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John Gardner Society

LIVE: John Gardner Society's fall reading

By Howard B. Owens
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The John Gardner Society's annual October reading of the late Batavia author's work is virtual this year instead of at his favorite restaurant, the Pok-A-Dot.

The reading, and hopefully the livestream, is scheduled to start at 8 p.m.

Photos: John Gardner Society reads John Gardner at the Pok-A-Dot

By Howard B. Owens

The John Gardner Society gathered at the Pok-A-Dot on Saturday night for the group's annual reading of works by John Gardner.

A Batavia-native, Gardner is an internationally acclaimed novelist and literary critic who died in a motorcycle accident in 1982.

Readers this year were Steve Lewandowski, Byron Hoot, Beth Bucchler (top photo), Richard Beatty, Bill Kauffman, David Lampe, Chris De Pasquale, Helen Maier, Terry Abrams, John Maier and Eric Zwieg.

Byron Hoot

Bill Kauffman

Terry Abrams

Annual reading of John Gardner set for Oct. 27 at the Pok-A-Dot

By Howard B. Owens

The John Gardner Society will host its annual reading of Batavia's most renowned novelist at the Pok-A-Dot the evening of Oct. 27.

The reading will start at 8 p.m.

Anybody with an interest in Gardner, literature, Batavia's history, or just looking for an evening of camaraderie and entertainment, is invited to attend or read their own favorite passages from Gardner's work.

For more information or to be added to the list of readers, contact Bill Kauffman at

The event is sponsored by the John Gardner Society and Genesee Community College.

Photo: File photo from last year's reading.

Photos: The 21st reading of John Gardner at the Pok-A-Dot

By Howard B. Owens

The 21st annual John Gardner Society gathering at the Pok-A-Dot to remember Batavia's most famous novelist at his favorite local restaurant brought people in from some distance this year. There were two people who drove in from Pennsylvania, two from Indiana, and one of Gardner's best friends, who drove up from Binghamton (playwright Jan Quackenbush). Among the travelers, a former student and a former dorm mate of Gardner's. First-timers to the reading also included a couple from Buffalo.

Reading in the top photo, Beth Buechler, who was one of Gardner's students in Binghamton and traveled to Batavia from Indiana.

Tracy Ford

Bill Kauffman

Terry Abrams, of Basom, reading, as he does every year, from "On Becoming a Novelist."

Norm Morford, a dormmate's of Gardner's while in college.

Helen Maier

Other readers included Byron Hoot, from Pennsylvania, Lucine Kauffman, Steve Lewandowski, JoNelle Toriseva, and John Maier.

Photos: Annual John Gardner reading at the Pok-A-Dot

By Howard B. Owens

Batavia's literary legend John Gardner was honored Saturday night by the John Gardner Society with the annual reading from passages of his work at his favorite restaurant, the Pok-A-Dot.

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