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Tenney introduces bill to promote production of generic medicine in the United States

By Press Release

Press Release:

Congresswoman Claudia Tenney (NY-24) today introduced the Producing Incentives for Long-term Production of Lifesaving Supply of Medicines (PILLS) Act to promote the production of generic medicines in the United States.

This legislation offers pharmaceutical companies various tax incentives to encourage them to shift all aspects of the manufacturing process for generic medicines, including materials and testing, to the United States. Currently, the generic drug industry is experiencing a trend toward centralization in India and China due to their significantly lower production costs. However, this shift raises concerns about inadequate drug safety measures and the potential for supply chain disruptions.

“In recent years, drug manufacturing has shifted away from the United States, threatening American jobs and the security of our vital medicine supply chains,” said Congresswoman Tenney. “To bolster domestic generic medicine production and guard against future supply chain disruptions, I introduced the PILLS Act to incentivize businesses to produce these important pharmaceutical products in the United States. This legislation is a crucial step to not only re-shore drug production but also to strengthen our domestic supply chains and create American manufacturing jobs."

"The PILLS Act is an incredibly important bill that would create massive incentives to strategically restore U.S. domestic production of generic medicines," said Zach Mottl, Chairman of the Coalition for a Prosperous America. 

"Our country is facing a national health care crisis due to ongoing, and worsening, shortages of essential lifesaving generic drugs, which account for roughly 90% of all prescriptions dispensed in the U.S. Currently, the U.S. is dangerously dependent on foreign manufacturers—particularly in China and India—for essential, lifesaving generic medicines. Since 2002, imports from India have increased 35x, while the floodgates have opened to allow imports from China to rise to an astounding 165x their 2002 levels. This should sound alarm bells through Washington and highlight the need to pass the PILLS Act in order to address the shortage crisis and rebuild America’s domestic production of generics, antibiotics, and other key medicines."

Read the full text of the bill here

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