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County expects to have $17 million for roads and bridges and other infrastructure from sale of nursing home

By Howard B. Owens

As the County wraps up expenses related to the sale of the Genesee County Nursing Home, officials expect to have about $17 million available for funds dedicated to infrastructure, including roads and bridges.

"That's what we said we would do with the money and that's what we're doing," said Marianne Clattenburg, chair of the Ways and Means Committee at yesterday's meeting.

It looks like the proceeds of the $15.2 million sale of the nursing home to Premier Healthcare Management LLC is $10,033,000.

The county is also collecting $7 million in unpaid intergovernmental transfers (federal reimbursement for medical expenses for nursing home patients). This money will also be set aside for infrastructure.

There is still some wrangling with insurance companies, said Treasure Scott German, over money the companies think they are owned and money the county think it is due. There may be additional minor expenses to close out, but those payments will be handled through the general fund.

In other words, the budget line for the nursing home in the county's expense ledger is now officially closed.

Brian Graz

Now maybe the County should begin working on selling the Airport. Perhaps Tim Hens could chime in here and give the details pros and cons of owning the Airport. I know he has done this before, but I personally have forgotten the info, and it is impossible for me from an outside perspective to imagine how the airport can be profitable to the county.

Jan 20, 2018, 9:54pm Permalink
david spaulding

Until I read this article I had never heard of Ms. Clattenburg , which makes me question her authority on spending $17 million dollars of taxpayer money. Is the chair and her committee going to oversee and dictate which bridges, roads and infrastructure will be repaired and the cost of each repair? Please don't tell me the money is going to be handed over to the highway dept. and spent at their discretion..... I do believe our government already charges us for road, bridge and infrastructure improvements through fuel taxes, vehicle registrations, truck permits, even fines, where is all that money?

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Howard B. Owens

You've never heard of Marianne Clattenburg? Really? After we've covered her on the Batavia City Council and the County Legislature dozens and dozens and dozens of times?

There's a legal process for allocating funds for capital improvement projects. The county has always followed it. Why would you think things would change now?

Jan 21, 2018, 3:42pm Permalink
david spaulding

Howard, just asking what's going on, that's all..... $17 million dollars is a lot of money .... nothing wrong with asking questions about it is there? ........ For my own peace of mind, I need to know none of this money will be wasted on the airport or Batavia downs..

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John Roach

David, Marianne Clattenburg is the Vice Chair of the County Legislature and Chair of the Way and Means Committee (the Committee that has the most say on money).

She was also the City of Batavia 2nd Ward Council woman and later President of the City Council before being elected to the Legislature.

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