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Muckdogs announce XTreme ice racing event at the McCarthy

By Press Release

Press release:

CAN-USA Sports is very excited that Xtreme International Ice Racing will be here on Friday March 31st, at 7:00 PM at David McCarthy Memorial Ice Arena to host the XiiR World Championship!

XiiR (Xtreme International Ice Racing) is a motorcycle racing tour...ON ICE! Man and machine going from 0-60mph in under 3 seconds, with Speedway bikes and quads that are modified to compete on an indoor ice arena. There are over 2000 metal studs added to the tires and there are NO BRAKES! What does that mean? PURE ADRENALINE! It is THE fastest sport on ice and one of the fastest sports in the world. The rush of so much power and speed on something as unpredictable as ice, has whipped audiences into a frenzy and gained new fans across the country.  Each year's series continues to get better... drawing bigger crowds, more sponsors and riders from all over the globe.​

We are also inviting all members of the media to attend a special pre-event on March 30th, at 3:00 pm at David McCarthy Memorial Ice Arena to come out to experience the joy of riding on the ice! Please let us know if you are able to make it! 

Tickets are on sale now! Call (814)-504-9979 or you can purchase tickets at the David McCarthy Memorial Ice Arena located on 22 Evans St, Batavia.

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