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Claudia Tenney

August 9, 2022 - 9:45am
posted by Press Release in Claudia Tenney, NY-24, news.

Press release:

A poll released this morning shows strong support for Congresswoman Claudia Tenney across New York’s 24th congressional district ahead of the state's August 23rd primary. Tenney is leading her two primary opponents by nearly 50 points. Tenney’s image amongst primary voters is overwhelmingly positive at 48% favorable, 8% unfavorable.
“Since we launched our re-election campaign in New York's 24th District, I have met with thousands of voters at hundreds of events across our community. As voters learn more about my strong conservative record, I am honored that they are backing Team Tenney. I am grateful for the outpouring of support from all across NY-24 ahead of the August 23rd primary. From the North Country to Western New York, voters are ready to send proven America First leaders back to Congress to restore freedom and to save our nation and our state. Our grassroots team is working harder than ever to spread the word about the August 23rd primary and the response from voters continues to be overwhelmingly positive.” said Congresswoman Tenney.
According to the poll, which was conducted internally, Tenney leads her two opponents by 46 points. While Tenney maintains a strong favorability rating of 48% amongst likely primary voters, this number jumps to 51% with conservative voters, 55% with pro-life voters, 58% with seniors, and 52% with gun owners.

August 2, 2022 - 11:53pm
posted by Press Release in Claudia Tenney, NY-24, news.


Press release:

 Today, Congresswoman Claudia Tenney released her second campaign ad, renewing her call to Impeach President Joe Biden.

The 30 second ad, “Patriots Fight,” says:

TENNEY: How I feel about Joe Biden?

TENNEY: I see this guy as a talentless, career politician and completely derelict in his duty, which is why I’ve called for him to be impeached!

TENNEY: One of the things about the Republicans that is kind of frustrating at times is, we don’t fight.

TENNEY: We have to fight every single day, right now.

TENNEY: I stand up to the status quo in both parties, I have a core set of principles.

TENNEY: Can we preserve this Republic? It is all on the line.

TENNEY: It’s not easy to fight the fight that patriots fight, but it’s worth it.

“Whether it is Joe Biden’s dereliction of duty at the Southern Border or his disastrous retreat in Afghanistan, I have called for Joe Biden to answer to the American people in Impeachment hearings. I will not stand by while Biden and Pelosi trample on our constitution to push their far-left agenda. I look forward to working with a Republican House Majority next Congress to impeach Biden and hold his administration accountable for their numerous failures,” said Congresswoman Claudia Tenney.

July 12, 2022 - 12:08am
posted by Press Release in Claudia Tenney, news, NY-24.

Press release:

Claudia Tenney’s campaign announced today raising over $330,000 in Q2 of 2022. Claudia’s campaign has more than $1 million cash on hand for the upcoming election.

Over 1,900 donors, including 500+ new donors and President Trump's Leadership PAC, contributed to the over $330,000 Claudia raised this quarter.

“I am honored by the outpouring of support we have received from all across Upstate New York. The North Country, Central New York, Finger Lakes and Western New York are ready for change and looking for a strong conservative leader to hold Biden and Pelosi accountable. Our campaign continues to have the resources we need to win in NY-24 and take back the House this November!" said Congresswoman Tenney. 

June 26, 2022 - 1:23pm
posted by Press Release in Mario Fratto, Claudia Tenney, NY-24, news.

Press release:

Friday, Mario Fratto made the following statement:

Friday's Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade was a massive victory for the sanctity of life. President Trump promised to appoint justices that to the Court that would overturn Roe, and he did it.

This decision shows us just how important elections are. It’s imperative that we fight to protect the most vulnerable in our society, and nobody is more vulnerable than our unborn children. It isn’t enough to be pro-life just when it’s easy; we need representatives that will be pro-life when it’s hard.

Claudia Tenney voted to send millions to Planned Parenthood, knowing that they’re responsible for aborting more children than any organization in the country. Republicans promise to defund Planned Parenthood, but establishment politicians like Tenney send them millions of taxpayer dollars. Congressman Jim Jordan said that the bill Claudia Tenney voted for “is the worst bill I've seen in my time in Congress by far.”

I promise to never vote for such an abomination and to always fight for our conservative principles, with life being the most important of all.

Mario Fratto’s family has been in the district for five generations. He is an attorney and runs his family’s granite construction business. He is the only true America First conservative in the race and more information can be found at marioforcongress.com. 

Fact Check: We wanted to confirm the claim by Fratto's campaign that Claudia Tenney voted to "send millions to Planned Parenthood."  We invited both Tenney's campaign and Fratto's campaign to provide documentation supporting or refuting this claim.  Only Fratto's campaign responded and provided links to two omnibus bills (bills that contain numerous legislative initiatives and are not single-subject).  The first one passed on March 22, 2018, during the 115th Congress.  It was supported by 145 Republicans and passed with a total of 256 yeas votes (77 Democrats voted no).  The yes votes included Rep. Chris Collins, the first Republican in Congress to endorse Trump for president, along with seven other Republicans from New York.  The second one passed on March 9, 2022, during the 117th Congress. For that omnibus bill, 155 Republicans voted yes and there were a total of 361 yeas. Eight Republicans from New York voted yes.

UPDATE 11:17 p.m., June 27:  Claudia Tenney's campaign responded after seeing this post.  A spokesman said he had not received our initial request.  Here is the campaign's response:

  • As an important point of clarification: Congresswoman Tenney did NOT support the March 9, 2022, non-defense funding bill - she only supported a narrower funding provision that was related to defense and security spending. This included a 2.7% pay raise for our troops and additional funding for border security. It's worth asking Mr. Fratto if he would have opposed a pay increase for our troops while they and their families struggle with record-high inflation, among other security-related funding provisions that were in the bill? Importantly, this bill had absolutely nothing to do with social spending or Planned Parenthood in any way, shape, or form. Tenney voted “No” on the portion of the funding bill that included non-defense/social spending for a variety of reasons, which she laid out on her website: https://tenney.house.gov/media/press-releases/congresswoman-tenneys-statement-passage-government-funding-bill-fiscal-year
  • The second point is with regard to the March 22, 2018, spending bill Mario references. I’ll note first that this was supported and signed into law by President Trump. This bill did NOT earmark any federal spending directly to Planned Parenthood, as Mario implies, and most importantly, it maintained the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits taxpayer funding for abortion or taxpayer dollars from being used by providers like Planned Parenthood to fund abortions.
  • Finally, unlike Mario, Claudia actually has a record to stand on and it is proudly one of supporting life and defending the unborn. Claudia has always supported prohibitions banning any and all taxpayer funding for abortions and she has never voted to send funds directly to Planned Parenthood. This is among the reasons she’s been consistently endorsed by pro-life groups, including Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List), and was quick to release a statement applauding the Supreme Court’s recent decision overturning Roe and Casey, which you can read here: https://tenney.house.gov/media/press-releases/congresswoman-tenneys-statement-supreme-courts-decision-dobbs-v-jackson-womens
June 14, 2022 - 10:50pm
posted by Press Release in Claudia Tenney, NY-24, news.

Press release:

In response to the ad’s release, Congresswoman Tenney released the following statement: “I have always stood up to insider politicians from both parties, fighting on behalf of New York taxpayers. I’m proud to be leading the fight in Congress to restore American manufacturing, secure the border and end Biden’s inflation crisis. We will continue earning the support of the hardworking people of New York’s 24th Congressional district and fighting for our shared conservative values in Washington.”

May 23, 2022 - 9:44am
posted by Press Release in news, NY-24, Claudia Tenney.

Press release:

“After reviewing the revised maps, which were released in the dead of night, I am announcing my candidacy for New York’s 24th Congressional District. As drawn, the 24th District includes areas I currently represent in Congress such as Oswego County,” said Congresswoman Tenney. 

Tenney continued “I am honored to have received the support of President Trump, Republican Conference Chair Elise Stefanik, and multiple county Republican and Conservative chairs. In the coming weeks and months, I will work to continue earning the support of those in New York’s redrawn 24th District, which spans portions of Central New York, the Finger Lakes Region, and Western New York. It is a beautiful area of New York that I have lived in, represented, and know well. Now that this partisan redistricting process is over, I am honored by the opportunity to represent the 24th District in Congress.”

Tenney has deep roots in New York’s 24th Congressional District. She has represented portions of NY-24 starting in 2011 and previously lived in Ontario County. Under the new redistricting maps, 30% of NY-24 falls within the Syracuse Media Market, where Tenney has extraordinarily high name ID among voters. Tenney kicks off the campaign as the clear front runner with over 1.4 Million Dollars in her war chest.

In Response to President Trump’s Endorsement, Congresswoman Tenney Released the Following Statement:

“Thank you Mr. President! I had the honor to serve alongside President Trump in Congress and the privilege to call him a dear friend. Together, we cut taxes, secured the border and fought back against the Communist Chinese. With President Trump’s support, we can win this seat and continue fighting for his America First Agenda in Congress. NY-24 is Trump Country!” said Tenney.

President Trump has been a steadfast supporter of Claudia Tenney. Last June, he held a fundraiser at his Bedminster Golf Club in support of Tenney’s campaign and filmed an endorsement video. In April 2021, President Trump hosted Tenney at his Mar-a-Lago Club for a meeting. During her 2020 campaign, President Trump held a tele-town hall in support of Tenney and in 2018, the President visited Upstate NY to host a fundraiser for Tenney that raised over $650,000 for her campaign. Trump is also an honorary member of the House Election Integrity Caucus, which Tenney founded in the aftermath of the 2020 election.

Congresswoman Claudia Tenney was honored to receive the following endorsements over the weekend:

“Wyoming County was proud to unanimously endorse Claudia Tenney’s campaign just a few months back and we are honored to announce our official endorsement of Congresswoman Tenney in the newly drawn 24th district. Western New Yorkers are ready to send a strong conservative fighter to Washington this November. As the strongest Republican county in New York State, we are excited to have the most Conservative Member of Congress from New York as our next Congresswoman!” said Wyoming Republican Committee Chairwoman Ellen Grant.
“It is an honor to once again endorse Congresswoman Claudia Tenney for re-election in Oswego County and NY-24. Claudia has served the people of Oswego County with dedication, honor and integrity since her time as our Assemblywoman. In both Albany and Washington, Claudia has always stood out as a champion for our conservative values. We are thrilled Claudia will continue to fight for us in Congress and look forward to making sure she wins big this November,” said Oswego Republican Committee Chairman Fred Beardsley.
“Incumbent Congresswoman Claudia Tenney has a proven track record advocating for Upstate New Yorkers in Washington. Now that the Congressional District lines are finalized, Orleans County is excited to give Congresswoman Tenney a warm Western New York welcome. I am confident Claudia will be an excellent representative for Orleans County in Congress,” said Orleans County Republican Chairman Skip Draper.
“It was an honor to get introduced to Congresswoman Claudia Tenney and discuss her campaign for NY 24, that includes Wayne County.  She is passionate, experienced and a rock solid Republican.  Several of the Town Chairs that I have spoken to are behind Claudia all the way.  I am joining them and giving Claudia Tenney my endorsement for Congress,” said Wayne County Republican Committee Chairman MaryAnne Nicosia-McCarthy.
“This morning the court-appointed Special Master set district lines for US Congress and the New York State Senate. The Maps drawn by the State Legislature divided Livingston County into two districts 23 and 24. Chris Jacobs and Claudia Tenney received party endorsements, Today Claudia Tenney stands alone as our candidate for the 24th Congressional District. Livingston County is no longer divided into two districts. Claudia, a sitting Congress Member has a track record of strength and honesty in representing her electorate. Therefore she continues to have our support,” said Livingston County Republican Committee Chairman John Pauer.
“Congresswoman Claudia Tenney has always been the embodiment of what it means to be a Conservative. As the Wayne County Conservative Party Chairman, I am thrilled to support Claudia’s re-election campaign. Congresswoman Tenney has always had the support of the Conservative Party and she will again here in NY-24.” said Wayne County Conservative Party Chairman Mike Garlock.
“Claudia has been involved in Oswego County politics for almost 20 years and has represented us starting in 2011. We here in Oswego County are excited to share Congresswoman Tenney and her conservative advocacy with the rest of the new NY-24. I am honored to endorse her campaign on behalf of the Oswego County Conservative Party,” said Oswego County Conservative Party Chairman Ronald Greenleaf.

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