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West Main Street

Portion of Main St. will be single lane starting May 8

By Press Release

Press Release:

All residents/businesses and local traffic please be aware that Route 5 between Bank Street and Redfield Parkway will experience traffic delays beginning on Monday May 8, while Verizon will be closing one of the two west bound lanes starting at Bank Street ending at Redfield Parkway. This will be about a two week duration.

When Verizon’s operation gets to Route 98, Route 98 northbound will be closed for one day.

Please contact the NYS Department of Transportation at (585)343-0502 if there are any questions.

Proposed second Dunkin' Donuts in city fails to get approval from county planners

By Howard B. Owens

County planners took a dim view of a new Dunkin' Donuts location on West Main Street, on a sliver of a lot between First Niagara Bank and Barrett's Batavia Marine.

After raising doubts about traffic flow, parking, parking for neighboring businesses, signage, building color and design, a motion to approve the project failed 3-5.

There was no follow-up motion to disapprove the project, which is a little more favorable to developer Kip Finley (pictured above). A disapproving vote would have required the City of Batavia Planning Board to approve the plans by a majority plus one. With no recommendation from the county, only a simple majority vote is required for approval.

Still, Finley wasn't happy as he left the meeting.

"Unfortunately, county planning talks about reusing property and building where there's development and not forcing development out into green areas, except they don't vote that way," Finally said. "Fairly disappointed."

Finley acknowledged there's a lot of traffic at the proposed location, but "that's where we put stores."

Planners were concerned that traffic would back up onto the street.

The City had already asked for a lot configuration so that as many as 20 cars could queue up in line, but Finley said that if a Dunkin Donuts store ever had as many as seven cars waiting in line, it would mean the store was a poorly run location.

He said store managers strive to keep traffic moving quickly because many customers won't even stop if they see a few cars already in line.

Planning staff expressed concern about signs in front of the building because of the potential visual impact on Redfield Parkway, which is designated "culturally significant" street by the Genesee-Finger Lakes Regional NYS DOT.

The problem for the proposed Dunkin' Donuts location, Finley said is that with the bank and its trees on the east side and Barrett's on the west side, signs on the sides of building won't have much visibility.

He also said the sign needs to be internally lit to have any meaningful impact on drawing in visitors who might be passing through and are unfamiliar with the area.

Photos: Bus breakdown on Main Street, Batavia

By Howard B. Owens

A tour bus returning from dropping off passengers at the Buffalo Airport broke down this morning on West Main Street at the intersection with Ellicott Street.

The call came in at 9:04 a.m. and the bus wasn't moved until after 11 a.m., causing a bit of a traffic jam for eastbound travelers.

The driver reportedly told Officer Eric Dibble that he was concerned the bus was experiencing mechanical difficulties, which is why he didn't drive on the Thruway back to Rochester.

No passengers were on the bus at the time of the breakdown.

Concerns raised in Batavia over loose manhole covers after early morning accident

By Howard B. Owens

One of a series of loose manhole covers on Route 5 through the city damaged a truck driving on West Main Street early this morning.

The driver, Lawrence Tassone, 80, of Batavia was uninjured, but the axel on his truck was broken. 

After the manhole cover hit the truck, the truck drove up a curb near Union Street and the manhole cover flew some distance, according to WBTA's Dan Fischer, who happened upon the accident scene just before 5:30 a.m.

Route 5/Main Street, is the jurisdiction of the state Department of Transportation, but the manhole cover is owned by Verizon.

Lori Maher, spokeswoman for the DOT out of Rochester, said the DOT received a complaint from city officials about loose manhole covers in Batavia and determined these particular manhole covers were owned by Verizon, so Verizon was notifed.

This afternoon, after the manhole cover at Union Street came off again, the DOT sent a traffic safety truck to steer traffic around the loose cover and a crew was on its way to place a steel plate over the cover.

It will be up to Verizon to provide a long-term fix to the problem.

A spokesman for Verizon said a statement about the situation will be forthcoming, but The Batavian has not received it yet.

John Bonomo from Verizon released this statement: "We are aware of the situation and are working with a contractor to remedy the situation."

Maher said that as far as liability for damage to Tassone's truck, that matter has been turned over to an insurance company.

City officials say they contacted the DOT about the situation in January and that the problem isn't just with the manhole cover at Union Street, but that the problem extends with Verizon-owned manhole covers from Vine Street to Union.

The video above shows the wobbly manhole cover at Union.


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