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139th assembly district

February 3, 2023 - 3:44pm
posted by Press Release in Steve Hawley, 139th assembly district, news.

Press release:

“For too long, New York taxpayers have been on the hook for bloated and wasteful state budgets. Gov. Hochul has proposed a whopping $7 billion increase from $220 billion to $227 billion. The Operating Budget increases the Medicaid portion by 9.3 percent, continuing the most bloated program of any state in the nation. This will increase the burden on local taxpayers diminishing the Medicaid freeze. It is heartening to see education & mental health programs will see increased state assistance. Educating the minds of our future generations is extremely important. With more bipartisan collaboration, we could focus on the needs of the taxpayers while cutting down on spending.”

January 26, 2023 - 8:00am

The Town of Pembroke passed a resolution at its meeting last week supporting a bill authored by Assemblyman Steve Hawley that would allow online-only news sites to publish legal notices.

Currently, any legal notice or public notice, published by an online-only news outlet doesn't meet the statutory requirements for properly letting the public know about a variety of actions taken by public agencies.  There are a number of potential actions by a government agency, such as announcing a public hearing on a specific topic, that must be published in a printed newspaper in order for that statutory requirement to be met.

The resolution passed by the Town Board states:

WHEREAS the Town of Pembroke has had ongoing issues with advertising in the Batavia Daily News and

WHEREAS the Pembroke Town Board believes that Johnson Newspaper Corporation / New York Press Service does not understand the legal ramifications of prompt advertising according to New York State Laws and deadlines and

WHEREAS the Pembroke Town Board believes that it is unfair to only allow for advertising in a printed, paid publication because it limits notices to only those residents that pay for that service; NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT

RESOLVED that the Town Board of the Town of Pembroke supports Assembly Bill A2040 Sponsored by Assemblyman Steve Hawley which would allow for online publication of public notices.

The bill is AB 2067 and changes one of the statutes governing legal notice to read:

§ 40-a. Public notices and publications.  Subject to the provisions of subdivision two of this section and notwithstanding any provision of law to the contrary, in any case in which notice of any fact is required by law to be published or advertised in a newspaper, in addition such requirement shall be satisfied by publication of the notice in an online news publication that:

a. provides general interest news on a daily basis to a defined geographic location; and

b. has been continuously published for at least one year prior to the date of publication of the notice. 1

2. Any publication made pursuant to the terms of this section shall be subject to all requirements and stipulations of publication imposed by law or by order of a court of competent jurisdiction with regard to the notice, with the exception of a requirement that the notice is published in a newspaper.

Hawley has introduced his or a similar bill every year for at least a decade. Newspaper owners have lobbied against any change in the law in order to protect their legal notice monopoly. As a result, even with bi-partisan support in some years, the bill has never made it out of the governmental administration committee.

New York's General Construction Law Section 50  currently defines "newspaper" as only a printed publication.  

A change in the law would also allow government agencies to designate online-only publications as the publication of records for the jurisdiction.

January 21, 2023 - 5:51pm
posted by Press Release in Steve Hawley, news, 139th assembly district.

Press release:

Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R, C -Batavia) said he is pleased that Assembly committee meetings will finally be live-streamed for public viewing. This idea was originally proposed in 2016 by the Assembly Republican Conference, but only audio was available. Although committee meetings will now be live-streamed, they will not be archived.

 “This is a major victory for the people of New York,” said Hawley. “We have fought for committee meetings to be live-streamed for almost a decade. I have always pushed for committee meetings to be open and transparent. It is New Yorkers’ rights we are fighting for; therefore, New Yorkers should be able to watch their representatives in action throughout the entire legislative process. Our next step should be to allow this footage to be archived for increased availability.”

January 11, 2023 - 2:38pm
posted by Press Release in Steve Hawley, 139th assembly district, news.

Press release:

Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R, C - Batavia) invites non-profits to apply for a share of $5 million in grants that are available to organizations that serve veterans and their family members in order to make capital improvements. This program is meant to improve and expand the services available to the state’s veterans and their families by upgrading facilities or building new ones. Funding for projects will range between $25,000 and $75,000. Funding will go toward design, construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation or expansion of eligible veterans’ facilities.

The Division of Veterans' Services will host a webinar for program applicants on Thursday, January 12, 2023, to outline the program and application process. Click here to view the webinar.

“Taking care of our veterans, who have protected our country with such courage, should always be a top priority to our state and our nation,” Hawley said. “I want all former military members to understand the services that are available to them. The Capital Program will allow non-profits to better address veterans’ issues throughout the state by having state-of-the-art facilities and resources. We must take care of these veterans because they have always been there to protect us.”

January 10, 2023 - 11:02pm

Statement from Assemblyman Steve Hawley:

“Speaking about issues is certainly different from acting on them. If Gov. Hochul wants change in New York, she will have to offer proposals that don’t just benefit her political base. It is my sincere hope she will work with us to fix their disastrous bail “reform”, resume the elimination of state sales tax on gasoline, and to pass our inflation relief bill that would slash taxes on home heating fuel and groceries.”

“Public safety and affordability of basic items are issues that affect New Yorkers daily. This year, I look forward to seeing whether Gov. Hochul takes strides to work with us in a bipartisan manner for the betterment of all New Yorkers.”

Statement from State Senator George Borrello:

“As we approach a new legislative session and fresh opportunities to steer New York State in a positive direction, there were proposals in the Governor’s State of the State address that sounded promising and others that raised red flags.  

“I was glad to hear Governor Hochul recognize that New York State’s outmigration is a problem we can no longer ignore. Acknowledgement is the first step in fixing any problem. However, the blueprint she outlined won’t stop the exodus. Some crowd-pleasing talking points accompanied a series of proposals that fall short of the change in direction we need..  

“Perhaps the biggest disappointment was her lack of emphasis on public safety. Since our bail and parole laws were turned upside down, crime has spiraled in our cities and communities. While the Governor made vague references to ‘room for improvement’ with regard to the bail law, we need more than a lukewarm fix, particularly with poll after poll finding crime is the number one issue for New Yorkers. This so-called ‘reform’ has been such a disaster, we need to repeal it and start over.  

“I do agree that strengthening our mental health system should be a priority and was encouraged at the investments the Governor promised in expanding inpatient mental health beds, outpatient services and better continuity of care. Proven programs like assisted outpatient treatment (AOT), a.k.a. Kendra’s Law, are tragically underutilized which is why I support legislation that would expand its impact.  

“While we can agree that our state needs more affordable housing, the Governor’s proposal to make local governments responsible for achieving this or risk having the state step in and take over set off alarm bells. Restrictive zoning changes aren’t the only reason affordable housing is in short supply. The state’s overregulated construction industry, high taxes and other state-created obstacles play a role as well and unless changes are made on those issues, we won’t achieve a lasting solution.  

“Our small businesses could be devastated by some of the proposals floated in this address, including the idea of tying the minimum wage to inflation and the Cap and Invest proposal. Another glaring omission was any mention of the state finally taking responsibility for its fraud-fueled $8 billion in unemployment insurance debt, which it has unjustly placed on the shoulders of our employers.” 

“I look forward to receiving more detail on these proposals in the Executive Budget. While we all aspire to restore the ‘New York Dream’ the Governor referenced, we need a fundamental shift in direction to achieve that. Nothing I heard today has convinced me that true, significant change is on the agenda.   

For more on Gov. Kathy Hochul's State of the State message, visit the governor's website.

January 4, 2023 - 2:38pm
posted by Press Release in Steve Hawley, 139th assembly district, news.

Press release:

Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R, C - Batavia) has been re-appointed as deputy minority leader of the New York State Assembly. Hawley has served in a leadership role with the Assembly Republican Conference for many years following his first election in 2006. He will continue the fight for lower taxes on the middle class as well as a new moratorium of no state tax on gasoline and home fuel.

Hawley will also serve as a member of the following committees:

  • Agriculture Committee
  • Insurance Committee
  • Rules Committee
  • Veteran Affairs Committee
  • Ways and Means Committee

“I am proud and grateful to once again hold a leadership position within the Assembly Republican Conference,” Hawley said. “I would like to thank Minority Leader Will Barclay for entrusting me with this responsibility. There are many issues I hope to solve during this upcoming legislative session, and affordability is at the top of my list.”

December 30, 2022 - 7:18pm

Press release:

Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R, C, I-Batavia) is thanking emergency responders for their actions after Western New York’s brutal holiday snowstorm. Emergency employees are continuing to assist citizens who have been snowed into their homes and vehicles during this historic blizzard. The duties of our first responders are extremely important this time of year, especially the work of our highway crews, snow removal personnel and state and municipal snow plow operators. 

“I would like to thank all of our incredible emergency employees and utility workers for their efforts to protect those in our area,” said Hawley. “I hope all of those in my district was safe at home during the holiday weekend blizzards. We know how difficult this weather can be in our area, but this is an important reminder that we have individuals who will be outside in these conditions, ready to assist us. Thank you to our first responders for delivering blankets, pillows, water and other necessities to those in need. They are true heroes to our region, especially during Western New York’s brutal winter months.”

December 27, 2022 - 6:14pm
posted by Press Release in Steve Hawley, 139th assembly district, news.

Press release:

Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R, C, I-Batavia) recently announced that his office will be distributing free fuel weatherization kits courtesy of National Fuel Gas at select libraries in Orleans, Genesee, Monroe and Erie counties. These kits will help New Yorkers to better afford the costs of heating their homes this winter.

“I am pleased to assist the constituents of my district to be better prepared for the winter this season,” said Hawley. “Living in this region for many years, I understand how difficult it can be to escape the temperatures of Western New York. I hope that these kits will help to protect families from the long winter to come.”

Byron Bergen Public Library
13 South Lake Ave.
Bergen, NY

Corfu Free Library
7 Maple Ave.
Corfu, NY

Haxton Memorial Library
3 North Pearl St.
Oakfield, NY

Richmond Memorial Library
19 Ross St.
Batavia, NY

Woodward Memorial Library
7 Wolcott St.
Le Roy, NY

December 22, 2022 - 5:07pm
posted by Press Release in Steve Hawley, 139th assembly district, news.

Press release:

“I did not support raising the salary of state lawmakers today. It was embarrassing to see all those that did and frightening to hear why they believed this was justified. It was the very definition of tone-deaf.”

“With the holiday season upon us, the Majority is forcing New Yorkers to dump more of their hard-earned money to fund a pay raise. During the winter months, New Yorkers should be putting their earnings toward heating their homes and sheltering their families from the frigid temperatures. Instead, The Majority believes it is appropriate to increase their salaries while leaving their hard-working constituents out in the cold. We have to do better in focusing on the real issues facing New Yorkers during the upcoming session.”

December 21, 2022 - 8:38pm
posted by Press Release in Steve Hawley, 139th assembly district, news.

Press release:

Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R ,C, I-Batavia) recently spoke about the announcement to hold a special session prior to the end of the year to raise lawmakers’ salaries. The session would be held to give lawmakers a salary increase of $32,000 per year. This would make New York’s legislators the highest paid of any state in the country.

“This was not the Christmas present taxpayers had in mind. Any legislator who votes for this should receive coal in their stocking,” said Hawley. “Lawmakers’ pay shouldn’t even be on the list of issues for the upcoming session, let alone a special session of the Legislature. The cost of this raise would force almost $14 million in additional costs on taxpayers in the state over the two-year term. With the already-high cost of living in New York, downstate politicians still insist on making life even less affordable for residents of our state. We should be attacking issues such as the high cost of living, high crime and investing in infrastructure to fix our crumbling roads and bridges rather than focusing on issues that only benefit legislators.”

December 13, 2022 - 7:18pm
posted by Press Release in Steve Hawley, 139th assembly district, news.

Press release:

Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R, C,I - Batavia) recently criticized Gov. Kathy Hochul’s support for calling a special session prior to the next legislative season to raise lawmakers’ salaries. If a pay increase were passed, New York would have the highest-paid lawmakers in the country. A raise would increase lawmakers’ salaries by 61 percent since 2019.  New York is already facing relentless criticism for its record-high state spending since the end of the pandemic.

“This rhetoric is completely senseless. With the New York state legislature already being the second highest paid state governing body in the country, we should be organizing a special session to tackle real issues that matter to all New Yorkers,” Hawley said.

“We are experiencing our highest inflation rate in decades and should be addressing issues that affect the people we represent. New York’s top priorities must be public safety, eliminating the sales tax on gasoline, and lowering taxes for all New Yorkers to help make our state more affordable. We must not allocate any additional funding for more government spending as it would inevitably come back to haunt taxpayers.”

December 10, 2022 - 1:07am
posted by Press Release in FEMA, Steve Hawley, 139th assembly district, news, fire services.

Press release:

Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R, C, I-Batavia) today informed local fire departments about grant money being offered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). FEMA has $90 million to award prior to the end of the year. The application period for these awards will begin between January 6 and 9 and will continue for 6 weeks, subject to change. For more information, contact the Assistance to Firefighters Grants Program at 866-274-0960 or [email protected].

“This is an opportunity for those who tirelessly protect our communities to receive a significant amount of grant money,” Hawley said. “Our emergency employees are vital to our communities. I am proud of their hard work to keep us all safe and secure. Their valiant efforts to maintain safety in my district and throughout New York state should not go unnoticed.”

November 6, 2022 - 3:42pm
posted by Howard B. Owens in 139th assembly district, Steve Hawley, jennifer keys, news.

Steve Hawley, a Batavia resident, and Jennifer Keys, a Le Roy resident, are running for the 139th Assembly District.  We emailed three questions to each candidate and are publishing their answers verbatim. 

What is the number one issue facing New York, and how will you address it in the Assembly?

HAWLEY: The number one issue in NYS continues to be the majority party and Governor’s out-of-control spending penchant.  This year’s state budget is a whopping $220.5 BILLION foisted on our taxpayers during one of the worst inflationary times ever. Property taxes, income taxes, gasoline, grocery & heating expenses for our homes and apartments are literally bankrupting my constituents. Just like any business or family, the government needs to “live within its means.”  Additionally, we need to reestablish a criminal justice system that makes our neighborhoods & streets safe again.

KEYS: I believe that the ability to access needed services that are put into place to help lift people up is the number one issue. The barriers are often insurmountable and increased by too many costly layers of government. I will work to identify and implement ways to streamline services for everyone who needs them and also to eliminate unnecessary layers of government. As someone who has worked as a community mental health worker for two or more decades, I have experienced the barriers to accessing behavioral health services, development services, social services, and medical help. The pandemic exposed that folks were not getting paid enough to do the work they were doing and has since increased the shortage of providers across the board. We have a significant shortage of providers in this state for some of our most needy citizens from birth to death, Early Intervention to Office of the Aging. There are waitlists to have basic needs met, such as housing, primary care and dental care. All of this needs to be addressed, including the barriers to hiring more staff. When people cannot get their basic needs met, their stress level increases and they can get stuck in fight, flight, or freeze mode, which can prevent them from getting a job, which then continues the cycle of unstable housing, which then continues everything else. When people live at a lower-than-subsistence level the stress of everyday life becomes their primary focus and that is not healthy for them, their families, or for our society. All of this needs to be addressed in order to increase the functioning of our society.  

What could you do as a member of the Assembly to bring more new businesses, start-ups, homegrown businesses to Genesee County, to foster entrepreneurship in Genesee County?

HAWLEY: Our Free Enterprise system has taken serious hits over the last several years.  Working long hours, taking risks and believing in one’s self needs to be re-established as a laudable attribute.  We need to foster, as elected officials, a philosophy that encourages individuals, existing businesses already located in NYS and others who may be looking to locate here a welcoming and encouraging atmosphere by changing the reality that NYS is the 49th worst state to do business in and the highest taxed state in the nation.  How do we do this…..by being responsible…..lowering taxes and fees, fewer adverse mandates and reducing the amount of red tape our state foists on individuals and businesses.  We need to encourage, not discourage, success!

KEYS: I do not have a business background, as is well known, but I do recognize that business, particularly small business, is the backbone of our communities. I want to hear from experts in the field, the entrepreneurs themselves, about what it is that they need in order to keep their doors open and to hire more folks. I want to know the barriers and then to partner with other members of the assembly and state senate to create the change that is identified in order to promote increased entrepreneurial ship. My husband and I are raising our family here and, like everyone else, would like our children to have the opportunity to stay here and have their daily needs met.

What is one policy initiative that the political party of your opponent espouses that you think makes sense, is good policy?

HAWLEY: I fully support increasing the availability and accessibility of mental health services.

KEYS: I am not here to play party politics. I am here to represent everyone in the 139th Assembly District in an effort to make a positive impact on the daily lives of everyone who lives here and everyone who chooses to come here in the future. 

November 3, 2022 - 11:08pm

Press release:

Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R, C - Batavia) today praised the recent announcement that Edwards Vacuum, a British-based world leader in vacuum and abatement equipment in the semiconductor industry and part of the Atlas Copco Group, has chosen the Western New York Science & Technology Advanced Manufacturing Park (STAMP)  in 139th A.D. as the location for its new $319 million, U.S. dry pump manufacturing facility. The specific technology that will be produced at the new facility is an integral part of the sensitive manufacturing process.

This highly-protected technology and process will make the new facility one of a few globally that will have the ability to produce this product. Hawley noted that this serious investment will attract some of the best minds and leaders in the semiconductor field across the world to relocate and grow in Western New York.

“New York continues to be a serious global player in the semiconductor world, and for our community to be home to this future facility reinforces the meaningful commitment we all have to bring jobs to our area and grow our economy,” said Hawley. “The trickle-down positive impact this will have on the district, for economic growth, our schools and future success, cannot be underscored. Creating 600 jobs is significant and I could not be prouder to have those jobs located in our region.”

With the recent global supply chain issues that have caused shortages in product and increases in prices for everything from cars to cell phones, Hawley believes this will better position New Yorkers and Americans across the country to economically benefit from this investment.

“This is welcome news not only for the significant local economic impact, but this will help everyday New Yorkers and Americans to better afford the wide array of consumer goods tied to the semiconductor technology. It’s an extremely exciting day for our region and I look forward to future growth,” concluded Hawley.

October 14, 2022 - 11:15pm


Press release:

The Museum Quilt Guild welcomed Assemblyman Steve Hawley to its quilt show on Friday.

The show is being held Friday the 14th and Saturday the 15th from 10-5 at the Alexander Fireman’s Recreation Hall. Some of the profit from the show goes directly to our local veterans. Guild members donate quilts to the Batavia VA hospital, The NYS Vets home, the cancer centers, All Babies Cherished, ARC and Sleep in Heavenly Peace, among others. 

New members are welcome. You may join us at the show or one of our monthly meetings held on the third Saturday of the month at the Batavia VA. For more information: themuseumquiltguild.com

October 4, 2022 - 2:31pm
posted by Press Release in farm labor, Steve Hawley, news, 139th assembly district.

Press release: 

Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R, C,I - Batavia) recently expressed his displeasure with Labor Commissioner Roberta Reardon’s decision to lower the farm overtime threshold from 60 to 40 hours. With inflation and minimum wage set to rise again, this decision could force hundreds of farms out of business in the very near future.

“This decision is going to have grave consequences for all New Yorkers because, without farms, our state has no food,” Hawley said. “Farmers provide one of the most important services to our state and many of our farmers and farm laborers rely on the current 60-hour overtime threshold to ensure profits. Farmers face challenges unlike any other business and the last thing Albany should be doing from their ivory towers is telling our local farmers how to run their businesses. I will continue to lead the charge toward overturning this terrible ruling to protect our local agriculture operations.”

September 15, 2022 - 1:25pm
posted by Howard B. Owens in patriot trip, Steve Hawley, 139th assembly district, news.


Two busloads of veterans are heading to Washington D.C. today as part of Assemblyman Steve Hawley's annual Patriot Trip.  They left early this morning from the Batavia Downs parking lot.






September 8, 2022 - 12:42am
posted by Press Release in farm labor, Steve Hawley, 139th assembly district, news.

Press release:

Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R, C, I-Batavia) is expressing disappointment following a decision by the Farm Laborers Wage Board to advance a recommendation to Commissioner of Labor Roberta Reardon to lower the farm laborer overtime threshold from 60 hours to 40. For months, Hawley has stood alongside farmers, farm workers, agricultural advocates, owners of agri-businesses and other lawmakers to call on the board to reject a proposed reduction to the overtime threshold, warning of the devastating effects such a decision would have on rural communities and all who work in the agricultural sector. 

As the board considered whether or not to implement a lower threshold, they collected testimony regarding the proposal during a series of virtual hearings. During those hearings, the vast majority of testimony provided by farmers and farm workers opposed its implementation, warning that it threatened the livelihoods of both farm owners and laborers. 

The concerns expressed by those opposed to lowering the threshold have been corroborated by a number of studies, as a report by Farm Credit East has stated that the total cost of lowering the overtime threshold to 40 hours, coupled with minimum wage increases, would result in an increase in labor costs by over 40 percent for New York’s farms. Another study by Cornell University found that 70 percent of New York farm labor guest workers would not return to New York were the threshold to be lowered and would instead seek work in other states where they have the opportunity to work longer hours.

Following the advancement of the Wage Board’s final report and recommendation, the fate of the farm overtime threshold rests in the hands of Reardon, who has 45 days to decide whether to accept or reject it.

“Now that the fate of farming as we know it here in New York state has been put in jeopardy by the Wage Board, even after hearing how their decision will jeopardize the livelihoods of thousands of farmers and farm laborers, I sincerely hope that Commissioner Reardon will step in to prevent what would prove to be a catastrophic event for rural communities and the entire agricultural sector,” said Hawley. “Lowering this threshold helps nobody while threatening the existence of multi-generational family farms and an entire way of life, so I sincerely hope that ultimately both the threshold and the continued viability of our farms will be preserved.”

August 23, 2022 - 1:51pm
posted by Press Release in Steve Hawley, 139th assembly district, news.

Press release:

The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), a national organization that advocates for the needs of small and independently-owned businesses, has announced that Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R, C, I-Batavia) has received their perfect rating of 100%. This perfect pro-business rating reflects Assemblyman Hawley’s unwavering support of small business owners, both through his advocacy efforts and his legislative voting history.

“As a small business owner myself, I can tell you that especially in New York state, building and sustaining a successful business can be as difficult as it is rewarding,” said Hawley. “We are incredibly fortunate to have organizations such as the NFIB to stand up for and support our small business owners, so I am honored to have earned their perfect rating.”

August 17, 2022 - 4:19pm
posted by Press Release in patriot trip, Steve Hawley, 139th assembly district, news.

Press release:

Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R, C, I-Batavia) is announcing there are still several openings available to take part in his Patriot Trip to Washington, D.C., taking place from Sept. 15 to 18, 2002. Veterans and their family members will be hosted on a tour throughout the area to visit historical sites and landmarks constructed to pay tribute to their service and the nation they’ve fought for. This year’s trip will feature stops at war memorials and other notable locations, including the Arlington National Cemetery, and the World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam War memorials, with a stop in Gettysburg.

“Some of the most meaningful memories of my lifetime come from experiences I’ve had on our Patriot Trips witnessing heroes who’ve risked their lives to defend our country get to see the monuments built to honor their bravery and sacrifices,” said Hawley. “After having to pause the tour due to the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, I am very excited to begin our trips once more and encourage all interested to look into joining us on this incredibly meaningful journey.”

Participation in the trip is open to all military veterans and their family members and will cost between $425 to $500 per person. Those interested in participating in this year’s trip are encouraged to reach out to Assemblyman Hawley’s district office at 585-589-5780 for more details. 

Assemblyman Hawley encourages those interested, or who knows someone who might be interested but who may need financial assistance, to contact their local veterans’ services agency. They may be able to provide some assistance, so Hawley encourages those interested to reach out to their county’s agency using the numbers below:

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