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Youth Football could have a home at John Kennedy

By Philip Anselmo

Batavia Youth Football has been offered the field at John Kennedy Elementary School for at least the 2008 season. In a memo to City Manager Jason Molino, Superintendent Margaret Puzio writes:

We welcome the opportunity to work with the City of Batavia in support of Batavia Youth Football. We hope that the field at John Kennedy Elementary meets the needs of the organization and the city.

Puzio then lists the associated costs and "stipulations" the school district would require "if the field at John Kennedy were chosen as the venue for Batavia Youth Football." They include:

  • Labor charges for painting the field — $35 per hour and $30 per field marking.
  • Facility costs of $105 per game.
  • Bleachers (must be provided by the city).
  • Concessions requirements: Health permit and trash containers.

The city still has yet to accept the offer.

The Batavian left a message with Puzio this afternoon. She was in a meeting at the time, and we were told that she may not be able to return the message until tomorrow morning. We also left messages for Molino and Youth Football representative Ben Bonarigo, neither of whom were available for comment.

Anthony Beckman

I hope this matter is resolved to everyone's benefit in the short term. Using one of the school fields seems like a good plan. Though I'm sure there are drawbacks - as there will be for any scenario - working with a not-for-profit such as the school district may be less tricky.

Thank you all for your efforts on behalf of Batavia's youth.

Jul 18, 2008, 8:42am Permalink
Patrick D. Burk

It should be noted that the agreement that the City and Youth Football has to consider only asks for costs associated with using the facility. It is actual costs that include the opening and closing of facilities as well as some custodial. Field marking is at cost as well. The $10 per day is for a 7 to 8 hour day of games and using the stone house as a refreshment area. Only actual costs were passed on to the city and/or Youth Football.

The City of Batavia School District welcomes working with youth programs and considers Youth Football a wonderful community asset.

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