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Shop Local

Support the local businesses that help make Genesee County a great place to live

By Howard B. Owens

With the holidays upon us it is a good time to remind Genesee County residents that we're fortunate to live in a community with a strong base of locally owned businesses.

Locally owned businesses are the backbone of any local community.  Local owners give back to the community in ways that chains do not, through their donations, their sponsorships, and their service on civic organizations and charities.

Communities with a vibrant local business community thrive, so we encourage you to do what you can this holiday season and throughout the year to support locally owned businesses.

These businesses support the community by supporting local news coverage.  Local news coverage is also critical to a community's health.  Facebook, Tik Tok or Instagram are never going to send a reporter to a City Council meeting or a school board meeting or cover a budget hearing or hold elected officials accountable for how they spend your tax money.  It takes local news businesses such as The Batavian that rely on your support and the support of local businesses to help keep you informed.

We're all here to make Genesee County a great place to live, work, be active, and to be entertained.

Photos: Customers turn out to local businesses for holiday shopping

By Howard B. Owens


Ashley Mooney checks out some jewelry while at Valle Jewelers in Batavia during the annual post-Thanksgiving "Shop Local Saturday." Carrie Lawrence, foreground, and Stephen Valle are co-owners of Valle Jewelers. 

Santa's recommendation for Christmas 2020: Fulfill your gift list at locally owned businesses, the backbone of our community.


Don Brown, co-owner of Batavia Bootery in Batavia, shows off a sneaker to Ohlson, Gunner and Marrick.


Robin Czwojbak with John Roche, owner of Adam Miller Toy and Bicycle in Batavia.


Chris Crocker, owner of The YNGodess Shop, with customer Paul Boylan.

Photos: Local business owners say Small Business Saturday a big success

By Howard B. Owens


For Small Business Saturday, Iris Bodine, 8, went shopping with her aunt Margie Everett at Adam Miller Toy and Bicycle.

We didn't get a chance to visit local businesses until the afternoon, but several business owners said their shops were full in the morning and that it seems like more people seemed to be out shopping local on the first Saturday after Thanksgiving than previous years.

Dave Howe, Charles Men's Shop, said at least a half-dozen people mentioned the annual Shop Local promotion is what motivated them to visit local businesses today.  


Stephen Valle and Carrie Lawrence, Valle Jewelers. 


Chris Crocker and Leslie Moma, The Yngodess Shop.


Don Brown and Dave Howe, Charles Men's Shop.

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