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The Yngodess Shop

Photos: Downtown Trick or Treaters

By Howard B. Owens


Chris Crocker said about a few dozen cutely-dressed little trick-or-treaters stopped by her store, the YNGodess Shop on Main Street, Batavia, on Saturday to add some candy to their baskets.

Photos submitted by Chris Crocker.







Photo: U.S. Flag at Sunset

By Howard B. Owens


Chris Crocker, owner of the YNGodess Shop on Main Street in Batavia, shared this sunset shot from this evening.

The YNGodess Shop celebrating 10th year in business

By Howard B. Owens


When Chris Crocker first took over a liquor store location at 73 Main St., Batavia, she had a vision.

She didn't see the nearly bare shelves. She envisioned shelves stocked with some of the best wine and spirits available in the community.

Ten years later, she feels she's achieved that dream, she said, thanks to a great staff and the support of the community.

Crocker and her staff will celebrate The YNGodess Shop's 10th anniversary tomorrow (Saturday) from 5 to 7 p.m. tomorrow and the public is invited.

"It's been a lot of work a lot, a lot of passion," Crocker said. "I have a great staff. And I've been doing it all for my son, my life. It's not always been easy. We've overcome a lot of challenges and we just keep going. Let's all put our best foot forward and we'll keep being the best that we can be."

Crocker is grateful for the community support and it's always been her goal to give back to the community.  

When the pandemic hit, in those first initial weeks, home delivery of wine and spirits became a big part of the liquor business but rather than pocket those extra profits from home delivery, Crocker set the money aside to give back to the community.

"We just gave $250 to a young lady that lost her daughter," Crocker said. "We've done the lunch thing with different (police and fire) departments around. I donated 911 flags back on 911 with the victims' names on them to the various departments around. We helped buy a motorized wheelchair for a woman in Le Roy.  We figure it has come close to $20,000 that we've raised and put back into the community."

Top photo: Chris Crocker, middle, and staff members Valeria Antonetty and Jodi Fisher.


The YNGodess Shop is expressing its support for the people of Ukraine with a window display.

Yngodess hosting K-9 fundraiser during Shop Small Saturday

By Howard B. Owens


As part of "Shop Small Saturday" in Downtown Batavia this weekend, The Yngodess Shop is hosting a benefit for the Sheriff's Office K-9 Fund and to honor the memory of "Destro," the dog who worked patrol with Deputy Chris Erion for five years before dying in early October.

The Sheriff's Office has identified a possible replacement for Destro but is also planning on acquiring a second dog and training a new handler, and funds raised through this event will help with the effort.

Yngodness owner Chris Crocker said the event at her shop Saturday will include tastings and specials to share.

Erion will be at the shop from 5 to 7 p.m. for a meet-and-greet.

"Please stop by and show your support for this great cause," Crocker said.

Photo courtesy the Sheriff's Office.

Photos: Fundraiser for family of Mike Tenebruso

By Howard B. Owens


The YNGodess Shop in Batavia today hosted a fundraiser to benefit the family of Michael A. Tenebruso, who succumbed to cancer Aug. 31.

The fundraiser included a chicken BBQ sale and a basket raffle.

Above, Amy Kelsey and Chris Crocker, owner of YNGodess, prepare a pair of chicken dinners.


Flamenco guitarist Dan King provided entertainment. King was born and raised in Batavia and currently lives in Rochester. He just released his first album, available on Spotify and Apple Music.

The YNGodess Shop celebrates five years in business in Downtown Batavia

By Howard B. Owens


It helps that 73 Main St. in Batavia has been a liquor store since the first day after the end of Prohibition, but Chris Crocker thinks she's found a special niche in Batavia that's helped her business survive and grow in its first five years.

"People in Batavia were asking for higher-end products and a whole different mindset on different wines," Crocker said. "And we have fun here."

As soon as Crocker took over the location and renamed it YNGodess in 2012, she started bringing in a broader selection of fine wines and over the five years she's become known among her customers not only as a place for great wine, but also for having one of the finest selections around of whisky, bourbon and scotch, as well as other top-shelf liquors.

"It comes from a passion for the business," she said, "but I'm doing it all for my 13-year-old son."

Photo: Memorial to former owner of Caito's Liquors

By Howard B. Owens


The family of Samuel J. Caito placed a memorial today to the former liquor store owner in front of the YNGodess Shop on Main Street, Downtown Batavia, the location of his former shop.

His father, Augustino, opened the store right after the end of Prohibition in 1933. It was the first post-prohibition liquor store in Batavia.

Samuel owned the store until 1985.

He was also a teacher at Notre Dame and Batavia Middle School.

Click here for his full obituary.

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