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Genesee County Republican Committee

Genesee County Republican Committee endorses candidates for November election

By Press Release

Press Release:

Scott D. German, Chairman of the Genesee County Republican Committee, held a meeting on Feb. 15 to endorse candidates for the November Election.

All candidates were given the opportunity to address the Committee and the following were endorsed:

  • Present Congresswoman Claudia Tenney 
  • Present NYS Senator George Borrello
  • Present NYS Assemblyman Stephen M. Hawley
  • Present NYS Supreme Court Justice Debra Chines 
  • Genesee County Sheriff candidate Joseph Graff
  • Genesee County Treasurer candidate Kevin Andrews, present Deputy Treasurer 
  • Genesee County Coroners Karen Lang, present Coroner and candidate Drew Klotzbach

With endorsements being made for the Republican candidates petitions will be circulated starting Feb. 27.

If you have any questions you can contact Chairman German at 585-409-4870 or email at

GC Republican Committee endorsing candidates for 2024 election

By Press Release

Press Release:

The Genesee County Republican Committee will be meeting to endorse candidates for the 2024 Election.

The following positions will be open:

  • United States Congress
  • NYS Senate
  • NYS Assembly
  • Genesee County Sheriff
  • Genesee County Treasurer
  • County Coroners (2)

If you are interested in running for one of the above positions please contact Republican Chairman Scott German at 585-409-4870,, or mail your resume and letter of intent to PO Box 151, Batavia. All letters must be received by Tuesday, Feb. 13.

Republican and Conservative Party Leaders Fully Endorse Claudia Tenney’s Re-Election,

By Press Release

Press Release:

File photo of
Claudia Tenney

All 12 Republican County Chairs and numerous Conservative Party County Chairs gave their individual endorsement to Congresswoman’s Tenney campaign for New York’s 24th Congressional District. 

“I am honored to have the support of so many community and party leaders across NY-24. Our shared message of secure borders, safe streets, and a smaller government is resonating with voters and unifying our party ahead of the important 2024 elections. I am grateful to have their support and will continue to deliver on my commitment to NY-24,” said Congresswoman Claudia Tenney. 

“Congresswoman Claudia Tenney has served NY-24 with tenacity, determination, and demonstrated her strong commitment to our shared conservative values. Additionally, Congresswoman Tenney has used her seat on the powerful Ways and Means Committee to conduct important oversight into the Biden Crime Family and Washington DC bureaucrats. As we move into the 2024 elections, Republicans and Conservatives must be unified against Biden, Schumer, and Hakeem Jefferies. We are proud to endorse Congresswoman Tenney for re-election so she can continue her fight to secure the border, cut government spending and hold the Biden Administration accountable for their woke and disastrous policies,” said local leaders from New York’s 24th Congressional District.

County Chairs Endorsing Congresswoman Tenney:

  • Jefferson County Republican Committee Chairman Don Coon
  • Jefferson County Conservative Committee Chairman Ken Parks
  • Oswego County Republican Committee Chairman Terry Wilbur
  • Seneca County Republican Committee Chairman Tom Fox
  • Cayuga County Republican Committee Chairman John Camardo
  • Cayuga County Conservative Committee Chairman Dave Pappert
  • Wayne County Republican Committee Chairwoman MaryAnne Nicosia-McCarthy
  • Wayne County Conservative Committee Chairman Mike Garlock 
  • Yates County Republican Committee Chairman Jack Prendergast
  • Ontario County Republican Committee Chairwoman Trisha Turner
  • Livingston County Republican Committee Chairman Mike Hillier
  • Livingston County Conservative Committee Chairman Jason McGuire
  • Wyoming County Republican Committee Chairwoman Ellen Grant
  • Genesee County Republican Committee Chairman Scott German
  • Genesee County Conservative Committee Chairwoman Julie Carasone
  • Orleans County Republican Committee Chairman Skip Draper
  • Niagara County Republican Committee Chairman Rich Andres

GC Republican Committee announces officers, German as new chairman

By Press Release
Submitted photo of outgoing, 20-year Chairman Richard E Siebert (2nd from left) congratulating Scott German (center) who was elected the new Chairman.
Additionally, Assemblyman Steve Hawley (far left) was re-elected as 1st Vice Chair, Mary Alice Panek (2nd from right) as 2nd Vice Chair) & County Clerk Mike Cianfrini (far right) as Treasurer.

Press Release:

The Organizational Meeting of the Genesee County Republican Committee was held on Tuesday, October 3 with a huge majority of members present. Due to the decision of Richard Siebert, Chairman for the last 20 years, to not seek re-election, the position of Chairman was the main item on the Agenda. 

All officer positions were available and were re-elected as follows:

  • 1st Vice Chairman Stephen M. Hawley, Town of Batavia 
  • 2nd Vice Chairman Mary Alice Panek, Town of Stafford 
  • Treasurer Michael Cianfrini, Town of Oakfield 
  • Secretary Kathleen Jasinski, Town of Batavia
  • Scott German, City of Batavia, was elected as Chairman. He is the present Genesee County Treasurer.

County Legislature to vote on appointing former judge Zambito to the Western Regional OTB board

By Mike Pettinella

The Genesee County Republican Committee is recommending that former County Court judge Charles Zambito fill the vacant position on the Western Regional Off-Track Betting Corp. board of directors.

In a unanimous vote at a meeting last week, the committee acted to submit Zambito’s name for consideration by the Genesee County Legislature.

The process now is for the Genesee County Legislature to vote on a resolution supporting the recommendation at this Wednesday’s meeting at the Old County Courthouse.

Republican Committee Chair Richard Siebert said Zambito’s background as an attorney was a key factor in the recommendation.

Fred Gundell of Batavia also had expressed his interest in serving on the WROTB board, which was disbanded earlier this month per adoption of a bill calling for a restructuring and change to a weighted voting system.

“Chuck was unanimous in what has to do with his background as an attorney, and possibility of litigation that might be taking place in regard to our county having only two votes out of 100 with this new weighted voting format,” Siebert said. “That’s a big issue in Genesee County as we have the casino right here.

“I believe that eventually they're going to try to pursue some sort of court action to try to rectify that. But right now, I think the main thing was Chuck's background (Zambito also served as the acting Supreme Court justice) and the fact his legal experience could help Genesee County rectify some of these wrongs.”

Siebert resigned from the board after learning of the announcement out of Albany that the board was being restructured.

The move has been criticized by local politicians on the Republican side as being a “political power grab” to transfer power to the Democrat-leaning population centers of Erie and Monroe counties and the cities of Buffalo and Rochester.

Previously: County Republicans to interview pair interested in filling WROTB board of directors post

County Republicans to interview pair interested in filling WROTB board of directors post

By Mike Pettinella

The Genesee County Republican Committee on Thursday night is scheduled to interview two candidates interested in filling the vacancy on the Western Regional Off-Track Betting Corp. board of directors.

Committee Chair Richard Siebert, who stepped down from the WROTB director position after learning of significant structural and voting changes to the board, said he and the seven other committee members have set up a meeting for 6:30 p.m. tomorrow at the Old County Courthouse.

“There are two people that reached out to me that are interested in being the next OTB director,” Siebert said this morning. “The process will be that the Republican Committee will meet tomorrow night and interview the two people who asked for our endorsement.”

Siebert said the candidates are former County Judge Charles Zambito of Elba and Batavian Fred Gundell, who serves as a county election inspector.

“Our purpose is to interview them and then, hopefully, pass a recommendation to our county legislature, which would then also interview them and do the appointment. It should take place very soon,” Siebert added.

See also: WROTB President seeks to put issues in rearview mirror, praises employees for achieving record revenues  

Siebert served as Genesee County’s representative on the WROTB for 29 years. In a May 3 story on The Batavian, Siebert blasted the action by New York State leaders, calling the move, “a blatant effort to take over the jobs that we have at Batavia Downs that are appointed by their merit and not by political affiliation.”

Speaking today, he said that he heard that three other directors also resigned – Paul Lattimore Jr. (Cayuga County), Thomas Wamp (Livingston County) and Richard Ricci (Seneca County) – but speculated that others would be reappointed by their legislatures.

The Batavian confirmed that Susan May has been reappointed by the Wyoming County Board of Supervisors and that Edward Morgan is expected to be reappointed next Tuesday by the Orleans County Board of Supervisors.

Genesee County Legislature Chair Rochelle Stein said that the local governing body is anticipating the Republican Party Committee’s recommendation.

“This is a time when all the counties are all getting reorganized,” she said. “Some have already placed the person back on the board of directors, and others have yet to do it.”

Asked if there has been any talk of a legal challenge to the changes, Stein said, “Not yet.”

“Here’s the problem at this point. There has been no harm caused to the county because nothing has really changed yet. So, until there's been a change that harms us, we are unsure that we have any standing.”

The previous framework of the board was set up by a “Home Rule” law about 50 years ago – giving each municipality that benefits from WROTB one vote.

County GOP seeking candidates for coroner election

By Press Release

Press release:

In the November 2023 election, the Office of Genesee County Coroner will be on the ballot for a four (4) year part-time term.

On Feb. 23, the Genesee County Republican Committee will be meeting to interview any Genesee County resident that may wish to serve our County in this very important position.

Preferable candidates should be able to serve 24/7 and should send a letter of intent and resume to:

Richard E. Siebert, Chairman
Genesee County Republican Committee
PO Box 171
Batavia, New York   14021

For questions or more information, please call Richard Siebert on his cell at (585) 356-9333

Genesee County Republicans back Long Island congressman for New York State governor

By Mike Pettinella


Seeing him as pro-growth, pro-law enforcement and anti-tax, the Genesee County Republican Committee is throwing its support to Congressman Lee Zeldin in the race for New York State governor.

GCRC Chair Richard Siebert on Sunday said that Zeldin, who represents the state’s 1st District (Suffolk County, Long Island), impressed the organization’s leaders during a recent meeting where they had a chance to ask questions and hear the congressman’s vision for New York.

“We were very impressed with his answers and today we are proud to announce our endorsement of Congressman Lee Zeldin to be the next governor of our great state,” Siebert said. “Lee Zeldin is pro-growth, pro-law enforcement and anti-tax, and will work to reverse the dangerous move to socialism by our current administration before it’s too late.”

Siebert said that New Yorkers have suffered significantly under the leadership of Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

“Genesee County has long watched its hard-working residents flee New York for other states due to the radical and oppressive policies implemented by Governor Cuomo,” Siebert said. “This is a governor with no regard for our wallets, our safety, or the well-being of our communities.

“Andrew Cuomo lectures New Yorkers on responsibility while he punishes our hard-working residents by pursuing the latest pet projects cooked up by New York City Democrats. This has to change.”

Submitted photo, from left, Genesee County Republican State Committee Member Barbara Eddy, Congressman Lee Zeldin, Genesee County Republican Chair Richard Siebert and Genesee County Republican State Committee Member Michael Cianfrini.

GC Republican Committee endorses Melissa Cianfrini for county court judge

By Press Release

Submitted photo and press release:

The Genesee County Republican Committee is proud to announce that it has endorsed Melissa L. Cianfrini as its candidate for Genesee County Court judge.

Cianfrini has more than 21 years of combined experience as a civil litigator, assistant district attorney and assistant county attorney. She has been licensed in three states and has handled complex litigation cases in numerous state and federal courts throughout the Eastern United States.

In addition to her vast civil experience, she was known as a tough, but fair prosecutor for nearly a decade and currently is employed as an assistant county attorney, where she prosecutes child abuse and neglect cases, family offenses, and advises the county on civil matters.

She possesses a strong work ethic and honors family values. Cianfrini resides in Genesee County with her husband, Mike Cianfrini, and their two children, Sophia and Jack.

'Trump for President' signs available at Republican office

By Mike Pettinella

Press release:

The Genesee County Republican Committee and the Genesee County Women's Republican are urging anyone looking for a "Trump for President" lawn sign to visit campaign headquarters located at 440 Ellicott St. in Batavia.

One hundred fifty new Trump lawn signs were dropped off today.

Headquarters will be open until 6 tonight, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday and from noon to 6 p.m. Tuesday. Please come down to headquarters and pick up your Republican signs and campaign material for this year's election.

If you would like to volunteer please stop by election headquarters at 9 a.m. Saturday for a City-wide literature blitz.

This year's Republican victory celebration hosted by the Genesee County Republican Committee will begin at 8 p.m. Nov. 8 at Terry Hills 5122 Clinton St. Rd., Batavia.

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