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Oakfield Republican Committee

Oakfield Republican Committee still seeking candidates for three positions

By Press Release

Press Release:

The Oakfield Republican Committee is looking for candidates to fill the following positions. All are four (4) year terms.  

  • Village Trustee (2)
  • Town Justice (1)

The Committee will meet on Wednesday, Jan. 24, at 6:30 p.m.  The meeting will be held at the Village Offices, 37-39 Main Street, Oakfield.

The Oakfield Republican Committee will also hold elections for their officers at this meeting.  Open positions on the committee are as follows and are four (4) year terms:

  • Chairman
  • Co-Chairman
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

Interest persons should submit their letter of intent to Melissa M. Haacke, Secretary ORC, 19 Bennett Ave, Oakfield, no later than Jan. 22.

Alabama and Oakfield GOP chairs seek candidates for GC Legislative Seat District 1

By Billie Owens

Press release:

The Alabama Republican Committee Chairman Earl LaGrou and Oakfield Republican Committee Chairman Daniel Manges seek a candidate to fill the unexpired term of Genesee County Legislative Seat District 1.

You must reside in either Alabama or Oakfield to fill this seat. 

Please send letters of intent to either:

  • Alabama Chairman Earl LaGrou at 7420 Macomber Road, Oakfield, NY 14125
  • Or contact Earl LaGrou directly at (716) 912-8195 with questions
  • Oakfield Chairman Daniel Manges at 7475 Fisher Road, Oakfield, NY 14125
  • Or contact Daniel Manges directly at (585) 813-3516

Letters of intent will be accepted up to May 22.

Oakfield Republican Committee seeks candidates, reply by Feb. 4

By Billie Owens

The Oakfield Republican Committee is seeking candidates for the following:

  • Superintendent of Highways (four-year term)
  • Town Clerk (four-year term)
  • Councilpersons (two positions, four-year terms)
  • County Legislator (two-year term)

Interested residents of the Town or Village of Oakfield can send a Letter of Intent no later than Feb. 4 to:

Alan R. Dennis, Chairman of the Republican Committee

6916 Fox Road, Oakfield, NY  14125

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