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November 1, 2013 - 12:03pm

Griswold Road Bridge open

posted by Timothy Hens in Stafford, infrastructure, Griswold Road, Bridge, Traffic Safety.

The Griswold Road bridge over the Black Creek in the Town of Stafford has been reopened to traffic yesterday. The bridge was closed in the summer of 2012 due to its poor condition. Using federal aid, the County had a replacement designed by Barton & Loguidice Engineers and awarded a construction contract for the new bridge to Ramsey Constructors on Aug. 14. Construction took about 11 weeks to complete.

Recently many motorists have not been stopping at the Caswell Road -- Griswold Road intersection due to the bridge/road closure. With traffic flowing on Griswold Road again, motorists using Caswell Road are cautioned to make a full stop at the Griswold Road intersection before proceeding through the intersection.

John Simmons
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Every time I didn't stop at that crossroads, I did look to the right to see oif anything was coming around that baracade at the intersection & there was no one working on that "so called" bridge.. What a waste of taxpayer money that was beside being inconveient also, there was not really anything wrong with it that a huge metal sewer pipe could not have fixed in less than a weeks time, but I guess UNION'S & the UNION pay scale had a lot to do with it & the "lean on a rake & shovel" so called county workers were probably paid by the hour as usual when something costs 10 times as much as it should, & don't say taxpayer money didn't pay for it because the federal & state governments get ALL THEIR money from you taxpayers.. !

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