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Police Beat: Suspected drug dealer allegedly caught with 22 bags of crack

By Howard B. Owens

Willie J. Woods Jr., 36, of Casper Street, Rochester, is charged with one count of criminal possession of a controlled substance, 3rd, one count of criminal possession of a controlled substance, 7th, and aggravated unlicensed operation of a vehicle. Woods was stopped at the entrance to the New York State Thruway by members of the Local Drug Enforcement Task Force and uniformed deputies. Woods was nabbed after a month-long investigation into the trafficking of crack cocaine in Batavia. Woods was allegedly found in possession of 22 bags of crack and a quantity of suboxon as well as $2,000 in cash. Woods was jailed without bail.

Jerry T. Saddler, 34, of 112 State St., Batavia, is charged with disorderly conduct and harassment, 2nd. Saddler was reportedly involved in an altercation in a front yard on State Street on Wednesday. Saddler reportedly aggressively approached neighbors and used profane language, leading to a disorderly conduct charge. On Wednesday, the woman he reportedly hit in the face declined to press charges. She changed her mind on Thursday and Saddler was charged with harassment, 2nd.

Ra Aaron, 39, of 111 Liberty St., Apt. C, Batavia, is charged with harassment, 2nd, disorderly conduct, attempted assault, 3rd. Aaron reportedly aggressively approached a person on Lewis Place and grabbed her by her wrists. When police responded, Aaron was located a short distance away. When approached by Officer Thad Mart, Aaron allegedly threatened the officer and then attempted to punch him. Aaron was jailed on $1,000 bail.

Martin L. Flickner, 48, of 4503 York Road, Leicaster, is charged with grand larceny, 3rd, and falsifying business records, 1st. Flickner was taken into custody on an arrest warrant upon his release from the Livingston County Jail. He is accused of falsifying the business records of his employer and stealing more than $3,000 between July 2008 and January 2009.

Batavia men accused of trying to shoplift more than $1K in items in Henrietta

By Howard B. Owens

One Batavia man was arrested and a warrant issued for another last week by Monroe County Sheriff's deputies for an alleged scheme to shoplift a basketful of items from the Home Depot in Henrietta.

Chad M. Johnston, 24, of Batavia, was taken into custody Aug. 5 and a warrant was issued for Mark W. McWerthy, 43, also of Batavia.

The duo is accused of filling up two shopping carts full of identical merchandise, running one through a check-out stand while leaving one unattended, then returning for the second cart and trying to exit the store using the first receipt as a proof of purchase.

The cart reportedly contained more than $1,000 in merchandise.

Johnston, already on parole, was jailed without bail. McWerthy reportedly fled the scene before deputies arrived.

Both are being charged with grand larceny, 4th.

In February, Johnston admitted in Genesee County Court to a burglary on Fairway Drive, where he attempted to steal more than $1,000 in household items, including a washer and lawn mower. Johnston was reportedly on parole at the time.

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By Howard B. Owens

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Oakfield deals with another young death after motorcycle accident

By Timothy Walton

It's another sad day in Oakfield. Twenty-one-year-old Justin M. Dickes was killed in a motorcycle accident as he left the funeral for Joshua Durham, who was one of three killed this past weekend in a car accident. Durham was killed along with friend Matthew Ware, 22, of Oakfield and his girlfriend Allyson Galens, 20, of Stanley.

It is believed that Dickes was trying to pass a van, that was turning into a driveway, when he hit the side of it and was ejected from the motorcycle. The accident was witnessed by Dickes' brother and other friends that were also leaving the funeral.

Dickes was taken to UMMC where he was then pronounced dead. When the accident originally occured, Mercy Flight was dispatched to the accident but was not used.

The van, owned by Ben's Appliance, was driven by 47-year-old Edward Shultz of Elba. He was not injured in the accident.

Above photo from Dickes' Facebook page.

Incarcerated Batavia man indicted on 10 counts of rape

By WBTA News

The Genesee County District Attorney's Office has indicted a man locked up in Elmira Correctional Facility for sex crimes he allegedly committed in the City of Batavia back in 2008.

Phillip E. Kroft Jr., 22, is a former city resident. District Attorney Lawrence Friedman alleges that between Sept. 29 and Nov. 10 of 2008, Kroft raped a young victim under the age of 15 on 10 separate occassions. That's just a 43-day period.

The D.A.'s office confirms that the victim was the same each time.

Kroft is now charged with 10 counts of 2nd-Degree Rape. He is currently incarcerated in Elmira on previous convictions in Genesee County. According to the D.A.'s Office, those convictions were for 2nd-Degree Rape, 1st-Degree Sexual Abuse, 3rd-Degree Criminal Possession of a Weapon, and 4th-Degree Conspiracy.

Double murder suspect from Oakfield reportedly confesses to cellmate

By Howard B. Owens

A former Oakfield resident who is a person of interest in a local unsolved murder reportedly told a cellmate in a Pennsylvania jail that he killed a couple there for money.

Stephen Patrict Rebert, 45, will stand trial for the double homicide of Victoria and James Shugar, both 61, of Jefferson County, following a preliminary hearing in which District Judge David Inzana said the prosecution presented sufficient evidence to try Rebert.

District Attorney Jeffrey Burkett presented a signed statement at the end of the hearing from Rebert's cellmate saying Rebert was motivated by his desire to steal rare coins and currancy, according to the Punxsutawney Spirit.

Rebert was arrested in Genesee County on June 3 and turned over to Pennsylvannia law enforcement. Investigators there say they found evidence on Rebert's computer tying him to the 2005 murder of Bill Fickel in Oakfield as well as the unsolved murder of Kevin Smith in Orleans County.

Photo courtesy of the Punxsutawney Spirit.

Car-motorcycle accident in Alabama

By WBTA News

There has been a car-motorcycle accident in the area of 2687 Judge Road in Alabama.

A Mercy EMS ambulance is responding while a Mercy Flight is in the air and on its way.

UPDATE (12:25): The patient is not being Mercy Flighted, but is on the way to UMMC.

Grand Jury Report: Man accused of raping girl in Batavia

By Howard B. Owens

Philip E. Kroft Jr., is indicted on ten counts of rape, 2nd. Kroft is accused of being 18 years of age or older and engaging in sexual intercourse with a person 15-years-old or younger. The alleged encounters occurred between Sept. 29 and Nov. 10, 2008, in the City of Batavia.

Kenneth R. MacGregor is indicted on three counts of criminal possession of a forged instrument, 2nd, and one count of aggravated unlicensed operation of a vehicle. MacGregor is accused of writing a forged check on June 4 in the Village of Corfu for $482.12, and on June 7 for $477.18 and on June 7 for $892.43. He is also accused of driving a car with his privileges suspended on June 7 in the IGA parking lot, Village of Corfu.

Javonie E. McKinney is indicted on one count of DWI and one count of aggravated unlicensed operation of a vehicle. McKinney is accused of operating a 2009 Kia on Bank Street, Batavia, on April 17 while intoxicated.

Police Beat: Duo allegedly caught with stolen vehicle

By Howard B. Owens

Tara Marie Gardner, 31, of West 3rd Street, Oswego, is charged with criminal possession of a stolen vehicle. Gardner was taken into custody at 7:51 a.m., Wednesday, on Route 98 near the Thruway entrance. The vehicle she was in was reported stolen earlier in Fulton. She was jailed on $100,000 bail.

John Patrick Smith, 39, of Somers Drive, Fulton, is charged with criminal possession of a stolen vehicle, DWI, and breath test refusal. Smith was taken into custody at 8:16 a.m. on Route 98, Batavia, following a complaint about use of a stolen credit card. The vehicle he was operating was reportedly stolen in Fulton. Smith was jailed without bail.

Jolene J. Goodell, 30,  of 13 Gilbert St., Le Roy is charged forgery, 2nd. Goodell is accused of altering a doctor's prescription in order to receive more of a narcotic medication. Goodell allegedly tried to pass the prescription in September at a local pharmacy, but a pharmacist detected the alteration.

Kathleen A. Wenzel, 62, of 8481 North St. Road, Le Roy, is charged with DWI, aggravated DWI with a BAC of .18 or greater and consumption of alcohol in a motor vehicle. Wenzel was taken into custody Wednesday on Lake Street by Det. John Condidorio after a witness reported seeing Wenzel seemingly having a hard time getting in and out of her car.

Paladino endorsed on steps of Old County Courthouse

By WBTA News

(by Dan Fischer)
Many Genesee County Republicans are throwing their support behind Carl Paladino for Governor.

Genesee County GOP Chair Richard Seibert, surrounded by a host of GOP loyalists, announced his endorsement of Paladino today.

Speaking on the steps of the Old County Courthouse, Paladino recognized agriculture as Genesee County’s number one industry. He says, as governor, he would support local farmers.

"If the farms are going to expand," he declared, "and they illustrate to us that they will reinvest their taxable profits back into the business, we're going to give them a tax holiday. We're going to share that cost with them, and it's going to be done equitably and fairly."

Paladino says if elected, he plans to halt the Mosque project at Ground Zero.

"I'm saying that as of January 1, I don't care what (stage of development) the project is in, I will stop it. And I will use what ever legal means I have available to me to stop it. It's an affront to the American people, it's an affront to the families that were lost at Ground Zero."

Paladino has petitioned his way into the Republican primary against former Congressman Rick Lazio.

Adultery charge against Suzanne Corona dropped

By WBTA News

As one reporter phrased it: "She wants to plead guilty, but doesn't want to admit to the crime."

Suzanne Corona did plea guilty to Public Lewdness in Batavia City Court today, and did have the charge of Adultery dropped. But it took an awful lot of work to get to that point.

Corona entered the Genesee County Courts facility early this afternoon, dressed in a pastel green suit and stiletto-heeled sandals. When Judge Michael Del Plato called her name just before 2 o'clock, she walked up to the stand beside her lawyer, Brian Degnan.

(Recorders are not allowed in City Court; quotes hereforth from inside the courtroom are written from recollection and extensive written notes.)

Judge Del Plato asked what the status of the case was. Degnan announced that he'd acquired everything he needed from the prosecution -- and that Suzanne Corona was prepared to enter a plea. Prosecutor Robert Zickl agreed, noting the prosecution's proposal for Corona to plea guilty to Public Lewdness and be sentenced "on a no-jail basis."

Judge Del Plato then asked Corona if she was indeed prepared to enter a plea. "Yes," she said, "and I am doing so with the understanding that the adultery charge will be dropped."

Then came the plea...sort of.

Del Plato asked: "Do you admit that on June 4th, 2010, at approximately 5:15 p.m. in Farrall Park, that you did expose your private or intimate parts in a public place?"

"No, I did not," Corona replied.

Judge Del Plato seemed dumbfounded at this point. Looking from Zickl to Degnan with a slight smile, he wondered aloud: "I thought we had a disposition?"

Zickl said, "Your Honor, Ms. Corona has said that her intimate parts were not exposed in the public view. The prosecution is willing for her to admit to 'having sexual contact with another person,' which could easily be viewed by another as sexual intercourse."

After Degnan whispered something in Corona's ear, Del Plato tried again.

"Do you admit...that you did commit a lewd act with another person?"

"Yes," Corona replied. Del Plato continued, "And do you admit...that you did have sexual contact with another person?"

Corona replied, "No, Your Honor. I was engaged in an inappropriate act."

At this point, all four began talking to and talking over one another. At one point, Corona was heard to say, "I just want to say that I did not expose..."

But Del Plato had heard enough. He ordered Degnan and Corona out of the courtroom to speak with each other.

Three to four minutes later, they returned and sat together in the gallery as Del Plato heard several more cases. Returning to the stand, Degnan attempted to call Corona up beside him. Del Plato wasn't having it.

"No -- no. Mr. Degnan and Mr. Zickl, I want to speak with you first."

After a quick conference, proceedings resumed. Del Plato again asked Corona if she admitted to committing a lewd act with another person in Farrall Park.

"Yes," she replied.

"Great," Del Plato muttered, looking down.

Corona had apparently also asked Degnan to remind the courtroom that she'd remained clothed throughout the entire encounter at Farrall Park -- which he did.

Del Plato instructed Corona to return to City Court at 1 p.m. on Oct. 20 for sentencing, and with that -- save for the sentence -- Corona's legal matter was over. Outside the Genesee County Courthouse, Corona said she was happy to have the adultery charge dropped.

"I believe it's a private matter between husband and wife," she said. "And the government steps in your life in so many different areas...and everyone has a different type of marriage."

But Corona has not ruled out her prior intention: challenging the constitutionality of New York State's charge of Adultery.

"That's something we will discuss, and it's probably going to come up."

Degnan seems less enthusiastic.

"Sure, there's a challenge possible, but we were just concerned about having the adultery charge dismissed. We haven't even started preparing for that matter at this point, and we'll cross that bridge when the time comes."

When asked if she was happy to put it all behind her, it took Corona only one, sighed word to communicate it all: "Yes."

UPDATE: Just spoke to Prosecutor Robert Zickl as he walked past WBTA Studios. He confirmed that Justin Amend was offered a similar plea deal, and accepted it, contrary to what a City Court clerk told WBTA on Tuesday.

Photo: Suzanne Corona and Brian Degnan speak to reporters outside Genesee County Court.

Police Beat: Man charged following argument with his brother

By Howard B. Owens

Thomas Ralph Stevens, 46, of Cook Road, Bergen, is charged with harassment, 2nd. Stevens is accused of arguing with his brother and jamming a finger into his brother's face, knocking off his glasses.

Dominic Joseph Cordello, 25, of Crossbow Drive, Penfield, is charged with a felony count of DWI, driving with a BAC of .08 or greater, moving from lane unsafely, and failure to keep right. Cordello was stopped at 12:24 a.m., today, on Alexander Road, Alexander, by Deputy James Diehl.

Paladino to receive endorsement of county GOP chairman

By WBTA News

Candidate for governor Carl Paladino will be appearing in Batavia at 1 p.m. to receive the personal endorsement of Genesee County Republican Party Committee Chairman Richard Siebert.

County GOP Vice Chairman Don Read and County Treasurer Scott German will also be on hand to give their personal endorsements to Paladino.

A Buffalo businessman, Paladino is running in the Republican Party primary and is also attempting to found his own political party in New York, to be called the Taxpayers Party.

Three arrests and 29 citations at John Mayer concert

By Howard B. Owens

The following arrests were made by the Genesee County Sheriff's Office in conjunction with the John Mayer concert at Darien Lake Performing Arts Center.

Ryan E. Hart, 20, of Cynthia Drive, Orchard Park, is charged with trespass and unlawful possession of marijuana. Hart is accused of returning to the concert venue after being ejected.

Leonard G. Booher, 59, of Carney Hollow Road, Wayland, is charged with harassment, 2nd. Booher allegedly pushed an usher to the ground.

A 17-year-old of Ross Common Crescent, Fairport, is charged with trespass and possession of alcohol by a minor. The youth allegedly tried to re-enter the concert venue after being ejected.

The following people received citations for alleged consumption of alcohol under age 21.

Michael J. Wright, 18, of Washington Highway, Amherst
Michele P. Reilly, 18, of Treeview Court, Cicero
Emilee K. Dixon, 19, of Buffalo Street, Jamestown
Nicole E. Frederickson, 20, of Sandford Road, Jamestown
Brittany N. Theophilus, 20, of Crestwood Circle, Pittsford
Jennifer A. Castiglione, 19, of Rush-Hen. Townline Road, Rush
A 17-year-old, of New Road, Amherst
A 16-year-old, of Squire Court, Getzville
Joseph J. Schenkel, 18, of Teakwood Terrace, Williamsville
A 17-year-old, of Oakwood Avenue, Hamburg
Michael J. Kolanski, 18, of California Road, Orchard
A 17-year-old, of Pinebrook Avenue, Williamsville
Gabrielle A. Rinaldi, 19, of Catatunk Road, Canisteo
Katelyn J. Fragnoli, 18, of Shady Beach Lane, Seneca Falls
A 16-year-old, of Fleetwood Terrace, Williamsville
A 16-year-old, of Robin Road, Amherst
Rebecca L. Switzer, 19, of Middle Black Brook Road, Seneca Falls
Alexandra A. Ferrino, 18, of S. Grove Street, East Aurora
Sean P. Sullivan, 18, of Emerald Hill Circle, Fairport
A 17-year-old, of Culpepper Road, Williamsville
A 17-year-old, of Glen Oak Drive, East Amherst
A 17-year-old, of Chapel Woods, Williamsville
Maxwell G. Greene, 18, of Sunset Boulevard, Pittsford
Emily K. Check, 18 of Sandpiper Lane, Pittsford
A 17-year-old, of Beatrix Circle, Lancaster
Brittany J. Hamsaik, 18, of Klein Road, Williamsville
Zachary F. Ostroff, 18, of Thomas Fox East Drive, North Tonawanda
A 16-year-old, of Woodward Avenue, Kenmore
Jonathan C. Palmeri, 18, of Countrygate Lane, Tonawanda
Justin P. Lee, 18, of Templeton Trail, Orchard Park

Fight breaks out at Darien Lake

By WBTA News

A large fight has kept scanner traffic busy in Genesee County for at least a half-hour.

Genesee County Dispatch confirms the fight was at Darien Lake and is now dispersed. At least three young males have been detained, one of them a 17-year-old, the other two 18-year-olds.

The fight was reported as moving around the area at Darien Lake and was centered around some cars for a time being. A large concentration of people will have descended on Darien Lake this evening as there is a John Mayer concert scheduled for 8 o'clock.

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