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Borrello concerned about Hochul’s state address

By Press Release

Press Release:

“Anyone hoping that Governor Hochul’s State of the State message would chart a bold plan for turning around New York State’s affordability and public safety crises has been left disappointed in today’s address.

The worst-in-the-nation outmigration of our residents is a problem that threatens our future. It requires more than new affordable housing units, as the governor suggests. New York State’s combined state and local tax rates are the highest in the nation. Numerous polls have found that this crushing tax burden is the primary reason people are leaving New York. We heard no plans to tackle that issue.

New Yorkers also cite declining public safety as their other top concern. While the governor praised a recent decrease in gun violence, the truth is that crime rates are still significantly higher now than they were before the reckless bail changes took effect. In New York City alone, index crimes are a staggering 33 percent higher now than in 2019. Proposals to combat retail theft, domestic violence and hate crimes are a step forward, but the leftists in the legislature will fight these proposals. Tough talk won’t be enough. She will need to muster the political will to fight and win these battles.

New York’s business community was overlooked in this address. Rather than investing precious resources trying to market our state as an A.I. hub, we should be taking steps to support and boost our longstanding employers in the manufacturing and agriculture sectors who have been hurt by careless mandates and heavy taxes. Small businesses are still struggling under the weight of the unemployment insurance debt that the state unfairly placed on them. These New York State born-and-bred businesses were ignored.

The most glaring omission was any plan for dealing with Democrats’ self-created migrant crisis, which is draining billions of taxpayer dollars and shows no signs of slowing down. Simply throwing more money at this problem isn’t an answer.

The mental health priorities the governor outlined are initiatives that I support. Expanding both inpatient and outpatient treatment are sorely needed changes. However, again, she will need to be willing to go to the mat with the legislature for key items in this agenda, particularly stronger inpatient treatment.

I look forward to receiving more details on these proposals in the Executive Budget. Governor Hochul was right when she said ‘We all want our state to succeed.’ However, to get there will take more than talk, it will take political courage.”

Hawley issues message that Hochul is 'in lockstep with radical majority'

By Press Release

A Statement from Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C-Batavia) on the State of the State Address.

Press Release:

“Gov. Hochul has once again shown she is in lockstep with the radical majority in Albany. As if giving criminals a free pass and taking control away from local governments wasn’t enough, this administration seems hellbent on chipping away at Western New York’s way of life by doing nothing to lower the cost of living and allowing migrants to flood into upstate communities. Time and time again we have been let down and left out by big-city politicians. It’s time for our leadership to step away from these radical policies and start working for everyday New Yorkers.”

LIVE: Gov. Kathy Hochul State of the State Speech Jan. 5, 2022

By Howard B. Owens
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Gov. Kathy Hochul State of the State Speech Jan. 5, 2022

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