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December 17, 2021 - 2:20pm

Photos: Staff and students at Jackson compete in Christmas decorating contest

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Press release:

Students at Jackson Primary worked very diligently on ornaments for festive Christmas trees that were purchased by the Jackson Parent-Teacher group in every community.

Our teachers Jessica Kolb and Mallory Flanagan helped to create these beautiful decorations for the trees. The students based their ornaments on a themed book. Community 1 read “The Smiley Snowman”, Community 2 read “Santa Bruce”, and Community 3 read “The Library Gingerbread Man.” 

After the students completed the ornaments they were hung on the trees for everyone to see. Teachers participated in a hallway decorating contest with students to showcase their theme. The students created work that complimented their themes. There were pictures of snowflakes, running gingerbread men, and festive sweaters with students' faces on them.

Every staff member and community participated in this holiday wonderland.  Students strolled the halls to see the beautiful and creative scenery all throughout Jackson Primary. 

On December 14th, three community members; Michelle Humes (Batavia Board of Education Member Assigned to Jackson Primary), Firefighter Tedford (Batavia Fire Department), and School Resource Officer Miah Stevens, visited Jackson Primary to be the judges of the Hallway Decorating Contest. 

It was a very tough decision due to the creativity in every hallway, but they decided after a long deliberation that community 3 (Gingerbread Men) was the most creative community in the school. 

Teachers in Community 3 are: Mrs. Amerine, Mrs. Clark, Mrs. Ellingsworth, Mr. Ferri, Mrs. Koukides, Ms. Mattice, Mrs. Peterson, Mrs. Reeves, Mrs. Restivo, Mrs. Wolff, Mrs. Richenberg, Mrs. Sprague, Mrs. Wohlers, Mrs. O’Campo, Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Wolff, Mrs. DiMartino, Mrs. Conroy, and Mrs. Grasso. The students in that community won a Timbit party donated by Tim Hortons on East Main Street.  All teachers and staff won a pizza party from the administration for their camaraderie and team-building efforts as a Jackson Family.

Photos by Howard Owens. Top photo: Principal Maureen Notaro, left, and Nancy Okoniewski, far right, with students in a UP-K class.


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