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Route 77 will close temporarily north of Thruway near the Pembroke interchange

By Philip Anselmo

Update at 2:13pm: Route 77 (Alleghany Road) is still closed off in the Corfu area.

Emergency crews will temporarily close down Route 77 (Alleghany Road) north of the Thruway to clear a tractor trailer that was in an accident there, according to the Genesee County sheriff's dispatchers. Crews need to be able to get in and get out with the tractor trailer. The road should be opened back up shortly after the vehicle is removed. 

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You know, I wondered why it was like a ghost town where I live. I live on Alleghany Road between Phelps and Meiser, and I went out to the mailbox to find <i><b>no one</i></b> on the road! Now I know!

I hope everyone was ok in the tractor trailer accident!

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