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Four locals place at harvest classic cattle show in Erie County

By Press Release

Press Release:

The Erie County Agricultural Society hosted the Harvest Classic Cattle Show on the Erie County Fairground this past weekend. In its third year, the event hosted nearly 200 cattle and competitors and prize premiums totaled over $8,000. Exhibitors came from New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.


Charolais Heifers

  • Grand Champion, Charolais Heifer – Evie Groom, Lyons
  • Reserve Champion, Charolais Heifer – Lisa Compton, Ovid

Hereford Heifers

  • Grand Champion, Hereford Heifer – McKenna Broughton, Attica
  • Reserve Champion, Hereford Heifer – McKalynne Helmke, Philadelphia, OH

Maine-Anjou Heifers

  • Grand Champion, Maine-Anjou Heifer – Lincoln Giebner, Canton, PA
  • Reserve Champion, Maine-Anjou Heifer – Simon Spoth, Lewisburg, PA

Maintainer Heifers

  • Grand Champion, Maintainer Heifer – Kalya Lippert, Sinclairville
  • Reserve Champion, Maintainer Heifer – Lana Miles, Jasper

Shorthorn Heifers

  • Grand Champion, Shorthorn Heifer – Makayla Sugg, Alden
  • Reserve Champion, Shorthorn Heifer – Jenna Weixlmann, Arcade

Shorthorn Plus Heifers

  • Grand Champion, Shorthorn Plus Heifer – Broughton Cattle Company, Springs
  • Reserve Champion, Shorthorn Plus Heifer – Chelsea Lippert, Alexander

Simmental Heifers

  • Grand Champion, Simmental Heifer – Addy Rae Bozeman, Naples
  • Reserve Champion, Simmental Heifer – McKalynne Helmke, New Philadelphia, OH

Sim-Solution Heifers

  • Grand Champion, Sim-Solution Heifer – Chase Gerhardt, East Aurora
  • Reserve Champion, Sim-Solution Heifer – Gavin Palmer, Springboro, PA

AOB Heifers

  • Grand Champion, AOB Heifer – Evie Groom, Lyons
  • Reserve Champion, AOB Heifer – Emily Smith, Marion

Crossbred Heifers

  • Grand Champion, Crossbred Heifer – Gavin Palmer, Springboro
  • Reserve Champion, Crossbred Heifer – Tyler Strub, East Concord

Supreme Champion Females

  • Supreme Champion Female – Gavin Palmer, Springboro, PA
  • Reserve Supreme Champion Female – Kayla Lippert, Sinclairville
  • Third Overall Champion Female – Chase Gerhardt, East Aurora
  • Fourth Overall Champion Female – Addy Rae Bozeman, Naples
  • Fifth Overall Champion Female – McKalynne Helmke, New Philadelphia, OH

Market Heifer

  • Grand Champion, Market Heifer – Lincoln Giebner, Canton, PA
  • Reserve Champion, Market Heifer – Sarah Wilson, Dansville

Shorthorn Plus Steer

  • Grand Champion, Shorthorn Plus Steer – Kayla Lippert, Sinclairville
  • Reserve Champion, Shorthorn Plus Steer – Maddilyn Durfee, Attica

AOB Steer

  • Grand Champion, AOB Steer – Payson Southers, Millmont, PA
  • Reserve Champion, AOB Steer – Molly Decker, Scenery Hill, PA

Light Weight

  • Champion, Light Weight – Carson Wojciechowski, Springville
  • Reserve Champion, Light Weight – Gavin Palmer, Springboro, PA
  • Honorable Mention, Light Weight – Jenna Weixlmann, Arcade

Medium Weight

  • Champion, Medium Weight – Amelia Hintz-Strub, Springville
  • Reserve Champion, Medium Weight – Cody Carlson, Byron
  • Honorable Mention, Medium Weight – Romey Slick, Edinburg, PA

Heavy Weight

  • Champion, Heavy Weight – Shelby Schrader, Ghent
  • Reserve Champion, Heavy Weight – Lydia Covert, Lakewood
  • Honorable Mention, Heavy Weight – Savannah Palmer, New Castle, PA

Supreme Champion Market Animals

  • Supreme Champion Market Animal – Payson Southers, Millmont, PA
  • Reserve Supreme Champion Market Animal – Lincoln Giebner, Canton, PA
  • Third Overall Champion Market Animal – Shelby Schrader, Ghent
  • Fourth Overall Champion Market Animal – Molly Decker, Scenery Hill, PA
  • Fifth Overall Champion Market Animal – Sarah Wilson, Dansville

A complete list of results can also be found online: The Harvest Classic (

The show is presented by the Erie County Agricultural Society. Since its founding in 1819, the mission of the Erie County Agricultural Society has been to preserve and enhance, by educational endeavors, the agricultural and historical legacy of New York State.

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