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Poll: What would you do with stimulus money?

By Philip Anselmo
Philip Anselmo

We've got 8 'Other' votes as of 9:57 a.m. They are:

1. use it so that taxes can be lowered!

2. tie between the immediate gains of the first question and the long-term sustaina

3. Ambulance

4. Road repairs

5. schools

6. lower taxes

7. lower "all" taxes 50%

8. give back to taxpayers

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Chris Charvella

To get folks back to work, I'd like to see it used for basic infrastructure projects (sidewalks etc.) I'd also like to see a portion of it packaged as grants to local businesses for capital improvements.

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Philip Anselmo

Lots more 'Other' votes since our update yesterday. Here they are:

1. hiring back the employees they got rid of because of budget issues

2. Keep the ambulance service

3. creating jobs

4. Repave the multitude of streets in the City that need it. Want a list?

5. get city water to outlining areas

6. save it for the future

7. infrastructure

8. infrastructure

9. infrastructure

10. infrastructure

11. infrastructure

12. bank street rd

13. bank street rd

14. recreation

15. Give it back to those who earned it.

16. funding for Literacy Genesee

17. ambulance coverage

18. Turn it down.

19. lower city deficit

20. save it so we have some money in reserve


22. Free ice cream for everyone! Ice cream always makes everything better.

23. street repair

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