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Poll: Will we get hit with a big snow storm tonight

By Philip Anselmo

Meteorologists are holding true to their winter storm watch, still expecting the massive system now sweeping up from Ohio to hit hard tonight—check out our post from this morning. Although, initial predictions of up to a foot of snow for the region have already been eased. We're know expecting between five and eight inches of snowfall. Still, looking at this thing, there seems a chance that it could just sail right by us, never lifting north enough to cause any damage.

Last year, if I remember correctly, there were about a half dozen "major" snow storms that were predicted that never came to pass. Are we looking at another flop, or should be all be picking up our shovels?

Will we get hit with a big snow storm tonight?
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Mark Wiatrowski

I've had a long standing theory about these weather predictions. I'm thinking that the weathermen are paid off by grocery chains and gas stations to help boost their profits during the winter months. Have ever noticed during one of these warning/watches that to can't find a parking spot at the grocery store??

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