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Durin Rogers

June 18, 2019 - 2:15pm
posted by Billie Owens in batavia city court judge, Elections, Durin Rogers.

Submitted photo and press release:

The association representing Genesee County’s Corrections officers and other Sheriff’s employees has enthusiastically endorsed Durin Rogers (inset photo right) to become Batavia’s next full-time city court judge.

Genesee County Sheriff’s Employees Association (GCSEA) President Kevin Wolff cited several reasons supporting the decision to endorse Rogers, who is currently a part-time Batavia City Court judge.

“Judge Rogers’ enthusiasm and dedication to the bench, his family and our community is evident,” Wolff said. “[He] has extensive experience on the bench handling thousands of cases as a Batavia City Court Judge and has a proven track record.

"Judge Rogers’ multifaceted experience and steadfast integrity make him the obvious choice to be the next full-time city court judge.

"...Our endorsement also acknowledges Judge Rogers’ …ready availability to law enforcement day and night, seven days a week for after-hours arraignments and warrants…Judge Rogers is a shining example of what all citizens of Batavia should strive to be.”

The endorsements Rogers’ has received have caught the attention of many local Republicans according to local attorney and City Republican Chair David Saleh.

“I’ve been contacted by many Republicans from Batavia and around the county who have been very impressed by the support Judge Rogers’ is receiving,” Saleh said.

“He’s been endorsed by an impressive group of people including our county sheriff, our commissioner of social services, the head of Genesee Justice, the Genesee County attorney, the president of our city council and now the association representing so many of the employees of our Sheriff’s (Office).

"This all shows that Judge Rogers has proven himself as a fantastic lawyer and judge and he is the only candidate who can complete the full 10-year term. He has definitely earned the support of Batavia’s Republicans as our endorsed Republican candidate for the upcoming June 25th primary.”

June 11, 2019 - 2:00pm
posted by Billie Owens in batavia, City Court Judge, Durin Rogers, news.

Submitted video clip and press release:

Batavia City Council President, retired Batavia Police Lieutenant, and competitive shooter Eugene Jankowski Jr. recently announced his strong endorsement of Durin Rogers for Batavia City Court judge.

In an endorsement video filmed at a local shooting range that was released Monday, Jankowski said, “I’m a retired police officer as well as a sponsored competitive shooter. Public safety as well as the U.S. Constitution are very important to me.

"I’ve known Judge Durin Rogers for many years and he’s always been very thorough and very judicious when it comes to the rule of law. I fully endorse him for City of Batavia Court Judge.”

Jankowski has been a lifelong local public servant, retiring as a lieutenant from the Batavia City Police Department after 34 years of service to the community. Jankowski continues his dedication to Batavia currently serving as the City Council president.

Rogers, who currently serves as part-time Batavia City Court judge, has already earned the endorsements of: the current and former County Social Services commissioners; the current and former County Sheriff; the current program coordinator and former director of Genesee Justice; the City of Batavia Republican Committee; the Genesee County Conservative Committee; and many other citizens and businesses.  

June 4, 2019 - 6:23pm
posted by Billie Owens in news, Batavia City Court, Durin Rogers.

Press release:

Genesee County Department of Social Services Commissioner David Rumsey and his predecessor Eileen Kirkpatrick have joined the group of local dignitaries supporting Durin Rogers’ bid to become Batavia’s next full-time City Court Judge.

Both have worked directly with Rogers, who is also Deputy Genesee County Attorney, representing DSS in countless court proceedings, many involving the protection of the youth and families of Genesee County.

Both Rumsey and Kirkpatrick praised Rogers’ diligence and legal knowledge in giving their endorsement.  

“Judge Rogers is an intelligent and motivated individual," Rumsey said. "The work he does representing the County and the Department of Social Services is meticulous. He demonstrates a firmness, but fairness in his work ethic…His knowledge of the law is superior.

"One page cannot adequately sum up everything that Judge Rogers means to Genesee County and this community. Elect him and you will see. I highly recommend Judge Durin B. Rogers be elected as the next full-time Batavia City Court Judge.”  

Kirkpatrick, who retired in 2017 and worked closely with Rogers for many years, said “Judge Rogers’ attention to detail and his consideration of all aspects of each case were impartial and comprehensive. While he established a clear record of holding offenders accountable, he never wavered in considering how the resolution of each case would impact the victim, offender, families and our community.

"The deciding factor…is that Judge Rogers has already spent the last four years as your part-time judge. He has already overcome and surpassed the learning curve necessary to perform the job and to conduct court on time as a fair and balanced judge.”

May 17, 2019 - 6:45am
posted by Howard B. Owens in Durin Rogers, City Court, video.


Video Sponsor


Thursday evening, Judge Durin Rogers, and one of two candidates for the full-time City Court judge position held a "coffee and conversation" event at the Holland Land Office Museum.

Since we haven't had a chance to cover Rogers at a public event since the campaign started, and we did cover Benjamin Bonarigo's campaign kickoff, including a short video interview, we wanted to be sure to provide Rogers with similar coverage.

We wound up with a 10-minute interview with Rogers and decided to post the entire interview.

Rogers hosts another "coffee and conversation" event at the Richmond Memorial Library on May 25 from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m.

To view our previous coverage of Bonarigo's campaign kick-off, click here.

May 16, 2019 - 2:26pm
posted by Billie Owens in Durin Rogers, batavia city court judge, news.

Photo, from left: Legislator Gary Maha, candidate and part-time Batavia City Court Judge Durin Rogers, and Sheriff William Sheron.

Submitted photo and press release:

Durin Rogers, currently a part-time judge for Batavia City Court, has received the endorsements of Genesee County Sheriff William Sheron and former Sheriff and current County Legislator Gary Maha for the full-time City Court judge position that is up for election this year.

In his endorsement letter, Sheriff Sheron said Rogers’ dedication and professionalism were key factors in his decision.

“He [Rogers] is a true professional who is extremely dedicated to his family and our community,” Sheron said. “(He) is readily available all hours of the day and night, including weekends and holidays to fulfill his responsibilities as City Court Judge. He carries out his duties in a fair, impartial, unbiased and ethical manner.”

In closing, Sheron wrote: “[I] have the highest regard for Durin B. Rogers and can assure you he will continue to be an outstanding Batavia City Court Judge. Please join me in supporting Durin B. Rogers for City of Batavia City Court Judge,”

Legislator Maha cited Rogers’ dedication and compassion in his endorsement, noting that Rogers works closely with those involved in the criminal justice system as part-time City Court Judge.

“He is a very dedicated person who acts fairly, objectively and with compassion when adjudicating cases that come before him,” Maha said. “Durin has the experience and temperament to make an excellent full-time City Court judge. I fully endorse his candidacy.”

Rogers has served as the part-time Batavia City Court Judge for more than four years, having been appointed unanimously by Batavia City Council in 2015 and has been a practicing lawyer in Batavia and Genesee County for nearly 25 years.

During his past four years on the bench, Rogers has handled thousands of cases within the court's jurisdiction including civil, criminal, small claims, housing code violations and even matters in the drug court, mental health court and veterans court.

“I am humbled and honored to receive the support of such fine public officials as Bill Sheron and Gary Maha,” Rogers said. “I believe these endorsements will carry tremendous weight with our local community and I am grateful to Sheriff Sheron and Legislator Maha for their kind words.

“I am committed to living up to the standard these endorsements set for the future and if elected as City Court judge, I promise to do my very best to live up to the standards that people like Sheriff Sheron, Legislator Maha and the rest of this great community will expect of me as City Court judge.”

Rogers lives with his wife, Paula, and their four children in the City of Batavia. His family has been longtime residents of the City and are proud to call Batavia their home.

Rogers is committed to the community and has volunteered his time to assist youth sports, mock trial, United Way, GCBA and many other civic boards.

He is a graduate of the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Law; he received his Juris Doctor legal degree from the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law in Cleveland.

January 24, 2019 - 10:59am
posted by Howard B. Owens in Durin Rogers, City Court, news, batavia.

Press release:

Today Durin Rogers, attorney and City of Batavia part-time judge, announced his candidacy for the full-time Judge of the Batavia City Court post that will become vacant at the end of this year.  Judge Rogers would be running to replace current City Court Judge Robert Balbick, who will retire after reaching mandatory retirement age.

Judge Rogers has served as the part-time Batavia City Court judge for almost four years following his unanimous appointment by Batavia City Council in 2015. 

“I am excited to officially announce I will be seeking the full-time Batavia City Court judgeship this coming November...," said Judge Rogers.  “I made this decision because I sincerely believe that I have the qualifications, experience, and commitment to our community that the residents of the City of Batavia deserve.” 

During his past four years on the bench, Judge Rogers has handled all types of cases within the court's jurisdiction including civil, criminal, small claims, housing code violations and even matters in the drug court and veteran's courts. He has championed effective service to the community including cochairing the Centralized Arraignment Part Program (CAP), a program designed to assist in the timely arraignment and representation of Defendants in criminal proceedings.  He has spear-headed the efficient processing of housing code violations and established a protocol to effectively and timely deal with "zombie" properties neglected by non-local corporations and owners.

“Each of these responsibilities comes with difficult decisions that impact the lives of those before the Court and those in our community," Judge Rogers said. "A judge’s legal background and experience, commitment to the community, and character are essential to making fair and honest decisions while holding offenders accountable."

Judge Rogers has dedicated his almost 25-year legal career to public service, including volunteering with the Public Defender's Office and handling assigned counsel matters throughout the GLOW region in criminal and family courts.  He has served as an attorney in the Genesee County Attorney's office since 1995, where he was lead prosecutor for juvenile delinquency proceedings for more than 20 years; and handled all types of matters within the office including domestic violence/family offense matters; abuse and neglect proceedings; and contractual negotiations for the Genesee County Public Radio system.

Judge Rogers has extensive experience in electronic evidence particularly in admission of social media. He has been a frequent speaker in this area across New York State.

“As more and more individuals integrate this form of electronic communication into their lives, my unique knowledge of this area of law will be of great value to the Batavia City Court Bench,” added Judge Rogers.

“It is with this background, having been a prosecutor, a defense attorney and now a judge, that I believe I have the unique qualifications and legal experience to understand and administer justice in the City of Batavia so that all residents of our community feel safe and are treated fairly… I will do so with integrity, respect and the temperament that a judge must have when hearing cases fairly, each day, every day,” Judge Rogers said.

Judge Rogers commitment and passion for public service extends beyond the court system. Over the years, Judge Rogers frequently volunteered his time and commitment to coach youth sports including baseball and basketball for more than 15 years.  He assisted in bringing the "Youth Court" to Genesee County. He was a founding board member of Habitat for Humanity of Genesee County; a volunteer Budget Ambassador for the Batavia City Schools District; an appointed member of the Batavia City Youth Board; a member of the original Board of Ethics for the City of Batavia; and a member of the City of Batavia Police Facility Task Force.

Other volunteer activities included being an attorney for the Surrogate’s Decision-Making Committee (SDMC), and president of the Genesee County Bar Association (GCBA), during which time he collaborated with the Genesee Community College to bring a new program to Genesee County known as the “People’s Law Series,” a biannual symposium designed to educate and guide the public in topical areas of law.”

Judge Rogers lives with his wife, Paula, and their four children in the City of Batavia. His family has resided in Batavia for almost 18 years and are proud to call Batavia home. Rogers is a graduate of the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Law; and received his Juris Doctor legal degree from the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law in Cleveland, Ohio.

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