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November 24, 2008 - 8:51am

Christmas in the City (Commercial)

posted by Philip Anselmo in batavia, downtown, Holidays, Christmas in the City, Christmas.

Thanks to Don Burkel of the Batavia Business Improvement District for passing along this television commercial for Christmas in the City. It's got all the details about the big event coming up a week from Friday.

Mark Potwora
Mark Potwora's picture
Last seen: 4 days 21 hours ago
Joined: May 14 2008 - 6:42pm
Where is the mall in all that????........Aren't they part of Xmas in the city..
John Roach
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Last seen: 3 months 3 days ago
Joined: May 29 2008 - 5:22am
Mark, The mall is part of the Christmas in the city, but its so ugly, would you put in a commercial?
lazario Ladou
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Last seen: 12 years 6 months ago
Joined: Aug 20 2008 - 5:52am
Why is christmas in the city held 3 weeks before christmas I also think the ad would be better if it showed the actual activities and people enjoying them This is 30 seconds of mostly commercial property photography What does Marchese or any of those other places have to do with christmas I'm sure they're somehow involved..maybe..but how Not sure I'd include Batavia Improvement District anywhere in the thing, either Not sure I'd want to celebrate christmas in a city in need of improvement Oh this is why it's held 3 weeks beforehand Cant get em in for that last week, eh? lol ChECK iT OUttt It's ThanksChristmas say whattttt
Russ Stresing
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Last seen: 11 years 11 months ago
Joined: May 19 2008 - 5:04pm
"Why is christmas in the city held 3 weeks before christmas" This is a promotional event intended to highlight the city's downtown merchants. It makes sense to get ahead of the season if its going to return anything on their investments in the event.
lazario Ladou
lazario Ladou's picture
Last seen: 12 years 6 months ago
Joined: Aug 20 2008 - 5:52am
Why isn't that description present anywhere? It seems dirty that christmas is being used to highlight material goods/services Gifts -extravagance- are part of the holidays whether I like it or not but to throw some rather elaborate community togetherness event just to reap cash would the event be held regardless
daniel cherry
daniel cherry's picture
Last seen: 4 years 1 month ago
Joined: May 6 2008 - 2:21pm
The boys really like Christmas in the city.So do i.It seemed much more fun when they closed main street though.What do you think?
Timothy Paine
Timothy Paine's picture
Last seen: 9 years 6 months ago
Joined: May 14 2008 - 3:03am
I'm not an actively or currently practicing religious person or do I think it matters when it comes to Christmas. I just want to say "THANK YOU" to the City of Batavia for keeping it "Christmas in the City". In now the third year of my daughter singing in the "Winter" concert, I have yet to hear her sing one Christmas song. I've heard year after year the singing of Hanukkah and Kwanzaa songs, but she has yet to sing a single Christmas song. No White Christmas, Silent Night, or even a Jingle Bells. I asked their conductor if it was a mere oversight or an actual purposeful omission. He told me the decision was not made by him but, made for him. Apparently the School Board thinks that we need to expose students who celebrate Christmas to other observances. Which is how it should be. The more they learn from others the better heir education. Too bad those students who recognize other celebrations don't get the same consideration. How can an education be complete if some things are removed from the school all together.
Kate Thomas
Kate Thomas's picture
Last seen: 12 years 2 months ago
Joined: Nov 24 2008 - 12:52pm
It's called "CHRISTmas" for a reason! Maybe they can have Kwanzaa, or Hanukka in the City? See what kind of commercialism they can milk out of that. The "Mall" is a joke and the merchants can only hope that they reap some kind of reward for staying open while people walk the streets and browse for CHRISTmas gifts. People with other religious and personal beliefs are free to celebrate whatever they would like. I think that regardless of beliefs, there will always be commercialism. I don't think it will help anything or anyone in the city long term, but maybe everyone can come see the great merchandise and hear the children singing..... "Hark the herald angels sing "Glory to the newborn King! Peace on earth and mercy mild God and sinners reconciled" Joyful, all ye nations rise Join the triumph of the skies With the angelic host proclaim: "Christ is born in Bethlehem" Will Santa be there? Er, I mean our male, elderly, gift giving, token of generosity? I hope so because I'm asking him for a bailout this year. Better yet, I'll just celebrate the reasom for the season and be a happier person. Don't get me wrong, I love Santa. I just hate what commercialism has done to the poor old guy. It's called CHRISTmas for a reason! A very early, but sincere Merry Christmas to all...

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