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Hawley critical of court ruling on SAFE Act

By Howard B. Owens

Press release from Assemblyman Steve Hawley:

I am deeply disappointed in the decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals’ Second Circuit to uphold the core provisions of the NY SAFE Act. This legislation infringes on the constitutional rights of gun owners across New York State and is clearly unconstitutional. My district alone is filled with thousands of law-abiding citizens with firearm ownership as part of their family’s traditions. This law disrespects their way of life and hinders their ability to defend themselves in the unfortunate event of a burglary or break-in.

“Aside from the facts that this law is arbitrary to a fault and lacks the enforcement mechanisms to make it effective, the process by which it was passed through the Legislature is deeply troubling. The SAFE Act was passed under cover of darkness on one of the first days of the legislative session, and I can attest to the fact that few members of the Legislature had even read the bill before it was voted upon.

"As lawmakers, we are supposed to hold transparency and accountability in the highest magnitude. The SAFE Act was forced through the legislative process with complete and utter disregard for these objectives and should be repealed immediately. I will continue to sponsor legislation that repeals this unconstitutional measure and places integrity above political ambition.”

cj sruger

Exactly why Steve gets my vote year after year. From what I understand these judges are all appointed under the approval of Senator Chuck Shumer, so there is no doubt that their anti gun view would uphold this mess. The real test will be in the Supreme Court, Where they will actually look at the constitutionality of it.

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Don Patterson

Crocodile tears! Steve, your leader, Dean Skelos, allowed this bill to come to the floor. He could have blocked it but didn't because he had his Cuomo knee pads on. Earlier this year the downstate Democrats needed, really needed, rent control in NYC. Your conference had them by the short and curlies and did nothing!!!!! You came out of that deal with nothing when you had a deal to ""modify" the provisions of the SAFE Act. So don't tell me what a great local advocate you are, you suck, just like the rest of them

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Daniel Jones

Don - Dean Skelos was the Republican leader of the State Senate, Hawley is in the State Assembly. Not even the same legislative house.

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Daniel Jones

Federal judges are also appointed by the President and are vetted, confirmed or rejected by the US Senate, Chuck Schumer does not select them all and every US Senator has the right to make recommendations for the bench.

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Brenda Ranney

The SAFE Act is soo much more than taking away our firearms. If as an American and a resident of New York you feel that this law which was passed in the night in record speed by our state government, doesn't apply to you consider this. If our Governor can restrict our 2nd amendment right what's to stop him from restricting our other rights ?
As Bill Fox, pointed out when Governor recently visited GCC his security detail was armed in a gun free zone. Why is he more important than our children ?

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Don Frank

Thank you for your continued efforts on this issue. I had hoped that we could convince the Andrew Cuomo to see the error of his ways regarding this law, but he has become more of a tyrant and less of a governor everyday.

We need to continue to push harder for a two state solution or at least some form of government that will allow us here in the upstate to have home rule. We cannot continue to be dominated by downstate democrats

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david spaulding

unless you register your semi automatic weapon and/or your look a like assault weapon, you do risk having it taken away.
for instance if the police search your residence for any reason and they find the firearm you will be charged with a crime and said weapon will be confiscated. then due to the crime you committed by not registering firearm, you can no longer own a firearm. boy oh boy I feel so much safer.

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david spaulding

say you do register your weapons, if you are ever accused of a crime, the governor will send his posse to your house, you will turn in any and all weapons. if you are convicted your weapons have been confiscated and will not be returned.... new york the safe state.

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Ed Hartgrove

Didn't I just see something the other night, with Obama talking about how, maybe, Australia had the right idea about gun-confiscation?

For those interested (and, maybe, for those not so much interested), there's some interesting videos that should be watched.

A couple of them are:…

Still not convinced? How about this one. It is of Doctor Susan Gratia-Hupp, a survivor of the 1991 Luby's Cafeteria mass shooting in Killeen, TX. She is testifying before a congressional commitee. [NOTE: Watch seemingly somewhat disinterested Chuck Schumer on the panel - "DON'T fall asleep there, Chuckie!!" Watch at…

Hold your kids tightly, folks. They're in the line of danger - from our own government.

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