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road construction

October 19, 2022 - 2:01pm
posted by Press Release in news, Harvester Avenue, batavia, road construction.

Press Release

All motorists please be aware that Harvester Avenue will experience traffic delays on Friday, Monday and Tuesday (October 21st, 24th, 25th) from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. for paving operations. While work is being performed in this area, local traffic will be permitted to and from their residence/property but should plan accordingly for delays.

All residents/businesses within the work area are asked not to park on the roadway during the operation.

Thank you for your cooperation.

October 14, 2022 - 8:25pm
posted by Joanne Beck in news, batavia, road construction, notify.


Rolling into autumn has meant more than the debut of colorfully decorated trees; it has also signaled the finale to several city street projects.

Public Works Superintendent Brett Frank reviewed the list of work at or near completion during this week’s City Council meeting.

As you may have noticed, Bank Street, Chandler Avenue, Ross Street and Richmond Avenue are looking pretty smooth these days with resurfacing done at those sites; and sidewalks have been — or will be by next week — installed along Seneca and Columbia avenues and Fisher and Chase parks, Frank said.

Richmond is still getting some finishing touches with new sidewalks and Americans with Disabilities Act-mandated ramps at each intersection, he said.

Councilman Bob Bialkowski asked why the pile of concrete and road debris was still in the middle of the parking area in front of the state School for the Blind. That material will be removed and the area cleaned up, Frank said, however, the city will not be repaving it.

The state Department of Public Transportation is responsible for any paving, as it is state property, Frank said.


On the city’s east side, Harvester Avenue is coming along, but there is still rehabilitation work to do before final paving is completed, he said.

“So it's a work in progress on Harvester. There's just a lot of moving pieces to that. And once you've milled down eight inches, you find a lot of areas that really need to be addressed,” he said. “Within the next week or so we'll probably start paving driveway approaches to make everything easier for people getting in and out of their driveways. We're hoping end of next week to get a (base) coat which is truly powerful to get some sort of base pavement on that surface, which will cut down on a lot of the dust and debris and all that.”

Some work has to be done with the installation of drainage structures “before we can pave anything,” he said.

The contractor has a Dec. 14 deadline for full completion, he said.

Existing sidewalks are remaining in front of Harvester Center “as much as possible,” City Manager Rachael Tabelski said.


Earlier this summer, a few business owners voiced complaints about the seemingly slow progress being made in front of their sites at Harvester Center. Harvester had been dug up, pot-holed, bumpy and anything but customer-friendly, they said. Rob Credi, owner of The Pub Coffee Hub, estimated a revenue loss of 75 percent since the inception of the road work. 

He had reached out to city management, Frank, and council members multiple times, Credi said, however, he more recently "kinda gave up on trying to get any kind of improvements to the temporary conditions."

"The road quality is still a disgrace," he said on Friday to The Batavian.

Although Frank said this week that he received two compliments from people associated with Harvester Avenue, Credi was obviously not one of them. 

A parking lot across from his shop had been inaccessible due to a trench carved out directly in front of it. That issue has been resolved and customers once again gained access to it, Credi said. But that's when customers could even drive down the street, he said. 

"We've had a couple incredibly bad days where they've more or less had trucks completely blocking the roadway for periods of time," he said. "Just total disregard."


Top Photo: A pile of road debris remains in the parking area in front of the state School for the Blind on Richmond Avenue, but will be removed and cleaned up eventually, city officials say; road construction on Harvester Avenue is also gradually moving toward completion for a December deadline. Meanwhile, businesses are open at Harvester Center. Photos by Howard Owens. Above, one of the days when the road was blocked by construction vehicles and hampered business access. Photo by Rob Credi.

August 31, 2022 - 11:04pm
posted by Press Release in news, Park Road, batavia, road construction.

Press Release

To all motorists, businesses, and property owners along Park Road in the City and Town of Batavia:

The Park Road Improvement project continues to progress.

Milling and Paving operations will occur on Thursday, September 1, 2022. This work will be focused on the portion of Park Road between Veterans Memorial Drive and Oak Street/ NYS Rt 98. Traffic will be reduced to one lane of alternating traffic. Expect delays. Motorist are asked to seek alternate routes if possible.

Final course paving will occur on Friday, September 2, 2022. This work will be focused on the portion of Park Road between Veterans Memorial Drive and Oak Street/ NYS Rt 98 & Park Road between Richmond Avenue and Veterans Memorial Drive. Traffic will be reduced to one lane alternating traffic.

Expect delays. Motorist are asked to seek alternate routes if possible.

Park Road between Lewiston Road/ NYS Rt 63 and Richmond Avenue remains closed in preparation of final paving course. Date to be determined.

Batavia Downs traffic is asked to enter and exit the facility parking area from the north end of Park Road near Richmond Avenue. Signage will direct Batavia Downs customers and staff to the parking areas.

For traffic needing to access Park Road approaching from Lewiston Road/ NYS Route 63, you are asked to follow the Park Rd Detour utilizing Veterans Memorial Drive.

For traffic needing to access Lewiston Road/ NYS Route 63 approaching from Oak Street/ NYS Route 98 and NYS Thruway, you asked to follow the Route 63 Detour utilizing Veterans Memorial Drive.

All through traffic is asked to avoid Park Road if possible and seek alternate routes.

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