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July 31, 2013 - 9:55am

Health department to make iPads available in waiting rooms to assist patients with care

posted by Howard B. Owens in health department.

Press release:

The Genesee, Orleans and Wyoming County health departments are encouraging county residents to “Choose Health.” Taking small steps in our day-to-day living and making positive health choices will lead to healthier outcomes. Is this a step you can take?

When you consider the information that you receive regarding your health, where does the majority of the information come from? A doctor, the Internet, family, friends, or coworkers? Some of this information might be excellent, while other information may be incorrect or too broad to adopt as part of your healthy routine. As always, we encourage you to seek out the best information in order to make informed health choices.

Beginning in September, the Genesee County Health Department will offer new and up-to-date technology to all patients in the clinic waiting room and to those we meet during educational community events. The new technology is made available through an exciting award to the county through the National Network of Libraries of Medicine. The award provides iPad devices, kiosks, a printer, and a large screen television to make accessing health information fun and inviting.

Free of charge, patients have the opportunity to get directly connected to health information using Web sites that the National Network of Libraries of Medicine support, ensuring the information you receive is reliable. This can be health information relevant to your visit, or related to other health concerns. Patients have the ability to print the information out to take home or to use it to consult with a health professional at the clinic.

Unsure how to use an iPad tablet? The waiting room will be stocked with directions as to how to easily operate and use the technology while waiting.

The National Network of Libraries of Medicine supports various Web sites including Medline Plus, AIDSinfo, NIH Senior Health, ToxTown, and many more. Each Web site is designed to be easily understood and offers tips on how individuals can make healthy choices. Even if you do not use Genesee County clinics or miss the opportunity at community events, we highly recommend each of the Web sites for great day-to-day health information.

There are three different clinics that are offered through the Genesee County Health Department; Immunization, STD/HIV Testing and Tuberculosis Testing.  The Immunization Clinic is offered by appointment, twice a month, for both adults and children. The STD/HIV Testing Clinic is a walk-in clinic, offered every Tuesday from 9 to 11 a.m. The Tuberculosis Testing Clinic is also available twice a month and on a walk-in basis, too. To make an appointment and to check for clinic dates please visit the department’s Web site or Facebook page.

You can easily become a health-conscious consumer by accessing reliable health information and using it to make healthier choices. Utilizing this educational opportunity now makes it easier than ever! 

This project has been funded in whole or in part with federal funds from the National Library of Medicine, National Institute of Health, Department of Health and Human Services, under Contract No. HHS-N-276-2011-00003-C with the University of Pittsburgh, Health Sciences Library System.

A special thank you goes to Carrie Whipple for her assistance and research for this column. Carrie is a Public Health Intern with the Orleans County Health Department and is receiving her master’s degree from the University of New England.

For information about health department services:
    •    Genesee County Health Department call: 344-2580, ext. 5000, or visit their Web site at www.co.genesee.ny.us/departments/health/index.html. Visit Facebook at Genesee County Health Department and Twitter at GeneseeCoHealthDept.
    •    Orleans County Health Department call: 589-3278 or check out our Web site at:  www.orleansny.com/publichealth. Visit Facebook and Twitter: the user name for both is OrleansCoHealth.  
    •    Wyoming County Health Department call: 786-8890 or visit their Web site at www.wyomingco.net/health/main.html.

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They better chain those iPads to the floor or they will be gone the first day.

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