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January 13, 2023 - 10:55am
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Press Release:

Genesee County Economic Development Center (GCEDC) has accepted initial applications for incentives to advance the two of the largest capital investment projects in the County’s history. Edwards Vacuum, part of the Atlas Copco Group, is proposing to invest $212 million for the first phase of the company’s semiconductor dry pump manufacturing project at New York’s Green Manufacturing mega site at STAMP; while Horizon Acres Associates, Inc. is proposing to invest $142 million to build six flex commercial/industrial facilities totaling 1.5 million square feet in the Town of Pembroke.

“These are substantial milestones for our community as Atlas Copco Group and Horizon Acres Associates Inc. are making two of the largest financial investments in county history,” said GCEDC President and CEO Steve Hyde. “These historic investments represent the significant interest we’ve seen in Genesee County and at STAMP among companies exploring new business opportunities as a result of the growth of the advanced manufacturing and semiconductor sectors in our region and across upstate.”

Phase 1 of Edwards Vacuum’s “factory of the future” will create 343 high-wage careers that will support the company’s domestic semiconductor customer base. It is anticipated that over a 20-year span, the project will generate approximately $13.4 million in revenues for the Town of Alabama, Genesee County, Oakfield-Alabama School District, and the Alabama Fire Department.

Atlas Copco USA Holdings Inc. & Subsidiaries (Edwards Vacuum) has requested sales tax exemptions of $4.34 million and a 20-year property tax abatement of approximately $12.85 million. The project is estimated to generate $644 million in payroll and projected future municipal revenues, a $39 benefit to the local economy for every $1 of public investment.

A public hearing will be scheduled on the proposed project agreements in the town of Alabama. Horizon Acres Associates, LLC’s 1.5 million square-foot flex campus will play a vital role in growing the capacity for business growth in Genesee County and support the attraction of companies locating at the Science and Technology Advanced Manufacturing Park (STAMP) and other nearby locations. The campus will include six flex commercial/industrial facilities, with plans to start construction in late 2023.

The facilities will be suitable for a large single tenant, multiple smaller tenants, or suppliers for advanced manufacturing projects. The development is estimated to create up to 400 new jobs at full capacity.

Horizon Acres Associates, LLC has requested a sales tax exemption estimated at $6.2 million, a property tax abatement estimated at $11.9 million, and a mortgage tax exemption estimated at $1.1 million. The project is projected to generate $7.9 million in revenues to the Town of Pembroke, the Pembroke Central School District and Genesee County during the proposed 10-year PILOT agreement, which is estimated at 39.5 times the municipal revenue that would be generated under the property’s current use.

The GCEDC’s economic analysis of the project estimates a $227 million impact, including $218 million in payroll and $9.1 million in future municipal revenues. For every $1 of public benefit the project is projected to generate $16 into the local economy. A public hearing will be scheduled on the proposed project agreements in the town of Pembroke.

Finally, the board accepted a final resolution from NY CDG Genesee 4 LLC for a 4.275 MW community solar farm in the Town of Pavilion on Shepard Road. The $6.5 million project is projected to generate approximately $500,000 in future revenues to Genesee County, the Town of Pavilion and the Pavilion Central Schools.

November 3, 2022 - 11:08pm

Press release:

Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R, C - Batavia) today praised the recent announcement that Edwards Vacuum, a British-based world leader in vacuum and abatement equipment in the semiconductor industry and part of the Atlas Copco Group, has chosen the Western New York Science & Technology Advanced Manufacturing Park (STAMP)  in 139th A.D. as the location for its new $319 million, U.S. dry pump manufacturing facility. The specific technology that will be produced at the new facility is an integral part of the sensitive manufacturing process.

This highly-protected technology and process will make the new facility one of a few globally that will have the ability to produce this product. Hawley noted that this serious investment will attract some of the best minds and leaders in the semiconductor field across the world to relocate and grow in Western New York.

“New York continues to be a serious global player in the semiconductor world, and for our community to be home to this future facility reinforces the meaningful commitment we all have to bring jobs to our area and grow our economy,” said Hawley. “The trickle-down positive impact this will have on the district, for economic growth, our schools and future success, cannot be underscored. Creating 600 jobs is significant and I could not be prouder to have those jobs located in our region.”

With the recent global supply chain issues that have caused shortages in product and increases in prices for everything from cars to cell phones, Hawley believes this will better position New Yorkers and Americans across the country to economically benefit from this investment.

“This is welcome news not only for the significant local economic impact, but this will help everyday New Yorkers and Americans to better afford the wide array of consumer goods tied to the semiconductor technology. It’s an extremely exciting day for our region and I look forward to future growth,” concluded Hawley.

November 2, 2022 - 6:11pm
posted by Howard B. Owens in WNY STAMP, Edwards Vacuum, news, GCEDC, notify.


The commitment is in place but there is still a lot of work to be done before construction can begin on the new manufacturing facility Edwards Vacuum plans to build at WNY STAMP.

Steve Hyde, CEO of GCEDC, said the proposed project, once built out, with 600 jobs, will be the largest new manufacturing plant in Genesee County history.

"That's about a 20 percent increase in our manufacturing employment," Hyde said.

But before the first person can be hired, there are permits to be obtained, an environmental review process to complete, site plans to review, and an incentive package with GCEDC to negotiate.

The permitting process will make the coming months a bit busier for officials in the Town of Alabama.

Typically, job-creation projects receive three primary tax breaks. The first is a PILOT, or payment in lieu of taxes. The PILOT forgives a portion of property taxes (the portion derived from an increase in assessed value) in exchange for payments to local governments.  The second is a sales tax abatement on construction materials. And the third is a mortgage tax abatement. 

GCEDC has yet to reach an agreement with Edwards on those incentives, which will require a public hearing and board approval once the details are worked out.

"All of that comes down to a fundamental thing -- is it a competitive world or not?" Hyde said. "And it's a very competitive world, especially for projects in the semiconductor industry. So you know, those are all important pieces that are negotiated."

Edwards doesn't hold all the cards in any negotiation, however.  In prior interviews, both Hyde and Sen. Charles Schumer pointed out that STAMP is located along a growing semiconductor corridor between Fishkill and Ohio, and the Micron Technologies plant announced last month for the Syracuse area is a significant large potential customer for Edwards.  And a source in Gov. Kathy Hochul's office pointed out in an email today Wolfspeed and Global Foundries, among others along the I-90 corridor, are existing or potential customers for Edwards.

STAMP also benefits from a renewable energy source, Niagara Falls.

Edwards Vacuum also stands to benefit from $20 million in incentives from the State of New York.  Most of that money comes in the form of Excelsior Jobs Tax Credits.  The company only receives the tax credits if they make the qualifying hires.

There is also a workforce development grant that Edwards can earn as it builds out its staff.

The increase in new plant development across the nation is being driven largely by the CHIPS and Science Act, a bill authored by Schumer, that provides $59 billion in grants along with tax credits for companies building out the nation's capacity for producing computer chips.

Edwards is moving forward with its plans even though the company cannot yet apply for CHIPS assistance.

"(Edwards) has plans to put in their own version of a CHIPS application," Hyde said. "But no one has an official commitment yet because the window isn't even open to put the applications in. The Department of Commerce says, I think, it's February when they'll start taking applications. And I know these guys plan on putting in a very thoughtful application as well."

If all goes to plan -- and Hyde said the GCEDC staff is committed to getting through the process smoothly -- contractors for Edwards could put the first shovel into the ground in the spring.

Edwards has committed to an 80-acre parcel in the northeast quadrant of STAMP, all east of Crosby Road.

One additional job for GCEDC is building out the infrastructure, such as sewer and water, for the site.  Hyde said GCEDC will apply for a new state grant program to help pay for building infrastructure.

Edwards is planning to invest $319 million to build a manufacturing plant in two phases. The first phase will be 255,000 square feet, with 240,000 square feet dedicated to manufacturing. The remaining floor space will be used for a warehouse and administration.  The second phase will be 130,000 square feet.  

The company hopes to complete the first phase by the fourth quarter of 2024 and in that first phase, will employ from 300 to 350 people.  The second phase will round out the anticipated 600 new hires sometime in 2026.

"They're not letting any grass grow under their feet on this project," Hyde said.

Photo: File photo.

November 2, 2022 - 11:57am
posted by Howard B. Owens in Charles Schumer, WNY STAMP, notify, Edwards Vacuum, GCEDC.


This morning's announcement that Edwards Vacuum is going to build a $319 million dry-pump manufacturing facility at WNY STAMP is a good indication, said Sen. Charles Schumer, that there are more high-tech companies who will choose to locate new plants at the park.

"We had a good chance before landing Edwards and now those chances are even better," Schumer told The Batavian during an exclusive interview.

Edwards is a major player in the semiconductor industry, Schumer said, and the decision by the company's CEO, Geert Follens, helps validate STAMP as a viable option for other companies in the semiconductor supply chain as well as a semiconductor fabricator.

The British-based company makes the vacuums that help keep chip manufacturing clean rooms clean.

"Once you land a serious company like this, other semiconductor companies are going to take notice," Schumer said.

Schumer is the author of the CHIPs and Science Act, which provides $52 billion in manufacturing grants and establishes a 25 percent investment tax credit for increasing semiconductor manufacturing in the U.S. 

That bill, Schumer said, was a significant factor in the decision by Micron Technologies to build a major chip manufacturing plant near Syracuse and Micron's selection of New York helped STAMP beat out a competing site in another nearby state for the Edwards facility, Schumer said. 

Phase One of Edwards Vacuum’s 240,000 square-foot campus includes manufacturing, warehouse and administration.  The company is expected to employ 600 people and the state and federal financial incentives tied to the deal require Edwards to meet that employment goal.

Edwards will also negotiate a PILOT agreement (a reduction in property taxes on the increased value of the property in exchange for payments to local governments), along with sales tax, and mortgage tax abatements with GCEDC.

In an interview with The Batavian yesterday, GCEDC Steve Hyde said there was a major announcement coming soon (which came a lot sooner than he suggested) about STAMP, and he also said there are about 20 companies with some interest in STAMP and another five or six with serious interest.

Schumer agreed with that assessment.

"There is a lot of interest in STAMP," said Schumer, a big baseball fan. "We have to land them but we're on third base and getting ready to score."

File photo of Sen. Charles Schumer at WNY STAMP in August 2020 calling for passage of the CHIPS Act. Photo by Howard Owens.

November 2, 2022 - 10:02am
posted by Press Release in WNY STAMP, GCEDC, Edwards Vacuum, Charles Schumer, notify.

Press release:

Governor Hochul and U.S. Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer today announced that Edwards Vacuum, a British-based world leader in vacuum and abatement equipment in the semiconductor industry and part of the Atlas Copco Group, has chosen the Western New York Science & Technology Advanced Manufacturing Park (STAMP), located in Genesee County, as the location for their new $319 million, U.S. dry pump manufacturing facility. The dry pump technology that will be produced at the new facility is a vital component to controlling the highly sensitive environment of semiconductor manufacturing processes. Phase One of Edwards Vacuum’s 240,000 square-foot campus include manufacturing, warehouse and administration. This new commitment from a global leader in the semiconductor manufacturing supply chain to invest in New York State builds on the announcement that Micron is investing an unprecedented $100 billion in Central New York.   

“This major investment from Edwards Vacuum builds on our momentum to secure New York as a leader in semiconductor manufacturing,” Governor Hochul said. “On the heels of Micron’s $100 billion commitment to Central New York, as well as New York’s Green CHIPS legislation and the federal CHIPS and Science Act, we are better positioned than ever to make New York a global hub for advanced manufacturing and attract the jobs of the future. I am thrilled to welcome Edwards Vacuum to Genesee County and look forward to working with them, as well as our local, state, and federal partners, as they make New York their home.”

The CHIPS And Science Act delivers for Upstate New York again,” said Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer.  “I am thrilled to announce Edwards Vacuum, a major player in semiconductor supply chain, will soon power Genesee County with an over $300 million plant and 600 good-paying jobs!  From Micron’s major investment in Central NY and Wolfspeed’s new fab in Marcy, to onsemi soon beginning in the Hudson Valley and GlobalFoundries building a new fab in the Capital Region, and now Edward’s supercharging our semiconductor supply chain at Western New York’s STAMP site, Upstate is becoming the global hub for the chip industry. I told Edwards Vacuum’s top brass last month there was no better site than STAMP to locate a new plant and I’m glad they heeded my call.  With my CHIPS and Science Act as the lighting rod, we are now seeing energy flow into Upstate’s manufacturing sector like never before, and this investment will further cement that the future of microchips will be built with American-made products, crafted by New York workers.”

Kate Wilson, President of Edwards’ Semiconductor business, said, “I am delighted that we are announcing this new facility in the state of New York. Against a backdrop of growing demand, clearly showing a greater need for investment in manufacturing capabilities that are located close to our customers, we continue to commit significant investment in our operational footprint. This is critical to ensure we retain our position as the vacuum and abatement partner of choice to the global semiconductor industry.”  

Edwards Vacuum will provide internal training and education, allowing every employee to explore and advance their career opportunities. Additionally, Edwards is committed to recruiting entry-level employees from disadvantaged communities and partnering with existing community-based recruitment and training programs, to provide both soft skills and technical skills that will provide employment opportunities that have not been available in those communities previously. 

STAMP is a 1,250-acre mega site at the forefront of green manufacturing growth in New York. Developed to provide high-capacity, low-cost renewable electricity in a strategic location in the Buffalo-Rochester Tech Corridor, STAMP has attracted over $500 million of investment  by innovative companies. With over 500 available buildable acres on-site, 1.1 million people within 30 miles, and 30,000 annually enrolled engineering students at nearby colleges and universities, STAMP is positioned to accelerate New York’s growing semiconductor manufacturing, advanced manufacturing, and renewables manufacturing industries. 

Empire State Development President, CEO and Commissioner Hope Knight said, “Attracting supply chain partners in the semiconductor industry is key building a stronger ecosystem in New York State. Edwards Vacuum’s choice of STAMP for its new facility further cements New York State as a leader in the semiconductor industry.” 

New York Power Authority Interim President and CEO Justin E. Driscoll said, “Edwards Vacuum’s STAMP investment is a testament to New York’s emergence as a global leader in semiconductor manufacturing. Securing reliable supply chain partners is critical to the semiconductor industry, and projects like this showcase the unique attributes of New York that will help the industry grow here.” 

As part of the agreement with Edwards Vacuum, ESD has offered up to $21 million in a combination of performance-based Excelsior Jobs Tax Credits, Investment Tax Credits and an additional $1 million to support Workforce Development and the training of a Diverse and Inclusive Workforce in exchange for 600 new full-time jobs at the location  Additionally, the New York Power Authority Board of Trustees will review an application for low-cost Niagara hydropower at a future public meeting. 

Edwards Vacuum is anticipated to apply for agreements at a later date with the Genesee County Economic Development Center to support the company's investment at STAMP through property, sales, and mortgage tax assistance. The request would support the largest workforce and capital investment proposed by any company at a GCEDC-developed site. 

Last month, Senator Schumer personally called Edwards Vacuum President, Geert Follens, to urge the global semiconductor supply chain company to expand in Upstate New York. Senator Schumer's bipartisan CHIPS and Science Act, creates an Investment Tax Credit for semiconductor manufacturing facilities and supply chain partners such as Edwards Vacuum as well as a first of its kind $52 billion in federal incentives to spur American semiconductor research, development, manufacturing, and workforce training to bring good-paying jobs back from overseas, strengthen national security, and reestablish America's technological leadership. The bill requires recipients of these incentives to make significant worker and community investments that support equitable economic growth. Edwards Vacuum is expected to also apply for incentives under the CHIPS and Science Act.  Schumer has long supported STAMP’s development and to attract new semiconductor and advanced manufacturing companies to locate at STAMP.  Schumer said these new federal and state investments are creating a new ‘Erie Canal’ across upstate New York by attracting thousands of new jobs in the semiconductor industry from the Hudson Valley to Western New York’s STAMP. 

Semiconductors, and their supply chain partners, are vital to the nation's economic strength, serving as the brains of modern electronics, and enabling technologies critical to U.S. economic growth, national security, and global competitiveness. The industry directly employs over 277,000 people in the U.S. and supports more than 1.8 million additional domestic jobs. Semiconductors are a top five U.S. export, and the industry is the number one contributor to labor productivity, supporting improvements to the effectiveness and efficiency of virtually every economic sector — from farming to manufacturing. Earlier this year, Governor Hochul signed New York's nation-leading Green CHIPS legislation into law to attract top semiconductor manufacturing businesses to the state and secure commitments to good-paying jobs, sustainability, and community benefits.

Supply chain issues and a decline in the United States' share of global chip production are causing undue hardships to every aspect of the economy. This erosion of U.S. chip production capacity puts the nation at a strategic disadvantage in several critical areas, including national security, technological innovation, and economic growth and independence. Because more than 300 industries use chips — from cars to cellphones — their scarcity drives up prices of other consumer goods. Edwards Vacuum’s new facility will position New York State as a national leader in reshoring vital semiconductor jobs to the U.S. 

Genesee County Legislature Chair Shelley Stein said, “We are so proud that STAMP will be the location of the largest economic development investment in the history of Genesee County. On behalf of my colleagues in the Genesee County Legislature we welcome Edwards Vacuum to our community and look forward to their success here and the career opportunities they will provide for our hard-working residents. This announcement demonstrates the diligent focus of Genesee County to plan, prepare and welcome 21st-century manufacturing to our county.” 

Town of Alabama Supervisor Rob Crossen said,  “Our shared vision through the development of STAMP is to play a role in bringing new jobs and investments to Genesee County and to improve the quality of life for our residents. The latter has begun through enhanced infrastructure improvements, especially as it pertains to water services, and we’re pleased that STAMP and our community is attracting advanced manufacturing companies and good paying jobs.” 

Finger Lakes Regional Economic Development Council Co-Chairs, Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Bob Duffy and SUNY Geneseo President Denise Battles said, "We congratulate Edwards Vacuum on this incredible project, and welcome them to the state-of-the-art Western NY Science, Technology and Advanced Manufacturing Park in Genesee County. These top-quality jobs will help to energize the regional economy, furthering its reputation as the center of technology and progress.

Steve Hyde, Genesee County Economic Development Center President & CEO, said, “There is a saying that economic development is a marathon and not a sprint and that has been our approach to STAMP ever since it was a concept on paper over a decade ago. That’s why it is so gratifying to see how that steady and purposeful approach is resulting in a significant return on the investment that has been made through the years by our public and private sector partners and in particular by Senator Schumer and Governor Hochul by this announcement today. This announcement shows that STAMP and our region are the ideal location for semiconductor industry growth.” 

Greater Rochester Enterprise President and CEO Matt Hurlbutt said, “Edwards Vacuum, an innovative vacuum equipment manufacturer that serves the semiconductor industry, is expanding at the Western New York Science and Technology Advanced Manufacturing Park in the Greater Rochester, NY region to capitalize on this mega site’s unique infrastructure, which includes reliable, low-cost hydropower and unlimited water supply. Rochester, NY is also attractive because of the concentration of highly skilled talent with mechanical and electrical engineering expertise and regional workforce development partners who offer stackable credential programs and certificate programs to train Edward Vacuum’s future workforce. GRE connected Edwards Vacuum to numerous economic development resources to support this expansion in Rochester and will continue to support the company as this project unfolds.” 

This major investment adds to New York's already robust semiconductor industry. In addition to Micron’s major $100 billion investment in Central New York, New York has multiple global industry chip leaders like GlobalFoundries, Wolfspeed, onsemi, and IBM. New York is also home to the world-renowned Albany Nanotech Complex, which is a multibillion-dollar public-private partnership, comprising the most advanced, publicly owned, 300-millimeter semiconductor research and development facility and bringing together premier universities and leading industry players to drive cutting-edge chip development. Because of the tireless advocacy of Governor Hochul and Senator Schumer, semiconductor supply chain companies like Edwards are also growing as well. Earlier this year Corning Incorporated invested $139 million, creating over 270 new jobs in Monroe County to meet the demands of the growing semiconductor market.

About Edwards Vacuum  
Edwards is the leading developer and manufacturer of sophisticated vacuum products, exhaust management systems and related value-added services. These are integral to manufacturing processes for semiconductors, flat panel displays, LEDs and solar cells; are used within an increasingly diverse range of industrial processes including power, glass and other coating applications, steel and other metallurgy, pharmaceutical and chemical; and for both scientific instruments and a wide range of R&D applications. 

Edwards has more than 8,000 employees worldwide engaged in the design, manufacture and support of high technology vacuum and exhaust management equipment and has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Europe, Asia and North America. 

Edwards is part of the Atlas Copco Group (NASDAQ OMX Stockholm: ATCO A, ATCO B), a Sweden-based provider of industrial productivity solutions. 

Further information about Edwards can be found at www.edwardsvacuum.com 

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