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Batavia residents keep up with another day of heavy snowfall

By Alecia Kaus

Redfield Parkway about 11:30 this morning. The winter storm warning is in effect until 10 p.m. Another 3-6 inches of new snow is possible tonight.

Washington Avenue bus stop. At 3 p.m. heavy snow made driving a little difficult.

Redfield Parkway resident Bob Johnson uses the snowblower to keep up with the heavy snowfall.

Guillermo Leon did not seem to mind shoveling his sidewalk on Richmond Avenue.

He says he likes winter.

Karen Baker clears off her car after picking up her two sons Michael and Justin from school.

City Plow making the rounds.

Walking around the city during the storm

By Brian Hillabush

After getting caught in the snow four times during our last blizzard, I figured driving was not an option. Who in their right mind is going to drive around in this?

Apparently a lot of people are doing just that as Main St. had its usual mid-day traffic and was cleaned up for the most part.

Well I decided to get all bundled up and go for a walk. Dumb idea.

I took a trip around my part of the city, walking around two different blocks, and it was brutal. The weather is 32-degrees right now, so it wasn't the cold that was the problem. It was the snow coming down in such a burdensome manner. 

I'm guessing that if you get outside of the city and are driving on Rt. 63 or 19, you are in for a lot of whiteout conditions as there is a slight wind in the city, which means when you get out you are in trouble.

This isn't that light snow that is nice to see once in a while. This is the big flake, heavy, pain in the butt type of snow.  I am so happy that my neighbor has a big snow plow and is a good guy or I would be in trouble today. I still can't lift heavy stuff after the carpal tunnel surgeries over the summer and I have a feeling that it would kill me to have to clear that stuff out on my own.

So I noticed a few things on my walk. First is that moving during the winter sucks. I found a guy moving in on Montclair Ave. and let's just say these aren't the ideal conditions. 

In fact, he tried to move the moving truck so that the plow could get down the street, and the battery had died. He found somebody and was getting a jump as I decided to head towards Main St.

I understand the sidewalks on the side streets being bad because people are at work. I just walked down the road. But I watched the mail carrier walking through big piles of snow and struggling just to get to people's mail boxes.

And then I got to Main St. and the sidewalks were just as bad.

I made a left and walked towards Burger King and Arby's - which were both pretty slow for a mid-afternoon on a work day - and the sidewalks were clear in some places and not even touched in others. I thought the city owned some big machine that is supposed to drive around and clear of sidewalks?

How about getting that thing out on Main St.

I could hear the speaker at Ken Barrett's  calling for service, but none of the cars were cleared off and nobody was shopping for a car. I get it. There is no way to get a feel for a vehicle when you can't drive faster than like 15 miles per hour.

I really was surprised at the amount of people out there driving because it is nasty out and probably will be for the rest of the afternoon. 

I saw a few people out shoveling and plowing driveways, but most of those that work during the day looked like they went in because driveways were packed all over the place.

As I was walking down Oak St., I saw a guy riding a bicycle down the road. He wasn't moving very fast and I can't imagine it was a pleasurable trip. I've never understood those that ride bikes when the weather is like this.

Finally I got home. What would usually be a 45 minute trip around a couple blocks took nearly and hour and half, but I did stop and talk to a few folks out there clearing their driveways and walking places.

The most common complaint I heard was the lack of cleared out sidewalks. If anybody knows about how the city handles sidewalks, I'd love to hear it.

I finally got home and was able to sit down at my computer, after a change of clothing because I looked like a snowman.

Winter storm warning remains in effect until 11 o'clock tonight

By Philip Anselmo

Snowfall has gained some force over the past hour here in downtown Batavia. The flakes are bigger, there are more of them and they're falling faster.

A winter storm warning issued by the National Weather Service out of Buffalo will remain in effect until about 11 o'clock tonight, although this should be the worst of it.

Moderate to heavy snow will bring difficult travel to western New York through this evening. Steady snow will continue today into early this evening before tapering off later this evening.

Snowfall rates may reach around 1 inch per hour during bursts of heavier snowfall today. Storm total accumulations are expected to reach 8 to 10 inches by late this evening.

Here's a look at conditions on Main Street in Batavia, outside our office. This video was taken shortly before 11 o'clock this morning.

Snowfall should turn heavy later this morning, another six inches likely

By Philip Anselmo

We're in the midst of it, now. It looks like we've so far collected maybe a couple inches of snow overnight, but this storms system has us blanketed like a croissant around a cocktail weiner.

Most meteorologists tell us that the worst is yet to come. Expect the snow to turn heavy later this morning, after 9 o'clock, and remain so right up through the afternoon. We do not yet have word of any school closures in the area.

Right now... it doesn't look too bad. It doesn't look fun, but not like anything we haven't tackled before. Here's how things stand on the Thruway at the Batavia exit. Please take it slow out there.

Storm watch upgraded to warning: Heavy snow overnight, into morning

By Philip Anselmo

Most of the folks who have taken our poll so far today are in agreement that "maybe" we will get a couple inches of snow overnight tonight. In fact, it's an overwhelming 76 percent of poll-takers who feel that way right now. That "maybe" attitude may change a little bit, however. The National Weather Service has upgraded their winter storm watch to a warning, and it sounds like we could get "slammed" over the next 24 hours.

The warning goes into effect tonight at 11:00pm, through to 11:00pm Wednesday night, although it sounds like overnight and tomorrow morning will be the worst of it. So plan for a tricky commute. Here are the details:

Moderate to heavy snow will bring difficult travel to the western New York tonight through Wednesday evening. Snow is expected to overspread the region by around or shortly after midnight, with periods of snow continuing through Wednesday evening. The snow may be heavy at times, especially late tonight and Wednesday morning.

Storm total accumulations are expected to reach 8 to 10 inches by late Wednesday evening.

Poll: Will we get hit with a big snow storm tonight

By Philip Anselmo

Meteorologists are holding true to their winter storm watch, still expecting the massive system now sweeping up from Ohio to hit hard tonight—check out our post from this morning. Although, initial predictions of up to a foot of snow for the region have already been eased. We're know expecting between five and eight inches of snowfall. Still, looking at this thing, there seems a chance that it could just sail right by us, never lifting north enough to cause any damage.

Last year, if I remember correctly, there were about a half dozen "major" snow storms that were predicted that never came to pass. Are we looking at another flop, or should be all be picking up our shovels?

Will we get hit with a big snow storm tonight?
( polls)

Storm watch says significant snowfall still likely tonight into tomorrow

By Philip Anselmo

A winter storm watch first issued yesterday evening is still in effect for tonight and tomorrow. Initial predictions were between 6 to 12 inches of snowfall.

From the National Weather Service out of Buffalo:

A storm system tracking northeast from the southern plains could bring a significant general snowfall to the area tonight and Wednesday. Some uncertainty still exists on the exact path the storm system will take, and therefore the amount of snowfall which may occur. Probabilities remain high enough that significant snowfall may occur to maintain the winter storm watch.

Again, here's a look at this storm right now. As you can easily see: it's enormous, stretching from Dallas to Philadelphia. It looks as if the real threat is the mass of snow currently creeping up through Ohio. Maybe we'll get lucky, and it will drift on by south of us.

Winter storm watch in effect for tomorrow night through Wednesday

By Philip Anselmo

A storm system creeping over the midwest could hit our region Tuesday night and bring up to a foot of snow. The National Weather Service out of Buffalo has issued a winter storm watch, in effect beginning tomorrow night.

A storm system tracking northeast from from Texas has the potential of producing a widespread 6 to 12 inches of snow across the area Tuesday night and Wednesday. The heaviest amounts are likely to be across the Southern Tier counties. It is still too early to be certain of these amounts. Remember, this is just a watch at this time. Warnings or advisories will be issued when we are more certain.

A watch is essentially the first alarm in the storm prediction business, so don't go warming up the generator yet.

Here's what we may have to look forward to—now looming ominously in the form of a wintry mix over Oklahoma and into Missouri.

Cold, snow and wind will make for a tricky afternoon commute

By Philip Anselmo

We're looking at a severe winter weather advisory for the region from 9 o'clock this morning through 6:00pm this afternoon, issued by the National Weather Service out of Buffalo. Don't expect things to get more friendly after that. We're already hearing talk of record low temperatures possibly down to minus ten degrees by Thursday. For now, here's what to expect:

A strong cold front will cross western New York early this afternoon and bring 1 to 3 inches of snow to the area. Strong southerly winds ahead of the front will shift to west with the frontal passage and gust up to 35 mph. This will result in considerable blowing and drfiting snow. Expect very hazardous conditions for travel for a few hours during the afternoon.

Please be careful driving out there. Wind, plus snow, plus cold usually make for the worst driving conditions. I can speak from experience that Route 33 between Batavia and Bergen is often treacherous when the gusts start kicking the snow across the road.

Everything looks clear right now on the Thruway.

Storm was not that bad

By Brian Hillabush

 We were supposed to get slammed with some big-time snow last night. I woke up this morning with the ambition to go out and photograph some carnage.

It was actually pretty nice.

As you can see, most streets and driveways are clear and the only real damage I found was a power wire down.

Nasty weather on the way

By Brian Hillabush

Yet another good reason to stay in and watch the NFL playoffs - the weather is going to get pretty bad.

Things should get pretty nasty later this evening and through the night, according to

The snow is expected to start at around 3:45 p.m. and will get serious by 7 p.m. and will continue all through the night. 

Here is a copy of the Winter Weather Advisory issued by the National Weather Service this morning.






Just waiting from freezing rain

By Steve Ognibene

This morning I was awakened by the phone and a delay by the school district because of the weather.  We are waiting for the salt trucks to make the roads safe for children to get to school.  The freezing rain that had started last night continues to fall and just makes a mess of the streets in Batavia.  I took a clip of the roads by my house and just listen to the crackling sounds:

This weather makes it very difficult to get around to school, work or really any outdoor activity.  I would rather have snow than this freezing rain any day.  How do you feel about the weather we have had in the last couple weeks?  What are others thoughts on this subject?



Weather advisory extended into Thursday morning

By Philip Anselmo

Many area schools are already delayed this morning to help give highway crews time to get the roads salted. Ice is the main problem right now. Wind will become the hazard this evening. As for the best news of all: expect more of it, throughout the day today.

A winter weather advisory issued yesterday by the National Weather Service that was supposed to run through 5:00pm today has been extended through the evening until 5:00am Thursday. From the advisory:

Freezing rain will produce very slipper conditions across the area this morning. A changeover to all snow and increasing westerly winds will make driving hazardous tonight.

Freezing rain will change to occasional rain and drizzle this morning. Additional ice accumulation of less than one tenth of an inch expected. Expect periods of snow tonight with 1 to 3 inches possible by Thursday morning. Accumulations of 2 to 5 inches are likely well south of Buffalo and Batavia. The snow will also be accompanied by westerly winds gusting up to 35 mphs at times.

Here's a look at conditions out on the Thruway at the Batavia interchange:

News roundup: Yuck weather!

By Philip Anselmo

It was a wretched commute into Batavia from Rochester this morning. Roads were packed and ragged with snow. It's slow going out there, so be careful.

Fortunately, the winter storm warning is set to expire by noon today, according to WBTA's Dan Fischer. Until then, however, expect another few inches of snow to fall, and watch out for whiteout conditions as the winds should be kicking up around 30 mph.

Wind and melting snow cause plenty of damage in Batavia

By Brian Hillabush

 I went around town for a while seeing what damage has been done. Some streets were closed down, trees obviously knocked over and very high flood waters ... some people don't even have back yards right now. There also a lot of homes in parts of town without power.

Rumors that an elderly woman was found in a snow bank in Oakfield unfounded

By Philip Anselmo

Earlier today, we received a news tip that an elderly woman in Oakfield had been "found in the snow" and subsequently taken to the hospital for treatment. Apparently a news station in Buffalo reported the incident without releasing the name of the woman nor relating what exactly had happened... Odd.

Well, we contacted the Genesee County sheriff's deputies to find out what really happened. Chief Deputy Gordon Dibble got back to us. He had this to say:

"I found nothing regarding an elderly woman found in a snow bank in our county yesterday.  What I did find was a rumor floating around about an elderly woman who was found in a snow bank in some other county and supposedly she was a Genesee Co. resident.  I am unable to backtrack that rumor but your caller may have heard a news report regarding this and picked up on the Genesee Co. part thinking it occurred in our county."

There you go. Just another rumor that made the nightly news.

Storm photo: Stuck in a ditch

By Philip Anselmo

We received this photo via a news submission this morning. No name was given, but the following caption was included: "Parts delivery @ Empire Tractor," and the photo was taken during Friday's big storm. Does anyone know the story behind this? How did this truck get in this situation?

Snow, sleet, ice and rain on its way overnight, into Christmas Eve morning

By Philip Anselmo

The National Weather Service in Buffalo has issued a winter weather advisory beginning at 10 o'clock tonight and stretching overnight to about 9 o'clock Wednesday morning. We should expect to see "mixed precipitation" that should start out as freezing rain but soon turn to rain only.

From the National Weather Service:

Light snow will overspread the region tonight, then change over to a mix of freezing rain and sleet for a few hours overnight before transitioning to all rain by mid Wednesday morning. A general 1 to 3 inches of snow is expected, along with the potential for up to one to two tenths of an inch of ice accumulation, with the greatest amounts of ice accumulation most likely across interior sections of the Finger Lakes, Genesee Valley and Western Southern Tier. Any such ice accumulation will result in hazardous driving conditions on any untreated roadways later tonight and early Wednesday.

A winger weather advisory for mixed precipitation is issued when some icing is forecast to develop, but accumulations are expected to be light. Any accumulation would make driving and walking difficult but not impossible on untreated roads and sidewalks. If you will be driving be especially careful on bridges and overpasses and allow extra time to reach your destination.

Here's a look at the current Thruway conditions... clear:

Travel advisory lifted for Genesee County

By Philip Anselmo

The Genesee County Sheriff's Office lifted the travel advisory for the county at 2 o'clock this afternoon. "There is still blowig and drifting snow, however all roads are passable and visibility has improved," according to a released statement. "Roads are snow packed and slippery and extreme caution is advised when driving."

If you have gone out today, how have you found the roads?

Sunshine, snowy roads and whiteouts

By Philip Anselmo

Blowing snow made for a tricky commute this morning. What was normally a forty minute drive became a near two-hour trek. Some stretches along Route 33 between here and Bergen were blotted out by blowing snow. A few whiteouts were so severe that once I had come out the other side, I found myself half off the road or veering dangerously near the oncoming lane.






All in all, though, it was an uneventful ride. Sunshine has replaced snow clouds. Fewer people are on the roads during the eleven o'clock hour. Plus, the highway crews have done one heck of a job getting the roads clear—as best they can while competing against a relentless, unceasing wind. Route 33 was the worst of it. This video should give you an idea of how bad it could get out there. This was a few hundred yards from the junction with I-490. Further down the stretch, the blowing snow was much more dense and blinding, but the sound of the wind more than the picture should give you a good idea of its ferocity. (You may just be able to make out Ingrid Haebler playing Mozart's piano sonata in E-flat major in the background.)

Anyhow, it couldn't have been that bad out. Not if the woman driving the blue-grey Buick ahead of me on I-490 felt no qualms about tailgaiting the car in front of her. She even found time to clean her car some while she was driving. At least, that's what seemed to be the case as she randomly through bits of paper and trash out of her window as she was driving.

If we can rewind a bit, back in Rochester, I ought to admit that I was slightly intimidated at first. Pulling out of the side street was a feat in itself, grinding through the hash of snow and slush. Then, at the gas station, the attendant had to come out and de-ice one of the nozzles for a customer whose gas had frozen inside the pump handle! Further on, a few miles down I-490, near Gates, a vehicle had flipped up onto its side and was quite literally balanced that way on the edge of the westbound lanes. A coterie of police and emergency vehicles were lined up behind it, but I was too busy navigating through the wraith-like whips of snow to snap a photo. From there on out, the drive was mostly go slow and pray.

So I'm safe, as I hope all of you are, as well. For those who have yet to brave the elements, don't be too lulled by the azure, sunny skies. A fierce wind still blows.

Oh yeah. Let's all wish this guy luck digging out...

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