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Learning Batavia

By Chelsea O'Brien

So, as Peter and I have time, we've slowly started to explore Batavia. We're both from the Hilton/Spencerport area, and do not really know the good places to go and who to call when we need stuff.

One of our first discoveries was Main Street Pizza last summer, and we love getting pizza from there. We order a large and bring it home to eat it for days. The coupons in the penny saver are great, too.

We've been shopping at Neptune Gardens for a while now, for all of our fish. While some supplies are limited, the fish we buy from there generally last and are quite healthy.

This past Wednesday, I got out of work early, and we decided to go out for a bite to eat. We hit up T.F. Brown's. It was terrific. Peter got corned beef and cabbage, and I got a personal pizza, and we got wings for a starter. We'll definitely be going back.

This morning we wanted something quick and easy for breakfast, and so we debated between Settler's and Miss Batavia, and chose Miss Batavia. We were in an out in less than an hour and the food was great! We both got great meals, with good portions and prices. We'll be back, and even will recommend it when we have people in town.

I think as we explore more, I'll post about our experiences. Many of our ideas about where to go comes from local advertising, such as The Batavian. We also got a few ideas from the place mat ads at Miss Batavia. While we may not know a lot of people, I'm hoping the more the explore, the more we find places to go where we might be able to meet more people.

Chimney Fire reported on Lewiston Road, Basom

By Howard B. Owens

A chimney fire, with fire outside the chimney, has been reported at 1840 Lewiston Road, Basom.

Alabama Fire has been dispatched. Oakfield is being asked to standby at the Alabama Fire Hall.

UPDATE 11:33 p.m.: A chief reports no flames showing.

UPDATE 12:18 am.: "Chimney clear. Fire out."

UPDATE 12:33 a.m.: All Alabama units back in service.

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Town of Batavia taking steps to address contaminated well water issues

By Howard B. Owens

More wells in the area of Bank Street and Townline roads have tested positive for e-coli bacteria, according to Town Supervisor Greg Post.

With 25 percent of the 55 wells checked in that area testing positive, Post said it's time for the town to make free well tests available to all homeowners in the town.

And the town is also ready to help neighborhoods that want to switch to public water get started on that process.

"I would have a hard time as town supervisor if I denied somebody even on the other side of town help if they had the same issue," Post said.

In an unattributed press release from the Town of Batavia, officials say well contamination is a serious issue that demands immediate attention. The town is working with the Genesee County Health Department to determine the extent of contamination.

From the press release:

It's the Town's experience that wells within the Town are highly susceptible to well contamination during spring thaw. The Town strongly encourages any Town of Batavia property owners that do not currently have public water to contact the Genesee County Department of Health at 585-344-2580 and request a one-time sampling. The Genesee County Health Department will collect the sample and plot the location of the water well with a GPS survey device. These samples are funded by the Town of Batavia. You may request a test for coliform bacteria and nitrates. The results of the test will be available at Batavia Town Hall.

Any property owners who are interested in public water are encouraged to notify the town in writing (either with an informal petition, by individual letter or e-mail). In areas of concentrated interest, the Town will begin the process of seeking grant funding to extend public water to those areas.

Previously: Three residential wells on State Street Road contaminated by e-coli

Olivers Candies Lends a Helping Hand to Batavia Assembly of God Girls Club

By Robin Walters


A special invitation was given to the Girls Club of Assembly of God to join in on the Easter Bunny day at Olivers Candies. The girls club is in the process of raising money to go to Camp Hill. The girls club held a hot dog sale. They had lots of help from their fellow friends and church members. The Girls Club truly thanks Manager Jeremy Liles pictured above with wife Anna and children Trinity, Jesse, and Tahlia.  A special thanks to those of you in the community that stopped by and supported the girls. Also a special thanks to Olivers Candies for the free chocolate and candy given to all that stopped to see the Easter Bunny.

Hey I even caught our very own Howard on camera!  It was an awesome spring day out!

These two employees enjoy the day sharing the joy with all that came in the store.


Royal Rangers host pinewood derby

By daniel cherry

Today at 8:30 am was the annual Outpost 42 pinewood derby. Jimmy Left and Daniel right on the top photo placed 1st and second in adventure Rangers class.The second image is the wegh in.The cars must be 5.5 ounces or less.Whew lucky ours were less.The 3rd picture down is prims class.The last image is "the finish".The cars are moving at lightning speed.Thanks to all who made this possible for the children and young adults .We do appreciate it...dan

All-terrain vehicle accident in Byron

By Billie Owens

Byron fire and an ambulance are headed to the scene of an accident involving an all-terrain vehicle at 6943 Warboys Road in Bryon. Minor injuries are reported.

Grass fire reported on Transit Road

By Howard B. Owens

A small, unattended grass fire has been reported in the area of 9754 Transit Road.

The call was initially sent to Stafford Fire, but the fire may actually be on the other side of the road, in Bethany's district, so Bethany Fire has been asked to respond as well.

UPDATE 2:53 p.m.: A chief on scene has confirmed it's Stafford district.

UPDATE 3:00 p.m.: Now they say it's in the Bethany district.

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Easter Bunny hops into Oliver's for annual visit

By Howard B. Owens

Six-month-old Jaylynne, with her mother Tesla Greck, met the Easter Bunny for the first time today at Oliver's Candies. The Easter Bunny made a special guest appearance at Oliver's today and gave out candy to dozens of children who came by for a visit.

Blue Devils drop semi-final game to Westhill

By Howard B. Owens

Disappointing first half for Batavia in its semi-final championship match against Westhill.

The Blue Devils trail at the half, 40-22.

The story line of the first half is pretty simple: Batavia's shots haven't been falling and Westhill pretty much can't miss.

Westhill started the game with a three-point goal and Batavia has been chasing the Section III champs all night.

You can listen to the game live on WBTA.

UPDATE 9:41 P.M.: At the end of the third quarter, 51-37, Westhill. Early in the third quarter, Batavia pulled within 10 points, but then Westhill took control back and quickly erased all of the Blue Devil's progress. Listen on WBTA.

UPDATE 10:03 p.m.: Westhill wins, 69-53. Andrew Hoy led Batavia with 24 points.

UPDATE on Saturday evening: has four good photos from the game.

Three from Genesee County to be honored at annual sports award dinner

By Howard B. Owens

Three people from Genesee County will be honored by the Rochester Press-Radio Club at its annual sports awards banquent in May.

  • Mike Rapone, Notre Dame High basketball coach, will be named the High School Coach of the Year.
  • Batavian Katie Stack, an RIT hockey player, will be named Female College Athlete of the Year.
  • Lindsay Chatt, from Oakfield-Alabama, will receive the Jerry Flynn Award, for a high school student who excels in athletics, academics and community service.

Founded in 1949, the Rochester Press-Radio Club raises money for local charities and its annual sports awards are one of the most prestigious regional award programs in the United States.

This year, the headliner for the dinner is New Orleans Saint and former San Diego Charger quarterback Drew Brees.

The dinner is May 12 and tickets are $125 per person, with group rates available.

Dairy farmers being asked to weigh in on anti-trust issues at GCC meeting

By Howard B. Owens

Are New York's dairy farmers being harmed by possible monopolies in the milk-processing industry?

That's one of the questions the nation's top anti-trust cop will try to answer when she meets with a group of dairy owners at Genesee Community College at 11 a.m., March 27.

The meeting isn't a hearing, but Assistant Attorney General Christine Varney will be on hand to hear directly from farmers what complaints they might have regarding alleged price fixing.

New York Farm Bureau President Dean Norton said the farm bureau has been working on getting farmers to the meeting, but he doesn't have a position on whether there are monopoly practices in the industry.

"I can't say yes or no to that question," Norton said. "There are some people who believe there are monopolies in the industry, but I don't know if there is any hard evidence to prove it. That's one thing I guess Varney wants to find out."

Sen. Charles Schumer helped arrange the meeting after learning that Varney has been working on anti-trust issues in other parts of the agriculture industry.

(via Watershed Post)

'Living composer' visits Batavia elementary school

By Daniel Crofts

You learn a lot about great dead composers in music class -- Bach, Mozart and Beethoven, etc.

The kids at John Kennedy Elementary School got a lesson that's a little different this year: learning about a living composer who doesn't live too far from Batavia!

Mark Hijleh, Ph.D, a Houghton resident and professor of Music Theory and Composition at Houghton College, has written many musical pieces in the last couple of decades. These include scores for short films made at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Some of his music is available online, including the piece that John Kennedy School's music teacher, Jeffrey Langdon, chose to share with his students.

"When [Langdon] realized that I lived close by," Hijleh said, "he asked me if I would come in and speak to the kids."

Hijleh is no stranger to the Batavia area. He conducted the Genesee Symphony Orchestra in 1997, and his wife -- also a Houghton professor -- had James Schmeider as a voice student. Schmeider had leading roles in a number of summer theater productions in Batavia.

Hijleh was kind enough to sit down with The Batavian for a Q&A session, in addition to answering students' questions.


Q: What led you to become a composer?

A: I started with music lessons when I was a kid. I was about 7 when I asked my parents if I could learn to play the piano. Then about five years later I got real serious about it. I started to hear music in my head, and I experienced strong feelings that I wanted to share [through music]. I got a lot of support as my musical interest and talent developed. My high school band director encouraged us to be creative, and my piano teacher helped me out when I started to write my own music.

Q: Did your parents ever say anything like, "Are you sure you don't want to be a doctor?"

A: Good question. Actually, I had very supportive parents. My dad was a computer programmer, but he had always wanted to be a musician. My mother, who was a teacher, was also someone who appreciated music. And I was an only child, so they could afford to support my efforts. I did think about being a lawyer, actually. But then I came to realize that we each have our own calling, our own talents and interests, and this was mine.

Q: Music programs are often prime targets when it comes to budget cuts. Based on your years of experience, do you think music has any practical value that makes it worth funding?

A: The cost question is not inconsequential. Frankly, I think that part of the concern, as far as cost goes, has to do with the question of whether or not music education is relevant to contemporary culture -- more specifically, of whether or not it effectively prepares children for life in an increasingly global society.

Up until about 30 ago, music classes focused almost exclusively on Western Classical music. And there's a lot to be said for Western Classical music, but the relevance of music education becomes questionable when it focuses on one narrow category. But I have seen music education become more progressive in recent years. Teachers and students are discovering a whole world of inspiring and powerful music from many different cultures, and they've come to understand that different forms of music can't be judged by the exact same standards.

As society has become more global, we have proven that music is a good way to help different cultures connect with each other. Every human society has music -- none that we know of don't have it. And there are a lot of things that some cultures don't have, but music isn't one of them. It's relevant to all cultures and absolutely elemental to the human spirit. By helping kids understand the importance of music, we can help them to understand the ways in which what they're listening to on their iPods -- and how they're listening to it, for that matter -- can relate to their lives and influence their decision-making.

Q: What composers have influenced you the most?

A: If I had to narrow it down I'd mention two composers. One is Olivier Messiaen, a French composer who lived from 1908-1992. He contributed greatly to the field, both in terms of the development of musical language and its connection to spirituality. The other is John Williams, the film composer. He's been heard all around the world, probably more than any other composer because of the universal presence of film. I've learned from his ability to both make his music interesting in terms of content and make sure it communicates effectively.


Q: What does it feel like to be a composer?

A: It's very exciting, but also a little scary because you're sharing inner feelings and thoughts with people and you don't know how they'll react. But it feels really good when people like your music! So it's a risk and a reward to communicate musically.

Q: What inspires you to be a composer?

A: I have music going on in my head all the time, and also in my heart, and it just has to come out and be shared.

Q: What's your favorite song that you didn't write?

A: Honestly, there are so many I just can't choose!

The Houghton Philharmonia Orchestra will play one of Hijleh's pieces, an Arabic-inspired work called "Sama'i Hijaz al Hijleh," in a 7 p.m. concert tomorrow at Attica High School.

Students evacuated from Le Roy High for bomb threat

By Howard B. Owens

A message making a bomb threat was found around noon at Le Roy High School today.

The entire student body was evacuated to the athletic fields.

A New York State Police bomb-sniffing dog was brought in and no bomb was found. Students were allowed to return to class around 2 p.m.

Batavia man faces federal complaint for sharing files on sex site

By Howard B. Owens

A federal complaint was filed in Buffalo last week against a Batavia man accused of sharing pictures online in a chatroom depicting naked young girls in revealing positions.

A federal agent was monitoring the chatroom as an administrator on the two occasions when the Batavia man allegedly entered the discussion area.

Samuel W. Nigro, of 145 Trumbull Parkway, is accused of violating Title 18, United States Code, Section 2256(8), which deals with interstate commerce and using both physical and digital means to share material depicting minors in a sexual way across state lines.

According to an affidavit filed by Investigator Matthew R. Meyer of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Nigro entered chatrooms at and shared files with another user.

Meyer reports searching Nigro's home on Dec. 9 and seizing two computers, an external hard drive and thumb drives.

There were explicit video files involving prepubescent girls on the devices, according to Meyer, but no charges were listed in the complaint for items found on the devices.

As an administrator, Meyer was able to obtain the IP address for the users, and after Time Warner responded to a subpoena, it was determined that the IP address of one of the users was linked to a subscriber at the Trumbull Parkway residence.

The alleged chats took place on May 21 and June 17. is registered to a man in Sweden, Stefan Sederholm, according to the domain registration company Go Daddy, but the domain has been suspended for "Spam and Abuse."

Two cars reportedly hit near Thruway tollbooth

By Howard B. Owens

Two cars apparently collided when leaving the tollbooth at the Batavia exit of the Thruway.

Initially, there were injuries reported, but a first responder reports he doesn't believe there are injuries.

There is a fluid leak.

Town of Batavia Fire and Mercy EMS are responding.

Blue Devils in state championship semi-finals tonight

By Howard B. Owens

It's Friday, and it's a big night out for the Batavia Blue Devils.

Buddy Brasky's team plays a semi-final state championship tournament game at 8:30 p.m. in Glens Falls.

If the Blue Devils beat Section 3 champion Westhill (20-2), Batavia (20-3) will play for the Class B state championship on Saturday at 9 p.m.

Tonight's game will be broadcast live on WBTA.

Should the Blue Devils advance, The Batavian will cover the championship game on Saturday. T.F. Brown's is sponsoring the coverage (we can accept two more sponsors to help cover the cost of our trip, so if any businesses want to be a sponsor, let me know today).

Police Beat: Man accused of breaking window at friend's house

By Howard B. Owens

Robert Michael Price, 25, of 693 E. Main St., Batavia, is charged with DWI, driving with a BAC of .08 or greater and criminal mischief, 4th. Price allegedly drove to a friend's house and broke the window at a little after midnight today. Deputy Frank Bordonaro arrested Price on the additional charge of DWI.

Matthew J. Klink, 38, of Albion, is charged with DWI and driving with a BAC of .08 or greater. Klink was stopped by state police at 12:28 a.m., Thursday, on Route 77 in Alabama. No further details released.

Anthony W. Johnson, 54, of Buffalo, is charged with DWI. Johnson was arrested by state police at 11:43 p.m., Wednesday following an accident on the Thruway at mile marker 383.8, Town of Stafford. Erin M. Vecio, 33, of Pittsford, was reported as the driver of the other vehicle. One person was reported injured in the accident. No further details were released.

Accidents from the state police blotter:

5:18 p.m., March 18, Thruway, mile marker 396.6, Pembroke, two vehicles; Driver 1: Elvira R. Alexander, 33, of Renselaer; Driver 2: hit-and-run suspect. No injuries reported.

Council facing busy agenda for Monday's meeting

By Howard B. Owens

The Batavia City Council will have a full agenda when it meets at 7 p.m., Monday, at City Hall.

  • The council will be asked to act on awarding a contract for removal of liquid lime sludge from the water treatment facility to A.D. Call and Sons.
  • Up for review are a number of requirements related to receiving Community Development Block Grants for neighborhood improvement efforts.
  • A request to seek qualified consultants to help with the city's strategic planning.
  • Councilwoman Rose Mary Christian has asked for a discussion about proposing legislation regarding the residential location of sex offenders.
  • Councilman Sam Barone has asked for a discussion on compliance letters for code violations and local representation of out-of-state landlords.
  • The public items on the agenda are then followed by a closed session for a personnel matter and union negotiations.

Reward offered in drug robbery case in Le Roy

By Howard B. Owens

The Le Roy Police Department and Crime Stoppers are offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of a man who robbed a Rite Aid of pharmaceutical drugs on March 5.

The reward is funded by Purdue Pharam, with operates a program aimed at teaming pharmacists and law enforcement to combat pharmacy thefts.

Anyone with information about the robbery or the suspect is asked to call the Crime Stoppers Hotline at (888) 4RxTIPS or (888-479-8477).

Tips are confidential.

The suspect is described as as a white male, approximately 5'7", and he wore a yellow-hooded sweatshirt, blue jeans and a mask.

The suspect allegedly entered the Rite Aid Pharmacy, 151 W. Main St., Le Roy, at 8:55 p.m., March 5, and implied he had a gun and demanded prescription medicines. The suspect then fled through the front door with an undetermined amount of medicine.

Top Items on Batavia's List

4 BEDROOM SINGLE FAMILY HOME. Walnut Street, Batavia Available 1/1/24. Three bedrooms upstairs, One bedroom 1st floor, (Possible 5th bedroom 1st floor), One bathroom, Dinning room, Laundry hook-ups in kitchen, large yard, full basement, parking for two cars. $1,100 includes weekly trash pickup 2 bags. HUD approved. Background check and good references required. Call 585-300-9111
Tags: Rentals
City of Batavia, NY Position: Cleaner The City of Batavia is accepting applications for a Part-Time Cleaner. The hourly rate is $15.43. The position is responsible for routine and repetitive manual work calling for the performance of simple cleaning duties. Work is performed under direct supervision of a supervisor who assigns tasks and frequently inspects and evaluates the employee and their work when completed. Civil Service applications and job description may be picked up at the City’s Human Resources Office, 2 nd Floor, One Batavia City Centre, Batavia, NY. Please submit completed applications to Rebecca McGee, Human Resources Director, One Batavia City Centre, Batavia, NY by December 15, 2023. Background check and drug testing required.
Tags: Jobs offered
Crossroads House is a comfort care home for the dying. We are a non-for-profit organization that provides its services free of charge. We run on a supportive community and selfless volunteers. With out both of those we would not be able to serve our community. If you have a caregiver's heart and 2 to 4 hours a week, we would love for you to become a part of our Crossroads House family! No experience required, we will train you and provide mentors and experienced volunteers to guide you. Please go to to apply, click on volunteer tab to complete application or email [email protected]
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