Scott Gleed would bring this field to green for their 50 lap event.   Both Chenaille and Gleed have had terrible luck. Gleed, all year in the features as he has won some heats.  Chenaille was had bad luck in the second half of the season.   Both looking to turn it around and close out 2018 strong.   Gleed and Chenaille would battle for the lead and it was not long befor the Stealth missle of Joe Horvatits would take control of the race.   Thru a few cautions and restarts, Horvatits was dominating.   His closest competition was the 17x of Meyers the 2018 track champion and the 14 of Dan Majchrzak.

Early in this feature there seemed to be some bad blood between Majchrzak and Meyers from the previous week.   Last week these two came together in a heat race cutting down a tire on the 17x and the 14 bent a rear axel.   Both would make repairs and run the balance of the night.   That brings us to tonight where you have two very good drivers that was not going to cut any slack to the other.   Early in the 50 lap main these two were racing hard and they made contact with each other entering turn 3.   Both cars heading for the concrete wall that always wins.   Majchrzak hit the hall a ton and the right side of the car climbed the wall doing significant damage to the Majchrzak machine.   Meyer on the other hand had significant damage to his right side.   What appeared to be mostly cosmetic, as Meyers went pit side and was checked over by his crew.   Meyers would return and get a very respectful second for the night.

Lots of action on the speedway for the Modifieds.  As I stated earlier, a bunch of invaders came to the track to shake down their cars in preparation of the BIG Shootout at the Bullring  October 12th -13th.   Twenty six cars on hand and that calculates into tons of action on a 1/3 mile speedway.    After the redraw, Bro Bradshaw would be on the pole with last weeks winner Alan Bookmiller to his outside.    Then it looked like the who’s who of Modified drivers, Rusty Smith, Tony Hanbury, TJ Potrzebowski, John Barbar, Patti Pruitt and our weekly runners.  Rick Knapp Jr,(2018 WCIS Champion),  Dan Majchrzak, the Bradshaw Brothers and the Dennie Girls.   A great start for all and it would not last as the first a a handful of cautions would slow the field.

The first was the #66 of Geoff Sharkey, seems the fuel cap came off and he was spilling fuel on the track.  Back to green and bookmiller had the lead with Bradshaw second and the charging Rusty Smith on his way to the front.   Hanbury, Potrzebowski and Majchrzak and Knapp were bidding their time and making their way to the front.   The surface of the Bullring is not overly abusive to tires, but these seasoned racers were not going to waste the tires in the first have of the race.  They all knew they needed some tire in the last 10 -15 laps if they wanted a shot at the win.

About 20 laps in it was Smith , Hanbury and Potrzebowski in the top three positions and as the restart happened it seemed Smiths car when wide forcing Hanbury up in the marbles.   Hanbury gathered it up and we stayed green, a few laps later Hanbury passed Smith and coming down the front straight Hanbury repaid the favor as he break checked Smith allowing Potrzebowski to blow by both cars.   That was short lived as both Hanbury and Smith would get back by the Potrzebowski  #72.   Then it seemed every 20 or so laps we would draw a caution and that would tighten the field back up and add to what could be a lot more drama.   Lap 25 the Billy Kosachook would spin his #19 machine.   Lap 32 the Timmy Lewis car would come to a stop in the infield just off the racing surface in turns 1 and 2.  Lap 55 saw the 6j machine of Carrie Bolton loose the handle and spin her ride off turn 2 and slide thru the grass on the back straight away.

The last caution flew on lap 85 with Jen Dennie looping her #22 ride off turn four.   This left us with a 15 lap shoot out, sort of a look into the future and see who was best prepared for the 100 laps tonight as well as the Jim Pierce Memorial race in a few weeks.  Hanbury was on point, Smith at the ready and local runners Knapp and Majchrzak representing WCIS well.   Also representing the speedway wall was the fact our four lady racers were all running together and in the top ten. Cassie Logsdon, 7th, Beth Dennie 8th, her sister Jen 9th and Carrie Bolton rounding out the top ten.  So the 15 lap shoot out.  The questions were answered soon as the green fell for the last 15 circuits or 5 miles.   It looks as if the top ten or so had played it just about perfect.  Hanbury jumped out front, smuith in second followed by Knap, Majchrzak and Potrzebowski.

Winner circle interviews were as expected, “Well Rusty ran me up in the loose stuff cause he knew we were a rocket on restarts, so after a few laps and the tires were cleaned off we got back around him and repaid the favor”  Smith said “ Tony has run into us before and this is twice I let him gather it up and we raced on, next time I won’t be so nice”.   So with the Writing on the wall it will be interesting at the very least to see if this power struggle of two very talented drivers carries thru to the Shoootout at the Bullring October.

Order your pictures and video of the Sept. 1st race and you decide who was right and wrong at  or 

The new 2018 Shootout at the Bullring format will be as follows:

Friday, Oct. 12th
WCIS Super Stocks (50), 6 Cylinders (25), 4 Cylinder Dash-4-Cash (20)
SST Modified Pit Stop Challenge during intermission
- 4 person crew/driver in-car
- 2 right sides
- $100 bonus to winning crew + 2 new air tire changing guns
Entertainment/Camp Fires to Follow

Saturday, Oct. 13th
SST Modified Jim Pierce Memorial 100 (100), NYSS Sandra Vogler Memorial 51, 4 Cylinders (30), Vintage Racecars (15)
SST Modified Race is $2,600 to Win! 

Sunday, Oct. 14th
Rain date for either days events

4 Cylinders          Heats:  O.Bradshaw,  J.Gustafson
1) J.Gustafson,  
2) J.Pierce Jr,  
3) G.Moldts,  
4) O.Bradshaw,  
5) J.Klamut,  
6) S.Sickles,                   
7) K.Ricketson, 
8) J.Sass,  
9) M.Hurlburt,  
10) K.Kocher,  
1) M.Virts,  
12) K.Landcastle,                
13) D.Heimes (DNS)

Super 6             Heats:  J.Parthemer,  B.Hallett
1) B.Schenk, 
2) B.Hallett,  
3) B.Allen,  
4) J.Parthemer, 
5) R.Cassidy,  
6) F.Kline,  
7) A.Cocilova,      
8) T.Faro, 
9) A.Knoepfler, 
10)  C.Parsons  

Super Stocks          Heats:  D.Majchrzak,  J.Horvatits
1) J.Horvatits,  
2) Z.Meyers,  
3) P.Flye,  
4) S.Gleed,  
5) E.Hastreiter, 
6) C.Hicks,  
7) K.Lanni,          
8) F.Kline,  
9) K.Skoney,  
10) D.Majchrzak, 
11) M.Chenaille, 
12) B.Raycroft,  \
13) E.Stone (DNS)

SST Modifieds         Heats:  A.Bookmiller,  R.Smith,  P.Pruitt
1) T.Hanbury,  
2) R.Smith,  
3) R.Knapp Jr,  
4) D.Majchrzak,  
5) Tj.Potrobowski,  
6) T.Bradshaw,    
7) C.Logsdon,  
8) B.Dennie, 
9) J.Dennie,  
10) C.Bolton,  
11) T.Lewis,  
12) Z.Kosachook,               
13) A.Bookmiller,  
14) P.Pruitt,  
15) B.Bradshaw,  
16) S.Fuchs,  
17) J.Barber,  
18) N.Michielsen,  
19) B.Kosachook, 
20) B.Kosachook Sr,  
21) G.Sharkey,  
22) D.Kluth,  
23) J.Matzen,  
24) T.Alloco,  
25) J.Whithey, 
26) G.Noe (DNS)

Irish Open Regular Season with 3 Wins

By Eric Geitner
Sep 11, 2013, 10:22am
    Anna Warner of ND -- photo by David Warner
The Notre Dame boy's and girl's Cross Country teams opened up their season going 3 -1, beating Byron Bergen, Mount Morris, and Cal-Mum.  Big school Wayland-Cohocton were able to knock off the Irish. 
Anna Warner led the girls finishing 2nd in the race with Laurie Call in third.  Emily McCracken finished 9th, Shelby McGinnis 13th, Abby Bleier 15th, Serena Strollo-DiCenso 16th, Isabelle Bliss 18th, Emily Sherman 24th and Rose Flumerfeldt 29th. Byron Bergen was led by 5th place finisher Kim Lovett and 10th place finisher Charlene Clay.  Byron Bergen beat Mt. Morris and Cal-Mum. 
The Notre Dame boy's team was able to place 3 in the top ten with Ryan Fuller leading the way in 5th place, Dylan Fix 7th, and Dennis Bleier 8th.  Justin Carlson placed 11th, Bryan Moscicki 18th, Caleb Nellis 31st and Ryan Shormann 34th.  Byron Bergen finished 2nd and third in the race from the efforts of Robbie Schrenker and Sean Donovan respectively.  The Byron Bergen boys beat Mt. Morris.  Cal-mum's Everett Gieger easily won the race in 17:54, 2:15 faster than 2nd place.
Next up for the Irish is the West Seneca Invitational at Sunshine Park on Saturday.


Batavia Motor Speedway hosts 'ATV Extreme Dirt Track National Championship'

By Daniel Crofts
Aug 8, 2012, 7:32pm

On Saturday, Aug. 11, the Batavia Motor Speedway -- at 3500 Harloff Road in Batavia -- will host its first national championship ever. The ATV (all-terrain vehicle) Extreme Dirt Track National Championship will take place from noon until 7 p.m., with the races themselves starting at 5 p.m.

Registration begins at 2 p.m., followed by practice from 3 until 4 p.m. and a rider's meeting from 4 until 5 p.m.

Event Date and Time

Batavia Motor Speedway hosts 'ATV Exreme Dirt Track National Championship'

By Daniel Crofts
Aug 8, 2012, 7:17pm

On Saturday, Aug. 11, the Batavia Motor Speedway -- at 3500 Harloff Road in Batavia -- will host its first national championship ever. The ATV (all-terrain vehicle) Extreme Dirt Track National Championship will take place from noon until 7 p.m., with the races themselves starting at 5 p.m.

Registration begins at 2 p.m., followed by practice from 3 until 4 p.m. and a rider's meeting from 4 until 5 p.m.

The WNY Extreme Dirt Track Racing Club is sponsoring the event, which will feature over 200 ATVs at speeds of 60 miles per hour or more.

For more information, call 737-5698 or e-mail [email protected]

Two Inducted into Hall of Fame at Batavia Downs

By Rick Franclemont
Sep 11, 2011, 12:13pm

Batavia Downs Casino Hall of Fame night on September 10th, 2011 yielded two new inductees.


Patsy Rapone, who passed away after a fight with brain cancer, was inducted with an impressive 14,765 starts, 2,643 wins, and lifetime earnings of $5,821,089.


Ben Webster was also inducted and present for the honor.


Ben's 4,378 wins and lifetime earnings of $43,197,645 earned him a spot in the Hall of Fame.

Pictured with Ben Webster is Don Suozzi, an aquintance of over 50 years.


Congratulations to both new members of the Batavia Downs Hall of Fame!



Jason DiSalvo uses pit stop in Stafford to ready two new bikes for final race of the season

By Howard B. Owens
Sep 1, 2011, 6:47pm

On Tuesday, Jim DiSalvo invited me to his house on Fargo Road, Stafford, to meet his son, Jason, and Jason's racing team. I thought I'd get a picture and share a little bit about the great season Jason is having.

I set up a shot with a couple of bikes in the background and just as we were getting ready to make a photograph, Jason asked, "When will your picture run?" I told him, "probably tonight."

Well, that would never do. See that Triumph in the background -- the racing world didn't yet know that Jason would be running it this week at the final race of the season in New Jersey.

I agreed to hold the picture until the bike change was officially announced, and I also redesigned the shot to better include the bike in the picture.

This evening, the DiSalvo team officially announced that for the last race as well as next season, Jason will race a Triumph 675 Triple in Daytona Sportbike class races.

Jason said the team felt they would get great support from Triumph and he was excited about the switch.

Race 1 on Saturday will start at 2 p.m., and Sunday's race starts at 2:15 p.m.  Live timing for both events can be viewed at

Speed TV will air the races at 11 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

Jason is currently third this season in points standing with three wins and four pole positions.

Pictured with Jason are Jordan Fielder, left, Bubba Evoy, Chase McFarland and Ronnie Saner.

Assemblyman Hawley Dispels "State Takeover of OTB" Rumors

By Steve Hawley
Sep 10, 2009, 9:31am




A member of the Assembly Racing and Wagering Committee, Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R, I, C – Batavia) would like to assure all residents that rumors currently circulating of a state takeover of Off Track Betting (OTB) operations are untrue.  The Assemblyman has been vital in brokering racing and wagering agreements with the state, such as the new New York Racing Association (NYRA) agreement that increased revenues for Batavia Downs.


“To be very clear, there have been no discussions of a state takeover of OTB and should such discussions arise, I would like all residents to know that I am strongly opposed to such an initiative, especially regarding a takeover of OTBs in Western New York,” said Hawley, who upon learning of the rumors, immediately called Western New York OTB officials to dispel the rumors.


The state took over New York City OTB in June 2008; however, due to mounting problems, on September 1, 2009, Governor Paterson signed an executive order allowing the NYC OTB organization to file for reorganization under Chapter 9 of the federal Bankruptcy Code (executive order #27).  In that executive order, the Governor has directed NYC OTB to put together a restructuring plan within the next two months.


Contained in the 2008 legislation allowing the state to take over NYC OTB, the State Legislature also appointed a task force to study regional OTB corporations.  Their report is due later this fall.


Both of these actions have helped to fuel rumors that the task force would “rubber stamp” a rumored initiative for a state takeover to allow OTB revenues to be moved from local governments to the state’s General Fund to balance budget deficits.


In order for the state to take over OTB corporations across the state, there would need to be legislation drafted and moved through both houses.  However, at this time, there is no such legislation, nor have there been discussions to draft or introduce any legislation of the sort.


Assemblyman Hawley stated, “I can certainly understand the concern: last year the Governor swiped money from snowmobilers, this year he chose to give $200 handouts to recipients of social services instead of renewing the STAR rebate program.  Both of his budgets have been excessive in their spending, irresponsible and secretive in their negotiations. When it comes to making fiscal choices, there is a reason why New York State residents are skeptical of the Governor doing the right thing.  However, at present, I would like to ensure all residents that there have been no discussions about a state takeover of OTB operations.  Furthermore, I am adamantly against such a proposal and will fight it tooth-and-nail should such a proposal be made.”




clor's chicken bbq fundraiser

By chris johnson
Apr 16, 2009, 5:51pm

friday may 1,2009

clors chicken bbq(located across from tops in batavia)

fundraiser to benefit mini stock teams of



dinner includes:salt potatoes,macaroni salad,roll and butter.  $8.00

come on out get a great bbq,and help some hometown race teams while doing it.

contact for tickets:[email protected]



Hey everyone

By Jerome Peck II
Jan 6, 2009, 9:23am

Hey everyone this is my first post.  Just wanted all to know alittlr bit about me and my family.  My name is Jerome Peck  and my oldest son races karts at local tracks our home track is in Avon NY.  The web address is here you can see pics ad video.  I am the vp of the club so if anyone is interested just leave me a message.  This is the clubs 50th anniversary year and should be a blast. 

genesee speedway results for 8/9

By chris johnson
Aug 10, 2008, 12:25am

For Immediate Release:
[email protected]

 J.J. Mazur and Pat Powers Snag Genesee Wins Before Rain
 Rich Vleck, BATAVIA, NY, (August 9, 2008)- The Genesee Speedway expected rain on Saturday, justnot as early as it arrived.
A pair of showers hit the Genesee Speedway on Saturday Evening, the first set the start back twohours, the next one threw it out the rest of the night.
The completion of the Castle Powered Late Model Feature from a week earlier and the ProfessionalDriver Institute Mini Stock Features were the only events that would be completed on Totem PoleSmoke Shop and Gas Night.After the first shower hit the track just before the posted starting time, the decision was madeto run a features only format, scratching the heats for the evening.  The drivers were given anopportunity to run hot laps to help work the track in.
The first feature out was the Late Model event.  Last week, it took 30 minutes to run six laps. 

This week the final 14 circuits would take a mere five minutes.
J.J. Mazur, who took the lead just before the postponement of the feature, took off on the restartand checked out on the pack for his second win of the season.
“After that first win, we couldn’t get ourselves out of a hole,” said Mazur.  “We were in the topand the middle groove most of the race, but really you could put it anywhere.”
The Batavia youngster had was able to drive away from his buddy Ron Mogavero, who was able to cardhis best finish of the season, holding off a fast Jason Boyle for second.
Justin Chaddock was fast on the cushion but would struggle to make forward progress, as he wouldfinish in fourth.  Dave DuBois would round out the top-five to strengthen his point lead.

 The PDI Trucking School Mini Stock Feature was off to a fast start, with Mike Sweeney movingaround Pat Powers on the second lap and strengthening his advantage.  After a lap 7 caution forpoint leader Brandon Aradine though, Powers would make a pass on the restart and would lead untilthe final caution on the night, which would fall for rain.  The checkered flag would also bedisplayed at that point.
It was the first win this year for Powers, of Dale, the seventh different driver to score a victoryin the highly competitive division.
Mike Sweeney would place in second, with youngster Dylan Cecee third.  Dan Norton and SamanthaBurch would complete the top-five.As the caution and checkered fell in the mini stock feature, a massive thunderstorm would move inand cancel the remainder of the cards.  With less than half of the program completed, ticket and

pit stubs will be honored next weekend.  For more information, visit


Genesee Speedway Results: 8/9/2008-
Totem Pole Smoke Shop & Gas Night
 Castle Powered Late Model Feature Completion from 8/2 (20 Laps)- JJ MAZUR, Ron Mogavero, Jason

Boyle, Tim Kaufman, Justin Chaddock, Dave DuBois, Pete Waldron, Aaron Johnson, Billy Burd, Rich

Hale, Jon Rivers, Doug Jones, Jim Johnson, Terry Pangrazio, Bob Babbitt, Jason Bridge, Brian

Farnsworth, Mike Childrose, Scooter Pangrazio.
Lap Leaders- Mogavero 1-5, Mazur 6-20.

Professional Driver Institute Mini Stock Feature (15 Laps)- PAT POWERS, Mike Sweeney, Dylan Cecee,

Dan Norton, Samantha Burch, Randy Barclay, Ed Neal, Alan Kemp, Duane Pingrey, Jason Hull, Mark

Forsha, Byron Dewitt, Brandon Aradine, Tom Amico, Rick Johnson.

 Lap Leaders- Powers 1, Sweeney 2-7, Powers 8-15.



Video: How to build a race car

By Philip Anselmo
Aug 6, 2008, 4:15pm

For those of you who haven't noticed, The Batavian now has its very own official speedway reporter. Racer and moto-enthusiast Chris Johnson has been kind enough to voluntarilty take occupy that position for us and get the dirt—get it?—on the local stock car scene.

Genesee Speedway will be holding its next race this Saturday, and Chris is hoping to be there with his new car, built himself. It's a modified Ford Mustang, stripped bear and fit with a roll cage. But enough of us getting in the way. Let's let Chris tell you all about it:

results for racng at genesee speedway on 8/2

By chris johnson
Aug 3, 2008, 3:56am
Greg Mrzywka Picks Up First Win of 2008 at Genesee Speedway


BATAVIA, NY (August 2, 2008)- Once again on a Saturday, the storm clouds found a detour around Genesee County and allowed racing to get in.  The end result would be the largest car count in years and a night to remember a great ambassador of racing.


With the white flag flying in the Troyer Chassis Sportsman, there were still four drivers that had a chance to easily lead the next time around; as it would turn out, consistency would be the way for Greg Mrzywka to get to Victory Lane.


Mrzywka, of Holley, took the lead from rookie Henry Maier on lap five and did the job holding off past champions Brian Sage and Rob Pratt for the win.


On the races final restart, Pratt moved from fourth to second and began to pressure the No. 04 of Mrzywka.  Pratt nearly lost control of his No. p38 in turn two though and would give the leader just enough room to hold on.


It was Greg’s first win since 2006 at the 1/3-mile.  He would also become the seventh different winner in the division this season.


Pratt would hang on for second, with Brian Sage, who was so fast early on, slipping to third.  Rounding out the top-five would be Stubby Pangrazio and Don Spatorico, the top two in points.


The Castle Powered Late Models simply could not get into a rhythm in their feature, with six cautions falling in the first six laps.  In an effort to allow the solid field to regroup, the decision was made to send the cars to the pits to run at the end of the night.  As it would turn out, the hard 11:00 p.m. curfew would end up postponing the event until August 16, when the race will be completed.  J.J. Mazur had taken the lead just before the final caution.


Jeb Walworth inherited the lead in the Power Trip Energy Drink Street Stock Feature on lap 7 when Nathan Arnold took his car pit side.  He would stretch out his advantage and cruise to his second win of the year.


Walworth survived a number of challenges to defeat Colton Chappius Jr., Lee Zimmerman, Matthew Pfalzer and Jason Babbit.

Russ Wassner shook off the bad luck of 2008 by picking up the first win in the Professional Driver Institute Mini Stock Feature.


Wassner took the lead on lap three from Mike Sweeney and held him off on the race’s only restart on lap 9.  He would pull away in the closing laps to continue his streak of winning seasons.


Behind Wassner was Sweeney, Dan Norton, Rick Johnson and point leader Brandon Aradine.


P.J. Havens became the eighth different winner in the DML Driveway Sealing Division, taking the lead early and winning the final event of the night over James Maier and Tom Urban.


Genesee Speedway Results: 8/2/2008-

American Cancer Society Jack Veach Memorial Night


Castle Powered Late Model Feature (15 Laps)- Postponed until 8/16


Lap Leaders- T. Pangrazio 1, Mogavero 2-5, Mazur 6-

Heat Winners- Rivers, Babbitt, Boyle.


Troyer Chassis Sportsman Feature (20 Laps)- GREG MRZYWKA, Rob Pratt, Brian Sage, Stubby Pangrazio, Don Spatorico, John Baker, Steve Schumacher, Sandy Pembleton, John Panattoni, Justin Wright, Guy Steffen, Henry Maier, John Venuto, Jason Hallett, Ricky Newton, Rob Richmond Jr., Tim Downs, Kerry Ball, Don Ogden.


Lap Leaders- Downs 1-2, Maier 3-4, Mrzywka 5-20.

Heat Winners- Baker, Downs.


Power Trip Energy Drink Street Stock Feature (20 Laps)- JEB WALWORTH, Colton Chappius Jr., Lee Zimmerman, Matthew Pfalzer, Jason Babbit, Jeremy Denton, John Fry, John Giles, Dave Downs, Dave Conant, Mark Loveland, Dave Bansmer, Dan Pries, Nathan Arnold, Bill Kowsky, Chip Wood, Kevin Mitchell, Kyle Rupp, Steve Austin, Darrel Moyer.


Lap Leaders- Arnold 1-6, Walworth 7-20.

Heat Winners- Loveland, Walworth.


Professional Driver Institute Mini Stock Feature (15 Laps)- RUSS WASSNER, Mike Sweeney, Dan Norton, Rick Johnson, Brandon Aradine, Alan Kemp, Randy Barclay, Jason Hull, Samantha Burch, Duane Pingrey, Tom Amico, Ed Neal, Sean McKeller, Bobby Dickinson, Pat Powers, Mark Forsha.


Lap Leaders- Sweeney 1-2, Wassner 3-15.

Heat Winners- Aradine, Johnson.


DML Driveway Sealing Bandits Top 3 (8 Laps)- P.J. HAVENS, James Maier, Tom Urban.


Lap Leaders- Maier 1, Havens 2-8


jack veach memorial to run today at genesee speedway-full stock car program

By chris johnson
Aug 2, 2008, 9:56am

DIRT Pro Stock Tour Group to Race in Jack Veach
Memorial at Genesee Speedway

WHAT: As part of a regional racing series, the best of the Pro Stock racers from Western New York and Southern Ontario will be showing their superior racing abilities on the1/3rd mile oval track at Genesee Speedway in Batavia. The racing program begins at 6pm with 5 others classes competing in addition to the Jack Veach Memorial Pro Stock event. The spectator gates open at 5pm

Jack Veach was a well-known racing official in this area, respected by competitors and his peers alike. Jack passed away two years ago July 11th, from cancer. He left a legacy in his wife, Bonnie, son John and daughter Dawn who have continued on in Jack’s spirit at the Speedway.

Race fans and drivers alike have a well-earned reputation of taking care of their own. Cancer is a disease that touches everyone no matter what their walk in life. This is a way for the racing community to show their unity in raising awareness in the fight against cancer.

Saturday, August 2, 2008
• The racing program begins at 6:00 p.m.
Genesee Speedway
5058 East Main Street, Rt. 5 – Batavia at the Genesee County Fairgrounds

• Race fans
• Cancer survivors, Caregivers, and their families
• The Community


The American Cancer Society is dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem by saving lives,
diminishing suffering and preventing cancer through research, education, advocacy and service. The American
Cancer Society Eastern Division has 46 community-based offices, involving thousands of volunteers throughout NY
and NJ. For 24-hour cancer information, call 1-800-ACS-2345 or visit





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