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Walking the Dog

By Chelsea O'Brien

I just got back from walking Daisy, our new dog. We got her about a week ago from the Batavia Animal Shelter (who were fantastic, by the way). Anyway, our walk took us down Ellicott to Liberty to Main St down to Chambers, then we turned around.

We're working on walking Daisy, and socializing her, so I figured a 2pm walk would mean that we would run into a bunch of different people in different circumstances. And, we did meet some people, but not more than 10. Daisy barks at most men, wagging her tail and sniffing the whole time, but I think she's just intimidated by them, so I'd like her to be socialized with both people and dogs. Are there places and times in Batavia that would provide a nice environment for Daisy to get to know people?

Karen Miconi

A doggie park would be nice in Batavia. I know alot of people with pets, that would utilize it. When we were in Ft. Myers. there was a doggie beach. You should have seen all the dogs, big and small. The toughest dog at the beach, was a Jack Russell Terrier( terrrorist). LOL He was halarious aproaching Rotts, Pits, Dobies, and Shepards. It would be a nice addition to the community.

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Chelsea O'Brien

If we submit Daisy, the cats would be even more upset. However, I have contemplated submitting Penguin, the alpha cat, not sure how the other cats would feel about it :)

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Laura Scarborough

There is a dog obedience offered by BOCES in the evening taught by a Animal Behaviorist. It cost a little bit, about $60.... but it goes for about 6 weeks. It will help you bond with your new family member. The Boxer Rescue that I belong to mandates this training to help you bond and be successful in the adoption. I took both boxers a different times... I called it Mommy & Me night out.

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Howard B. Owens

I believe there was a dog park at one time ... came across a reference to it once ... what happened to it? Did it go to the dogs?

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Vicki Newton

*groan* you guys are terrible, lol! Chelsea, I was wondering about this very thing because we got a puppy back in August and I have no idea how to get him socialized either. He came from a rescue with lots of dogs, and was fine at first, but now he is afraid of everyone and everything including the little 18 month old who lives upstairs from us. Going to check out the obedience classes, that might do the trick! Good Luck to you with your lovely Daisy!

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John Roach

It was a lack of money. The city was willing to give some property for it, but it had to be funded by the people who wanted it. Not enough of them gave money.

When she could not get enough money, Rose Mary gave the money she did raise to the shelter.

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Chelsea O'Brien

Vikki, my first suggestion would be to take him for daily walks, to get him used to some people and be out and about. Socialization/obedience classes are also a great option, but can be expensive.

I've heard of dog walking groups in other places or doggie play dates set up at a park to get dogs and people together. If there was enough interest, we on the Batavian could probably put something like that together (the miracle of social networking).

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Vicki Newton

Unfortunately, I live in a more rural area on a main road with no sidewalks. The semi traffic alone would put poor Jax into a tizzy! But I would definitely be interested in a group doggie play date. Maybe some other people would be, too. I can email the shelter and ask them to post something, and also my vet's office. My groomer would post something too, I'm sure. Does that sound ok to you? Because truly, this is something I would like a lot better than traditional obedience classes.

Let me know, and I'll write something up.

By the way, I read that article from the NYT about marriage and midlife you linked to- that was incredible. I really loved it.

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Kelly Hansen

We cannot take our dogs for a walk and not run into a handful of other dogs and plenty of people. Take your new family member for a walk in the Union St., Kingsbury Ave., Vernon Ave. area. She'll find plenty of friends!

I took my puppy to a socialization (free playtime) group at Petco in Batavia and it was free. You may want to check out what they have available for your dog.

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Bea McManis

Howard, beat you to that one by a hour and a half. lol

Posted by Howard Owens on October 19, 2009 - 7:20pm
I have an idea for a great location for a dog park -- there's this large parcel of land out near the end of North Avenue ....

Posted by Bea McManis on October 19, 2009 - 5:43pm
wrong person, lol
I thought it might be at the end of North St, you know the park that is going to the dogs.

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