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BSA kicks off 2023 with 'Intuitive Painting' exhibit

By Press Release


Press Release:

The Batavia Society of Artists are kicking off the New Year with a demonstration by artist David Burke on Tuesday February 7th at Go-Art!/Seymour Place, 201 E. Main St., Batavia at 7pm.  The Tavern 2.0.1. will be open for cash purchased that evening.  Membership for 2023 is open to all for $30 single, $50 couple, and $10 for student or Veteran.  Non-members welcome for a $5 fee.

Intuitive Painting With David F. Burke happens when you truly have no preconceived image in your head about how your finished artwork will look, and you just let your blank paper or canvas lead you each step of the way.

It’s an exciting way to paint because there are so many possibilities and ideas for every painting! It is liberating because there are no rules, there are no restraints, you just allow for each paint stroke or mark that you have made to speak to you about the next one.

You are completely freed up from needless self-analyzing or overly scrutinizing your work. And it can be very meditative and self-reflective as you explore all the possible combinations of color, value, shape, visual texture that show up through your own personal style of mark-making.

What you paint will be your very own intuitive style, generated from all that is within you…yet very much inspired by how you see the world.

About David: "I’ve been an artist all my life, but in the last 7 years I began painting full time, have participated in many art shows and done numerous murals around the area. I received a BFA from SUNY Brockport in 1999, he says.

"My artwork has been primarily inspired by nature, and my connection to the life of the earth and that greater Mystery beneath the manifest world. I love how the effects of light and shadow, color and composition evoke subtle emotions and unconscious memories. In the last couple years I began playing with Abstract Expressionism and Intuitive Painting. It’s very liberating!"




Artist David Burke's works.

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