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Hawley passes bill authorizing three weeks of big game hunting annually in Genesee County

By Billie Owens

Press release:

Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia) is pleased to announce passage of a bill which will authorize Orleans County and Genesee County residents to hunt big game from Nov. 15 till Dec. 7. The bill allows residents to hunt using pistols, shotguns, muzzle-loaded firearms, long bows, crossbows or rifles.

“Hunting is an important part of our history, it is how our forefathers survived and provided for their families,” Hawley said. “As a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, I am proud to announce that citizens of Orleans and Genesee counties will be able to continue this centuries-old tradition that is such a huge part of our Western New York culture.

"As a proud outdoorsman myself, I will continue to work tirelessly to protect our constitutional rights from special interests attempting to restrict them. The passage of this bill is a step in the right direction toward maintaining our freedom and right to own firearms.”

Scott Chismar

Wow! Hawley becomes productive on an issue! This must be a relief for all those people who have been forced to make their way to the meat aisle at Tops to buy their meat. They can now strap themselves with arms, hang around in the woods all day and if lucky, take down some animal so that they can provide food for their families. Man, what a productiive great guy Hawley is.

With this accomplishment under his belt, maybe Hawley can move on to a few other agenda items. Little things such as bringing much needed jobs to our area, halting the opiate crisis and cleaning up our streams and air.

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david spaulding

it is funny how the political can put thought to paper...he claims that a centuries old tradition can continue due to this legislation when in reality without the legislation it would have gone on anyways...all they did was add some weapons of choice.... a politico on an ego trip , what a concept.. go steve go

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Julie Morales

I agree, Scott….that forefathers comment is dumb. That appeals to some folk. But Tops don’t sell that succulent squirrel meat you just can’t get from a factory farm. I bet squirrel chops are yum marinated with a can of Busch, and just a hint of gunpowder. Render the heck out of it. Then mount his little taxidermied head to display with genuine masculine pride.

It’s nice to know that achieving Utopia is simply a matter of “getting rid of” the Dems. I can see that’s working wonderfully in Washington. Oh well, it wouldn’t be a true swaggering victory without a petty slam against the enemy.

What’s really sad is a hunter for whom “..pistols, shotguns, muzzle-loaded firearms, long bows, crossbows…” apparently aren’t enough to kill defenseless animals. Maybe lobby for cannons and dynamite.

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Frank Bartholomew

I think grenades and rocket launchers would suffice Julie,I'm sure the NRA would endorse it.
After all deer sometimes roam in herds,like they do in the city,one shot kill all.How the hell can hunting be called a sport,has anyone informed the animals they are playing?

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Frank Bartholomew

Only 4 downers when I pissed off 2 groups,I thought I could have gotten at least 10.
Hunting can't be a sport,first off,the animals never get a turn on offense,and when the word sport is used in this context,most definitions have the words,compete,or competition in them.
I have nothing against hunting or hunters,its just not a sport.Same goes for sport fishing,its catch and release,nothing sporty about it.

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