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May 17, 2021 - 4:22pm
posted by Billie Owens in city of batavia, graffiti, news, crime, vandalism.

From City of Batavia Police Chief Shawn Heubusch:

The City of Batavia Police Department is investigating multiple incidents of vandalism in which various City parks were defaced with graffiti.

Lambert and Farrall parks were the scene of the most recent incidents, which included the use of paint to deface City property, some using vulgarities.

City Parks crews cleaned up both parks prior to the weekend, but the parks were again discovered to be vandalized by City crews today (May 17) with new graffiti.

Anyone with information about these incidents are asked to contact the City Police Department at (585) 345-6350 or use the submit a tip feature at www.bataviapolice.org.

If you witness someone vandalizing public property, please call 9-1-1.

November 29, 2020 - 4:19pm
posted by Billie Owens in Batavia First Presbyterian, news, vandalism, magnanimity.

The people who attend Batavia First Presbyterian Church would like your help to nab the person (or persons) who keeps knocking down their lawn sign during the night that bears the benign message: "GOD LOVES EVERYONE NO EXCEPTIONS." Or at least help the congregants keep the sign upright.

Perhaps it is the rainbow colors used for the word EVERYONE that irks them, or maybe it's just the overall magnanimity communicated that the vandal(s) can't abide, even though this is the national Holiday Season.

At any rate, Rev. Roula Alkhouri, Ph.D., would like this to stop.

"We keep putting it back up," Alkhouri says. "We called the police and they are patrolling in the evenings. We are hoping that people who are driving or walking by could help us to keep the sign up. Michael Vacanti was fortifying the sign today (above photo). We are praying for whoever feels so threatened by this sign to know God’s love."

The church is located at 300 E. Main St. in the City of Batavia.

Photo courtesy of Rev. Roula Alkhouri.

October 22, 2014 - 10:14am
posted by Alecia Kaus in batavia, vandalism, Lambert Park.


Batavia Police are investigating an incident at Lambert Park, located on Verona Avenue, that occurred sometime this past Sunday or Monday.

Police received a complaint of vandalism at the park late Monday afternoon.

Playground equipment was damaged using large rocks and racist remarks were found scrawled in the mulch.

Officer Jason Ivison says the markings in the mulch appear to be fresh and he believes the vandals were in the park sometime Sunday evening or Monday during the day.

The Department of Public Works will repair the damaged playground equipment.

Anyone with any information can contact the Batavia Police tipline at 345-6370 or at 345-6350.

April 15, 2011 - 1:54pm

Jenna Raphael, of Batavia, spent a lot of time with the quaint little structure she affectionately calls "her house" during baseball season last summer. She had hoped that it would inspire people to take pride in their community.

Unfortunately, somebody came to give the opposite message...

The little red house, which is at Dwyer Stadium and manned during Muckdogs games as an information area for the public, was vandalized some time during the last few months.

Muckdogs General Manager Travis Sick discovered the damage after the winter snow melted. He said there's no way to be sure when the incident actually took place.

Furthermore, since no one is at the stadium at night, there is no way to determine who the vandals are. Sick suspects it may have been a group of kids in the area.

Fortunately, the damage was not extensive. The door was kicked in and the lock severed (above photo); parts of the door were broken off, so it will need to be fixed. There was also some debris on the floor inside that was not there before.

Nevertheless, Sick and Raphael both see this as a "disappointing and almost ironic" incident (Sick's words).

"The sign says 'take pride in your community,' and someone decided not to do that," he said.

Raphael agreed.

"It's hard for me to understand what motivates kids and adolescents to do this," Raphael said. "I don't think there is enough to occupy youth in this community, therefore they turn to these types of mischievous behaviors."

Locted near the stadium's Kid's Zone and, Sick says "off the beaten path," this house was given to Genesee/Orleans Council on Alcoholism & Substance Abuse (GCASA) last year. GCASA staff repainted it and made the above sign.

Raphael used it as a station from which to share information with Muckdogs spectators about Genesee County Drug Free Communities Coalition's (a GCASA program) efforts to address and improve environmental conditions that can lead to problem behaviors -- drugs, alcohol use, crime, fighting, etc. -- among our youth. For information on the coalition and, by extension, how this fits in with their overall mission, click on the following link: http://thebatavian.com/blogs/billie-owens/gc-drug-free-communities-top-10-finalist-international-honor/22803).

"Vandalizing a house (with a sign) that says 'take pride in your community' shows a lot of disrespect," Raphael said, adding that it "sends a distasteful message to those who continually work to make Genesee County a healthier and safer place to live."

She hopes to use the house again during the Muckdogs' upcoming season, in spite of what happened.

Because there is really no way to find out who the culprits are, no charges are being pressed. But Sick is encouraging any community members who are in a position to do so, to keep an eye out for suspicious activity at the stadium at night.

"If you see anyone walking around that shouldn't be there, call the police."

Top photo taken by Linda Cummings

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